Monday, 18 January 2016

A new mom's day

So my first "real" story for 2016. I hope you enjoy it! Inspired by a friend who recently had a baby.

Blanka looked around her small cottage and sighed, she was so tired, at least she had time to make the bed, before the crying start. But the dishes in the kitchen has really piled up and not to mention the feeding bottles. She should also probably prepare a wholesome dinner for poor Andrey, he is such an understanding father.

She quickly went into the small bedroom to check on Heike. The little angel is still asleep. After the nights they had the past couple of days, it is no wonder, she must be exhausted. Her thoughts wondered to Andrey again. The poor man looked so tired this morning, and she didn't even had the energy to make him coffee. It is hard to mask the constant crying of a baby in such a small cottage, luckily he has his earplugs.

A soft knock on the door frightened her, and immediately made her turn back to Heike to see if she is still asleep. Luckily she was, maybe it is an angel knocking, or was it her imagination all together.

Even though she was unsure if there was an actual knock, Blanka still went over to the front door. She was surprised to indeed find Roxy Renard there. "Hey Roxy, you knocked so softly, that I was not even sure if there actually was someone at the door." Blanka greeted.

"Yes, I was just worried that Heike might be asleep and I would never forgive myself if my interruption waked her. How are things here? I know the first few weeks can be though, so I thought to stop by and just check in on you."

Roxy's sweet gesture and genuine concern was enough to send Blanka into a fit of tears. 

"Oh Blanka, no, please don't cry! What is the matter?" Roxy asked worriedly. "It is Heike, I think there is something terribly wrong with her! She just doesn't stop crying." Blanka whispered through the tears. The older woman stifled a smile, she knew that feeling just too well. "Well she's asleep now, so I bet it is not that bad. In the meantime, let me make you a cup of tea, and you can tell me all about her illness and the symptoms." Roxy ordered. "Ok." Blanka said timidly.

Roxy brewed the tea and draw a chair up and listened closely to Blanka's concerns. She tried her best to put the young mother's mind to peace, but also suggested that she stop by Dr Fisher's clinic just to be sure. "But he will think I'm a bad mother." Blanka said. "Oh nonsense, he will never do that, promise me you will go!" Roxy demanded. "Ok." came another timid reply from Blanka.

After the tea and little chat, and without much convincing, Roxy managed to persuade Blanka to also take a nap while the baby was sleeping. Blanka immediately fell asleep and Roxy took the opportunity to quickly clean the kitchen...

... while making her delicious macaroni and cheese dish. She even prepared Heike's next feed. She left quietly, making sure to lock the door behind her.

Blanka awoke with a start, "oh my," she thought, "I slept, and Heike is still sleeping. Maybe she is not ill. But where is Roxy?" She got up to have a look around.

She almost burst into tears again when she found the dish for dinner on the kitchen counter and that her kitchen was clean. "Oh Roxy, how will I ever thank you." She was brought back to reality by Heike's familiar squealing noises, "how cute they sound, when one is rested." Blanka realised. 

Heike was wide awake in her bassinet, and immediately looked happier when she noticed her mother, "you must be hungry sweetie, you slept for so long, let me quickly go and make your bottle. It was then that she realised the feed was already prepared and waiting on the dressing table. Blanka once more thanked Roxy quietly.

Heike was in such a good spirit after the feeding and burping that Blanka decided to take a walk into the village, and maybe she must stop by Dr. Fisher's clinic just to make sure Heike is indeed fine.

It was a sunny afternoon outside, and Blanka was glad that she decided to go for a walk, nothing a bit of fresh air and sun can't fix.

Near her house, she met Fliss Redwood and her daughter Cali. They were on their way to buy some fresh produce at the Blackberry Market, but stopped for a quick chat. Talking to adults sure was satisfying, Blanka thought after she said goodbye to Fliss and her daughter.

As she came into the village she passed the patisserie, one of Blanka's favorite shops in Sugarbush Valley, and went inside.

"Blanka! And little Heike!" Pippa was truly happy to see them.

And while Pippa fussed over Heike, Blanka admired all the delicious cakes, tarts and other treats.

"So want to satisfy your sweet tooth?" Pippa asked. "Oh no, I am on a bit of a diet, but I want to buy something for Roxy, do you perhaps know what her favorite is?" Blanka inquired. "Of course, I do!" And Pippa quickly made up a box of Roxy's favorite treats.

Blanka decided to go straight to Roxy's house to deliver the gift, but as luck would have it she met her just outside the shop.

Roxy was delighted and relieved to see Blanka. She always feared depression, in new mothers. The two friends had another quick chat, and Blanka assured Roxy that she was feeling like a new person.

With a song in her heart Blanka said good bye to Roxy, enjoying the fact that she could give something back to this new friend she made.

After a quick visit to the park, Blanka made her way home again, and passed the clinic. She decided to stop. As luck would have it, Schroeder was just seeing his last patient for the day.

While waiting, Rosemary Bouquet also came over to admire the beautiful Heike. "What a beautiful, healthy daughter you have Blanka!" she commented, to Blanka's delight.

Schroeder indicated that he would quickly examine little Heike, and Blanka took the chance to talk to Isabel. Isabel assured her that Heike's behaviour is typical that of a new born and that Blanka should not worry.

Dr Fisher, confirmed what his wife said, by assuring Blanka that physically there is nothing wrong with the adorable Heike. As she walked home it felt like a mountain was lifted from her should, and once again she silently thanked Roxy,

That evening, Andrey was surprised to find a sleeping baby, delicious dinner and a happy and content wife when he arrived home from Eaglewood. "Wow, Blanka, you are glowing, did you and Heike have a good day?" he inquired. "Yes, the best ever!" his wife replied happily!


  1. Beautiful story. I love how observant & compassionate Roxy was, just what every new mum needs!

    1. Thank you for the comment Christine. I noticed that you are a new reader. Are you from the SF forum or blogger?

    2. No worries, I now know exactly who you are "chill82". I appreciate your comments and that you are reading my stories!

  2. That was such a fantastic story! It cheered me up from all that bad work. Little Heike is so cute and Roxy is such a great friend. She could also come to me and cook me some nice pasta :D

    1. Thank you Kyraja for the nice comment. I want Roxy to visit me too!

  3. Creative spark is back! Lovely new story, nice to see SV back in action! And as they say 'Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there' ;D

    1. You think! Im not convinced yet! Thanks for the comment!

  4. So true to life! A charming story.

  5. It was indeed an angel that knocked:) Great story and I love that tiny home

  6. I love your story!!!.I know how Blanka feels. I identify with her when I had my first baby.

  7. Awww. This is gorgeous. I can certainly relate to this story :)

  8. What a heartwarming story! I like Roxys example, that being a friend is all about little things that can mean a lot to the other.

    I think I have forgotten some moments of Blanka and Andrey, as I last remember them meeting and dating O_o I would be thrilled, if you catagorized your stories in some way, but that would be such a big job!

    1. There never was a wedding and a birth story, sorry to disappoint :-(