Thursday, 6 August 2015

Naughty triplets

Barry Hawton smears the last bit of icing onto the freshly baked cake, and stands back. "How does it look you two?" he asks his daughter and her friend. "Oh delicious, daddy! The children at school will love them."Jenna says. "We must try to be first in line, tomorrow, Jenna!" Her friend Odette Hazelnut replies.

While Barry wash the dishes the girls pack the cakes away. For lunch tomorrow, Barry has decided to treat the kids at school with cake. It is his birthday as well as the 5th year that he and Hildie is serving the school lunches, and he wanted to celebrate it in a special way.

"Thanks for your help, Sweetie!" And he plants a kiss on his daughter's forehead.  "Now off you go, you have worked hard enough for one day, I will pack the cake in its boxes later."  The two girls had one last look at the delicious cakes, Odette gave a huge sigh. It is going to be a long wait.

Later that afternoon, after their nap and looking for their mother, the Hunter-Smyth triplets enter the kitchen of the Commune. "MOMMY!" Dylan calls out. "She's not here ok, but look! CAKE!" Thomas screams. "It is for us, there is three, just like us!" Little Gerard replies.

And without thinking twice, Dylan climbs on top of the table, while Thomas struggles to push a chair towards the cake on the dresser. "Oh no, how will I reach mine?" Little Gerard starts moaning, "I'm too short!"

Seeing Dylan, take his first bite, is however enough motivation for Gerard and with all his strength he hauls the cake to the floor. 

The boys gobble the cake up, as if they have never tasted the delicious sweet taste of freshly baked cake before, but also because they are so afraid that someone might discover them and demand them to stop eating.

"I'm full", Dylan moans, clutching his stomach. "Me too", Thomas grumbles. "My tummy aches", Gerard started sobbing. "That is because you ate everything, silly!" Dylan scolded. "Let's go to the park, I want to plaaaaay!" Thomas whine, he was obviously not affected by eating so much.

Whistling a happy tune, Barry entered the kitchen. By now the cakes should be set, and ready to be packed into the boxes. But the happy tune changed into a loud yelp, when he noticed that his beautiful cakes has disappeared, with only a few crumbs remaining.

Ironically Camilla Hunter-Smyth passed the kitchen at that precise moment and hurried in. "Barry! What is the matter?" she asked. "Someone ate my cake!" he replied. Camilla immediately felt uneasy, but banished the scary thoughts from her mind.

"Oh no, who could do such a thing?" she asked, hoping above hope that the triplets were still asleep. "I don't know." Barry said. "What will I do, I wonder if Pippa has sold out already? I don't have the energy to bake another three cakes."

Meanwhile, near the park, the full effect of eating too much cake has set in. Dylan was howling with pain, and though Gerard was trying to calm his brother he was in a lot of pain as well. "Oh come on you too, it is not that bad, I'm sure if we played a bit you will get better." Only Thomas was not feeling sick.

The threesome was discovered by Diggory Honeybear and Gromwell Cottontail. "Look there, it is the triplets." Diggory pointed. "Yes, and something doesn't seem right." Gromwell replied.

A worried Gromwell and Diggory approached the triplets  and tried to comfort the crying Gerard. He was complaining about his stomach hurting, "Did you eat something?" Diggory inquired. He really hope they didn't eat some of the berries on the hedgerow. They are not really poisonous, but eating them does give one an awful tummy ache.

Hearing the commotion, PC Bobby Roberts called Gromwell over. "What is going on?" Gromwell, always intimidated by Bobby, started whimpering slightly "I'm not sure, sir. We just found the triplets under the bushes crying and moaning, holding their stomachs."

Not wanting to take any chances, and delighted to finally be of help, Bobby rushed the boys to the clinic.

At the clinic the triplets ran into the inviting arms of Nurse Myriam. They were afraid of the Doctor and the presence of PC Roberts didn't help. She comforted them, and explained to them that the Doctor will not hurt them.

Finally Schroeder Fisher, managed to examine the triplets. It was evident that they ate something unhealthy, but none of them will tell him what. He gave them each a spoonful of castor oil, that they only drank because PC Roberts was watching them closely. Hector and Isabella arrived at the clinic, just in time to take the triplets home.

Later that evening just after dinner, and while the triplets was having a bath, Isabella approached her dad, "Daddy?" she began. "Yes my darling?" Charles replied, "If I know something, and has promised someone that I won't tell, but the secret has hurt someone else, what must I do?" Isabella asked. Charles thought a while and then told his daughter, that she must decide for herself. She is the one that made the promise, but she is obviously smart enough to appreciate the seriousness of a bad secret.

In the end Isabella told her father, what she knew the triplets did. She felt really bad and midway through the story, she began to cry. Her father assured her that she did the right thing. Charles however, now had a  conundrum of his own to solve. He want to be a good example to his daughter, but he feared telling his wife.

In the end Charles told his wife and as expected she exploded with anger, and regardless of Charles best efforts to calm Camilla, she stormed out of the room into the bathroom.

With the help of their brother the triplets were already dressed and was just on their way to PC Roberts room for a bedtime story, when their mother stormed into the bathroom. She looked at them, narrowed her eyes and in her most scariest voice said, "I know what you boys did, I'm really saddened by this behaviour and I know exactly how to deal with you, but first of all you will go and apologise to Mr Hawton."

For the first time that day, the triplets was scared. They know their mom and she is the best mommy in the whole world, and they would not want another, but they also know that she will never joke about naughty behaviour, so without a word, they marched into the Hawton's bedroom. Barry was a bit caught off guard when the boys suddenly appeared in his room, but when he saw Camilla's face, he suddenly knew what it was all about. "Boys! Camilla?" he said. "Go on now you three!" Camilla encouraged the boys. The three boys immediately stared apologising for eating the cake, promised that they will never eat food that were not given to them, and offered all the money in their piggy banks, so that Mr Hawton can buy some more cake.

It was hard for Barry not to laugh, he has already forgotten about the cake and was lucky enough to buy some from Pippa, but he knew Camilla better than to laugh and let the triplets of the hook easily. "I appreciate the apology boys, but please do not eat my food again, it was very naughty!" Camilla also apologised again, and Barry assured her that all was alright and already forgiven.


  1. :D that was a perfect start in the morning! The triplets made me laugh so hard, when they ate the cake. And the photo when they apologize is too cute *giggle*. Thank you for that lovely story!

    1. Im glad you could begin your day on a high note ;-) Thank you for the comment. I love the Hunter-Smyth triplets!

  2. Too cute for words!!!
    Still wondering how the triplets managed to eat those double their size cakes!? ;D

    1. Thank you! Sylvanako don't you have any kids? LOL

  3. A brilliant story, and I have to agree with Kyraja... That apology photo is great!

  4. It's fantastic and made me giggle again and again and of course three cakes must be for the three of them, that makes perfect sense lol, loved it fantastic way to come back from vacation

  5. Hahaha, what a hilarious story, those three little babies make me laugh!

    1. Glad you liked it! I thought it was hilarious too!

  6. Thank-you for cheering my day with this story, those triplets are very naughty, but very cute!

    1. That was the whole idea when I made them boys instead of 2 girls and a boy... naughty but gets away with murder because of the cuteness!

  7. Naughty naughty kids! LOL this story made me laugh so much! They are so cute lining up to go apologize! They do resemble my nephews a lot with their various mischiefs!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment. They got "naughty" written all over their cute little faces!