Monday, 19 January 2015

Three new families move to Sugarbush Valley

Farthing Dog Family
(bought this lovely family from Takealot and Reggies respectively)

Father: Harley Farthing
Mother: Penny Farthing
Sister: Wren Farthing (10)
Baby Brother: Rally Farthing (4)

Father Harley was a world famous surfer. He won the world championships 6 times during his career. While he was riding the last wave at his 6th World Championships, he had the most unfortunate accident. He fell from his surfboard and broke both his legs and arms. Although he was still crowned world champion again that year, his broken bones never healed completely, and he could never ride as a professional surfer again. He was thus forced into early retirement. Although to young to "retire" he qualified as a life saver and swimming instructor. He obtained valuable experience on some of the world's most famous beaches.

Eventually he got bored with the unfamiliarity of this lifestyle and to his wife’s, Penny, relief they decided to settle in Sugarbush Valley, from where Penny originates. Father Harley got a job as the life saver and swimming coach at the local Sugarbush Valley swimming pool, Mother Penny runs a day care centre for all babies to the age of 2.

They have two children, the 10 year old Wren who is extremely shy and very attached to her mother. Her parents hope that she will meet a special friend soon, who will help her to be more outgoing. Little boy Rally, who is only 4, is very wise for his age and often tells his mother and father exactly how they ought to do things.

Darwin Monkey Family
(bought this family from a fellow friend and collector, Santie. The twins were a gift from her)

Father: Geoff Darwin
Mother: Shirley Darwin
Sister: Katie Darwin (10)
Brother: Simon Darwin (9)
Twins: Bubbles & Bobo (1)

Father Geoff runs the Sweets cart and popcorn wagon with his wife Shirley. He loves to treat the children, and leaves free candy on the counter everyday. It does however sometimes end up in a bit of a scuffle as the children just love to get their hands on the free yummy sweets.

Shirley loves creating new candy flavors, and spend hours in her kitchen mixing delicious ingredients together like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cherries. She makes the best gift baskets filled with pecan caramel clusters, chocolate covered almonds and dark chocolate truffles. But like her husband she is very fond of children and loves to help them choose their favorite sweets.

Sister Katie is always on the go. She wants to be a professional gymnast when she grows up. After she has done her homework, she practices her cartwheels, handstands, and back flips for hours. Her routines are incredible, and when others see her skills, they are amazed at how talented she is!

Brother Simon is the opposite of his sister and is very calm and artistic. He likes to sit quietly and draw and paint pictures of outdoor sceneries. His favorite paintings are of the beautiful sunsets above the pond outside his window. Dew to his introverted nature he struggles to make friends, which isn’t helped by the fact the all his classmates are girls.

Twins Bubbles and Bobo like to help clean up after their parents, licking the chocolate covered spoons and bowls. Shirley, their mother, is sure more chocolate and candy is put on their clothes than in their tummies, though!

Decker Dalmatian Dog Family
(Trade with a fellow friend and collector, Sigrun)

Father: Brooklyn Decker
Mother: Kaitlin Decker
Triplets: Lucas, Brooke and Morgan Decker (1)

Brooklyn is a qualified banker but has had enough of the rat race of the city and after much discussion with his wife Kaitlin decided to quit his job and relocate to Sugarbush Valley. It is their dream to open a seafood restaurant on the banks of the river. Just like his nephew, Ben Henry-Lloyds, he loves fishing and sailing, and if at all possible he would like to literally catch the “catch-of-the-day” himself. But for now Brooklyn and his family will first enjoy a vacation in their new town.

Kaitlin is extremely sociable and though she will miss all her friends and the book club meetings, she loves the quaintness of the little village and has already made a friend in Margaret Petite.

The couple has 1-year old triplets, who are both adorable and are no trouble at all. They are very, very quiet. All they seem to do is eat and sleep, sleep and eat, which suits Kaitlin perfectly as this mean even more time for socializing.

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  1. Always love to read you bio, you make them come so alive:) Poor Harley, not only his legs but his arms to:/

    1. Dont worry Harley is ok now. Im more worried about his ego ;-) Thank you for the kind comments.

  2. Lovely bios, I didn't like the new JP Dalmatians at first but they look adorable in your photos :)

  3. Oh dear, Harley had a fascinating history! But I'm glad he has found a new fitting job! The Darwins are also such a lovely family! I like Simon the most, but I hope he's able to make friends soon. Fantastic new bios! I enjoyed them very much :)

    1. I was just a bit bored with all the normal stories every villager had, so I made his a bit interesting. Simon will soon make a friend.

  4. Your bio are so well written! Where do you get so much details??? I really love the Darwins the most. They are very cute and I am considering getting them eventually!

    1. They are again waaaaaaaaaaay cuter than the pictures. I get my inspiration from the bios mostly from the flair bios that they are released with.