Monday, 13 July 2015

Breaking the news!

So another new story, but more a continuation from an old one, so do refresh your memory if you need to.
"Oh no!" shrieked Dorothy. Antonio literally jumped, because of the fright he got. "What now, Dorothy? Did you see a spider?" he asked, frantically looking for a spider.

"Don't be silly, you know I'm not afraid of spiders!" Dorothy replied irritated. "I was just thinking about Pippa! How will she react to this?" Antonio looked even more puzzled, "I think she will be very happy for you, and us. Also being relieved to have her house to herself again? Don't you think?"

Heavyhearted Dorothy took one last look at her new home, and closed the door. What Antonio said is probably true, but she knows Pippa. Pippa might be offended and take it personally that they want to move out. Hopefully she will understand.

But before they could go home and share the wonderful news with their family, they had a few errands to run. The first of which was to stop at the Carpentry. "Good day Aaron, oh and hi to you too Sorrel. Good to see you here." Dorothy greeted the Cottontails, while Antonio had a quick word with Edward. " I would just like to thank you, Aaron, for the wonderful furniture you made for my new home! It surely are exquisite pieces!" Aaron blushed ever so slightly, "My pleasure Dorothy! I loved making them."

After they've finished their business in town, Antonio suggested that they go to the Pizzeria. He loved Frasier's deliciously strange pizza creations, and would eat them everyday if his wife will allow it.

They were lucky to find that they only table inside was not occupied and after seeing to it that Kyle was comfortable Dorothy took her place too.

As usual Frasier was with them in a second, to show them the menu and discuss the specials of the day with them. Deciding which pizza to order was always a hard decision for Antonio.

While Freya served them some apple cider, Frasier popped their pizza into the oven, while serving  Bridget Fielding and her children. The fragrant aromas of pepperoni and mushrooms was too much for Antonio's stomach and it growled loudly as Freya was serving the drinks.

Frasier couldn't serve the pizza soon enough and Antonio sighed with pleasure when he finally put the pizza in front of them. "Oh my goodness I am so hungry!" gasped Antonio. "Then, I hope that you will enjoy it very much." Frasier said with the proudest of smiles.

Antonio gobbled up his half of the pizza and while enjoying every bite he could understand why the Pizzeria was so busy. "Here, honey, have some more." Dorothy offered. "Oh no, I cant eat your half too." Antonio tried very hard to be a gentleman, but it was obvious that he would love to have the extra slices too.

After the delicious lunch, the Patches headed home. Kyle fell asleep instantly in his father's arms. As they walked up Forest lane, they could sense some excitement as they reached Cedar Terrace 5. Bertie Honeybear was outside talking to an unknown goat.

Introductions was made and it came to light that Gill Brightfield and his family has just arrived in Sugarbush Valley, as permanent residents. The Patches, just like the Honeybears, immediately welcomed Gill and his family to the village and congratulated him on an excellent decision. All worries that Gill had, vanished instantly.

With every step they took closer to CT 1 Dorothy's heart beat faster and faster. She couldn't understand why she felt so nervous, surely Pippa will understand. What made things worse was that the Deckers also just arrived. It came to light that Ben organised a barbeque on the spur of the moment.

The kitchen was a hub of activity. Kids playing on the floor and Pippa and Kaitlin doing preparations for dinner. "Hey Pips, and Kaitlin, anything I can help with?" Dorothy reluctantly asked. She didn't liked cooking much, especially for alot of people. "Would you mind terribly to bathe the babies, I know you would prefer that over helping with the food." Pippa winked at her sister. Dorothy smiled and nodded, and she knew this was also her chance to get Pippa alone. "But only if you help me to get them all upstairs." she slyly answered Pippa.

In the bedroom Dorothy took a huge breath, and without waiting for the right moment or thinking about it to much she blurted it all out to Pippa.

And Pippa's reaction was everything that Dorothy hoped for. " Dorothy! That is fantastic news! Congratulations!" Pippa squealed. "So you are not angry?" Dorothy inquired cautiously. "Angry? Why on earth would I be angry, I know how much you have wanted this. And yes, our home will be much quieter, too quiet almost, but I want this for you too!" Pippa reassured her sister.

When everyone was in the garden, enjoying the sultry evening, Ben called everyone to silence, and made a toast on the Patches and their first home. Dorothy felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders and for the first time she could embrace the fact that she has her own home now.


  1. Aw! I'm really glad everything worked out - but knowing Pippa, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded :)

    1. I wanted to tell Dorothy that too! Just glad she could experience Pippa's kindness for herself!

  2. Thank you for another great story!
    Sweet moment with the two sisters hugging! And loved the pizza description, my stomach growled too, lol!!!

    1. Hehehe, I am so sorry for making you hungry. Thank you for the kind comment

  3. Oh my - a pizza would be great now! :D
    Thank you for that cute story, it really cheered me up this evening :)

  4. Great story and the Pizzeria looked so busy with all these customers, I really look forward to see how you will deco Dorothy home.

    1. All in good time, I just hope I can do it nicely.