Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chocolate Grandparents: A short review!

It seems as there will be no time for a story this week. I have the pictures but I don't feel like story writing and I have learned that if I try to do that, when I am not in the mood. It is usually disastrous, and I'm never happy with the end result.

But as I have a motto of posting at least once a week, I decided on doing a very short review on my Chocolate grandparents. They are extremely gorgeous, and I will recommend buying them to anyone, even if they are Chocolate Rabbits.

I never thought of buying nay of the Grandparents sets, I just saw them as more residents I would have to accommodate somewhere in Sugarbush Valley. But a fellow collector send me the cute Periwinkle Grandparents as a birthday gift, and of course I was hooked. I like that they are a different size and the glasses gives them a different look too. 

But as Sylvania is so over populated with Chocolate Rabbits, I never gave the "old" Chocolate Grandparents a second glance, however when Epoch re-released them I was hooked. I think it is mainly because of Grandpa! The mustache, the sailor jacket the funky red rimmed glasses. He is the epitome of a modern classy Grandfather!

So, meet Caleb and Valerie Breeze (parents of Teri Chocolate of Sugarbush Valley and Flora Loffel of Marigold Creek)

I decided to take of their jackets and glasses just to get an idea of how they look without it, and still just as cute and fancy. What do you think?

Caleb's jacket is really fancy and have so much detail. It is double breasted (fastens with velcro), has gold cuffs and an anchor printed on the chest. 

Valerie's jacket is not as smart as her husband's, and not nearly as detailed or special, but it is the perfect item to round of her outfit.

I want to make a special mention of the glasses. I'm not sure of the colours of the previously released glasses, but I love the Caleb and Valerie's glasses. It suits them perfectly. The glasses it self is also a bit more detailed than the old ones. The frames has a little shell inset and no cheap elastic to keep it in place but "real" beaded strings. It looks so much better. 

I'm really happy with this purchase and though they are Chocolate Rabbits all the litlle detail makes them fantastic. Get a set! Today!

Also here is short bio:

Grandpa Caleb Breeze has been a sailor all his life. Now retired, he still loves the ocean, but sailing has become too exhausting for him. He still wears his smart sailor’s jacket with gold cuffs, which he loves dearly, so he still looks the part!

Grandma Valerie Breeze loves the ocean too, but from the shore. She used to sit for hours, accompanied by her two daughters Flora and Teri, staring out over the ocean waiting for Caleb to return from his trips. Valerie loves her grandchildren, and feel blessed for having Freya and Crème so close buy, but she miss her Löffel grandchildren, and whishes they could visit more often!


  1. They are too cute for words! That mustache always make me laugh - and Valeries dress is so pretty! :)
    Flora misses her parents too...

  2. So sweet! I love both of them :), and Caleb's bio is exactly how I imagined him! I love the beads on Valerie's dress and I agree that these glasses look better than the old ones. However, I think I prefer the round-rimmed rather than square-rimmed glasses (even though I wear square rimmed glasses myself!)

    1. Good point! I will have to compare them! And yes I love that beads too!

  3. They are fantastic! Congrats!
    I already have the older version of the Chocolate GPs but these are totally different and special!
    Glad to see a new GP couple in SV! I've always thought GPs are cuter than the other critters, hope you see it now!
    And I think they are great for your stories too! ;)

  4. To be honest I have to say that I prefer the original Chocolate grandparents.
    I don't think Sylvanians should have facial hair any more than they should have head hair, and I think the "old" grandparents look rather more subtle and gentle, in their clothing and all.
    The new ones are definitely super cute, though!

    1. Thanks for your comment! And I love that we can all differ and still love Sylvanians

  5. Congratulations on your Chocolate Rabbit grandparents, I have these too and they are adorable. I never thought I'd be a fan of the Chocolate Rabbits, but they have grown on me!

  6. Better watch out, after the first GP moving in the risk of multiply is seriously increased They are so cute and their bio suits them perfectly:)

    1. Yes Im very worried, especially as Angus and Bessie will soon move to SV too!