Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Farthings arrive in Sugarbush Valley

Harley Farthing came to a halt in front of a little building with a sign that indicated it was a Hamburger Restaurant. All around them critters were milling around, but no one seemed to notice these two strangers.
Wren: Daddy, are we lost?
Harley looked down at little Wren, the poor thing, she must be so confused, moving to a new town without her mother.
Harley: No Honey we are not lost, daddy is just trying to find his way.

Harley turned around and saw a Skunk and her little baby approaching them.
Jasmine: Sir, are you lost or looking for someone? Can I help?
Harley: Oh please. I'm Harley Farthing, and this is my daughter Wren, we are new to the town and I'm just trying to find the Realtor?
Jasmine: Oh you mean Kenneth Furbanks? The real estate agency is not far, just go straight down this street, turn the corner to the left at the end of it and you will see it on the opposite side of the street.

Relieved Harley thanked the friendly lady, and steering Wren in the right direction they walked down the sidewalk. He made a conscious attempt to remember the name Kenneth. Harley isn't very good with remembering names.
Wren: Daddy, what is a Realtor.
Harley (sighing, then smiling): It is someone who sells or lease houses, my dear. I'm just hoping Mr Kenneth has a magical solution for us.

But before Wren could inquire about "magical solutions", they've reached the estate agency. Harley noticed that Kenneth was already busy and he just hoped that that meeting will not take too long. He was so tired after the long travel, he just hoped that Wren will be ok.

While they were waiting, they were approached by a cute little monkey girl.
Katie: Hello, I'm Katie Darwin, what are you doing?
Wren (taken aback): Uhm ... oh... hey ... We are waiting to see Mr Kenneth.
Katie: I think my parents are almost done, it has been a while now. We just move here this morning and my parents are finalising our house.
Wren (warming up): Oh! Really? We just arrived here too! My name is Wren by the way, and this my dad Harley.
Katie: Nice to meet you Wren, lets be friends, as we are both new and then we don't have to worry about making friends when the school starts tomorrow.
Wren: Well ... uhm... ok! Great!

Harley had to feel pleased, he loved Katie, more for the fact that she was so forward and almost forced Wren to be her friend. At least Harley had one thing less to worry about, as he was sure with Katie by her side Wren will be ok.

At that moment the Darwins were done with their meeting too and all round introductions was made. Harley was even more pleased when he heard that Katie was also 10 years old just like Wren.

After the Darwins got all their children together, they left and Harley was alone with Kenneth. They had a quick chat about what the Farthings requirements were, and though Kenneth  weren't looking to positive about the prospects, he did indicate that he might have a solution.

Kenneth: I'm terribly sorry Harley, but housing in this village is really becoming a headache. We just can't keep up with all the new villagers and their need for housing. At least we still have a few options, but poor Alonzo, who is our resident builder, can't get in front.
Harley (worriedly): Oh no, if I had knew it would've been a crises I would've taken better precaution.
Kenneth: How should you have known. Take the Darwins for instance ... they will be a renting a room form the Redwood family, at least the Redwoods have a big house and can spare a room, and more importantly, both parties are happy with that solution.

Pretty soon they arrived at a big building that resembled a block of flats.
Kenneth: This is our Commune, the brain wave of Sydney Hazelnut, our Townplanner, and our hope for finding you a solution.
Harley: Anything will do, we are not fussy, I just don't want my wife to get here and then we don't have a roof over our heads.
Kenneth: Oh, so Mrs Farthing will be joining you? 
Harley: Yes, sorry, I probably probably mentioned that. Her mother passed away a few days ago, so she and our little boy, Rally, stayed behind to take care of the funeral.
Kenneth: So sorry to hear that! Aaah, here is Sydney let's see ...

Sydney Hazelnut was a strange looking little man, but he was extremely friendly, which helped Harley to relax immediately and he instantly trusted this man. After introductions were made, Kenneth excused himself as he had an appointment with Antonio Patches.

Sydney quickly explained to Harley that they just finished the third floor of the Commune and Harley were visibly relieved, and without hesitation indicated that he would like to reserve a room for him and his family.

Sydney: So let me quickly explain the set up of the commune to you. The original idea was to have a temporary living space for new villagers, in other words while waiting for their houses to be built or while being completed they can stay here, almost like a halfway house, but as things turned out we now already have five families living here permanently.
Harley: So how does it work and do everyone get along? Where I come from this would have never worked.
Sydney: It works amazingly well, you will soon learn that in Sugarbush Valley everyone lives together in great harmony. The families mainly share a bathroom and a kitchen. For things to work smoothly we have schedules for bathing times, and families take turns to clean the bathroom and kitchen and to cook meals. Everyone does their little bit and therefore everyone is happy.

In the kitchen Sydney introduced Harley and Wren to his wife Mona and Hildie, and then he took the newcomers on a quick tour around the commune.

The Hazelnut room

The Hawton room

The Furbanks room

The Timbertop room

The Thistlethorn room

and lastly the shared bathroom.

On the 3rd floor, they passed three doors and at  the 4th door Sydney took them into a barren looking room. It was still rough, with a just built smell and not decorated at all.
Sydney: Aaah, here it is. Welcome home!
Harley (puzzled): What do you mean, welcome home? Is this our room.
Sydney: Yes, and I know that it is not ready yet, but believe you me, by tonite when you want to go to bed it will be ready. You will soon learn that the villagers stand together when someone needs them and that help will soon appear out of nowhere to get your room ready.
Wren: Daddy, it is wonderful. We have a room and did you see the view! Mommy will love it, I just wished she was here.

Wren, who was quiet all the time, convinced her dad, with this response that the room is perfect and that they are exactly where they should be. He thanked Sydney for his trouble and the threesome made their way downstairs to finalise the paperwork.

But as they came down into the front garden, they were met by a tired looking woman with a huge smile on her face.
Wren: Mommy, mommy, mommy!!! I'm so glad you are here, I missed you.
Harley was as surprised as Wren and was just as happy to see his wife. 

That evening another happy family was spending their first night in Sugarbush Valley!


  1. It's a very lovely story and as a mother I would have loved Katie and her response to Wren. Really look forward to see the third floor:) Loved to see every room and want to go back to see each detail. Great to see all the critters around.

    1. Thank you. Hope I can deliver soon on the third floor, might mean no story next Monday though.

  2. It was so great to see all the rooms of the commune - I enjoyed that little tour so much! And I agree with Sigrun, it was such a lovely story! I'm glad Katie and Wren made already friends and was a wonderful surprise that Harley's wife was already there! :) I'm looking forward to their family adventures - and of course to see their room :D

    1. I sometimes wish that what happened with Wren and Katie is possible for all children!

  3. Aw, lovely tour! I like how all the rooms are so personal :D

    1. Thx A, hope I inspired a bit for your "hotel"!

    2. Still patiently waiting for more ;-)

    3. I'm so sorry for the day, Ive had a really nasty bug and stayed in bed for most of the past few days. I have a big update coming soon (either Wednesday or Sunday) with some news on Regency Manor, a story and a re-ment set opening :)

    4. No problem! I just love seeing the decorated buildings!

  4. I like your idea of a Commune! It's a lovely community spirit! The rooms are very nicely decorated and you make them look so personalized for each family!

    1. Aaah thank you! I like the decorating part, it is just frustrating that I dont have enough "small items" to personalise the rooms even more.

  5. Oh my, what a hastle. Sugasbush Valley is running out of houses! I wish I had one to wrap up and send there :)

    1. That would be so highly appreciated if you can !!!!!