Friday, 2 January 2015

A new nursery for Delia.

Dear Readers

I've decided to do a story (or two) while I'm on holiday. This was written before we left. I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wonderful new years's celebrations. Enjoy the first story of 2015 and hope there will be many more in 2015.

Thank you also for all the wonderful comments this past year and reading my blog.


 It was the last week of the school term in Sugarbush Valley. The Christmas holidays were nearing fast and most villagers were already on holiday.

Delia was relieved about this, she was exhausted after a very long school year and were counting the hours till the end of the week. The few children that were still attending the nursery were luckily behaving well and Delia did more entertaining and played with the kids, then actual teaching.

While, like many days in the past, pondering the fact that she still does not have a nursery school, or rather an actual building to teach in, she was approached by Mayor Hugo and his two right hand men, Sydney Hazelnut and Alonzo Macavity. Delia got quite a fright, she really hoped it is not about a complaint. Skimble and the Trunk twins are in her school ... or wait, she sighed with relieve, maybe Sydney wants to reserve a spot for their little one that is on the way.

Delia: Good afternoon gentleman. 
Hugo (smiling and giving her a wink): Hello Delia, I see you are working hard.
Delia: Of course, Mayor. Play is the best way of teaching.
The adults had a good laugh about Delia's joke, but the conversation soon turned serious again. 

Hugo: Delia, Alonzo and I would like to go and show you something and get your input about a few things.
Delia (astonished and puzzled): Me? Why? And who will look after the children?
Hugo: Yes you and I'm sure Sydney will be fine looking after the little rascals for a while, won't you Sydney

But before Sydney could answer, the threesome were on their way. Delia looked back nervously and her eye caught the very distressed look of Sydney.

After a short walk, Hugo and Alonzo stopped in front of a cute and small, but cosy looking building. The sign said "NURSERY", but Delia didn't immediately register what was going on so Alonzo took the opportunity to spell it out to her.
Alonzo: Delia, it is high time that Sugarbush Valley gets a Nursery don't you think?
Delia (squealing): Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Seriously? But isn't their more important buildings that should be build first? Like houses and post offices and supermarkets and ... and...
Hugo: Yes Delia, there is, but what can be more important than the education of our children?
Delia: Oh this is fantastic, thank you, thank you, thank you! May I take a look inside?

Delia barely entered the nursery when more squeals could be heard. Hugo and Alonzo just looked at each other with raised eyebrows and rolled their eyes.

Delia was delighted with the inside of the nursery. It was spacious enough for all the little ones, but still cosy and charming. The cutest little chairs and work table was placed on one side of the room and Delia's fingers started itching the moment her eyes felt on the Piano.

Delia: I'm speechless! How can I thank you? And the decorations is so adorable, exactly how I would have done it. Was that Cassandra's handy work? And I guess Aaron and Edward must be thanked for the cute furniture?
Hugo: You don't have to thank us Delia, just continue the wonderful work that you are doing. Our children loves you and we appreciate everything you do for them.
Alonzo: And to answer your other questions Cassandra as well as Savannah and Mona were responsible for the decorating. They will be relieved to hear that you love it. Aaron and Edward really came through in the end to deliver this wonderful furniture too.

After looking around some more and asking many questions, Mayor Hugo handed over the keys of the new nursery to Delia. It was agreed that they will have a special opening in the new year.

That evening Delia and her whole family went to have a look at the nursery again. She was so proud to finally have a 'real' work space where she could do the thing she loves most.

Hoped you liked this short story. I also took a new profile picture of my Chiffons for the "Villagers of Sugarbush Valley" page.


  1. I really liked this story, poor Delia I can sympathise with her when she longs for the holidays! :D She is very realistic too, in terms of her personality ;)

  2. Fantastic story, my favorite part was poor Sydney looking desperately after them leaving, guess he hadn't thought that one through lol The nursery is so cute and I really want one

    1. I knew you would like the Sydney part! And now you have the nursery too!

  3. I love this story! Wonderful photos as usual. I always expect great pictures from you! The nursery looks awesome and I like the playground very much too!!! At first I didn't want to get too many baby figures but they grew on me and they are definitely one of my favorite among all the SF items. I decided to get the nursery too because of that ^_^ Enjoy your vacation!

    1. I understand completely what you mean about the babies, they are all so cute, but I just can't get it over my heart to have orphans in SV or alot of adopted babies. Congratulations on getting the nursery!

  4. I just recognized that I haven't commented on your great story yet! Bad me! I love your new nursery and I agree with Delia - what a fantastic addition to the village!

  5. What a nice surprise for Delia :)

  6. So glad there is a new nursery in SV! Those babies certainly need one as they also need a nice lady as Dalia to take care of them!
    Great photos and lovely story!(I finally managed to comment here too using my yahoo account!)

    1. Thank you Sylvanako! Glad you could manage to comment!

  7. What a lovely story! The nursery is a great addition to Sugarbush Valley, and with so many children it really was about time for Hugo to get one sorted out!

  8. The nursery goes perfectly in Sugarbush Valley. Delia is so sweet, she deserved such a wonderful nursery. :)