Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sylvanian Surprises

Last week was a great Sylvanian week! I got two surprises through the post. One was totally unexpected, and with the second one, though I was expecting some of the items, some of it was a huge surprise.

The first one came on Thursday, 19 January. It was a Christmas card from darling Christine all the way from Australia. At first I was amazed by the stamp, sorry but I can go quite geeky about stamps and things related to foreign countries. I was upset though... as the lovely customs people opened it, heaven knows why.

Inside was a wonderful card, some stickers, Christmas tree cuts outs and a fantastic knitted dress and hat for one lucky Sylvanian lady. Thank you so much Christine I really appreciate this gesture.

Then on Monday, 23 January the expected trade parcel van Kyraja finally arrived. And I was amazed that this time it was not opened by customs, and the custom fee was so low, it was laughable.

So what was inside? Well take a look, many many cool expected things, and even cooler unexpected surprises.

The patio set was part of the trade, but Kyraja surprised me with some planters/pots for Christmas, ideal for flowers. These three ladies are very excited, as they need some decorating items for their houses.

Another surprise was this lovely teaset! I'm over the moon, I've been eyeing it for so long on ebay and SSK, but it was just always to expensive, if you calculate the postage with it.

Max Bramble also finally arrived in Sugarbush. 

Livvy was ecstatic to finally have her son with her again (isn't he just the cutest thing!)

Then after the sadness of 4 families departing from Sugarbush, it is with much anticipation that I can announce that a new family will be moving to the Village soon. (the twins was part of the trade and the father was my Christmas gift)

I'm still undecided about the names (be sure that it WILL NOT BE 'Cakebread'), but in the mean time dad and the twins will find suitable housing, and hopefully the mother and 3 other siblings will join the family shortly.

Finally I also received this awesome playmobil set! It is my first one and I can't wait for my son and I to set it up (he will enjoy doing it, so I'm waiting for the right time so we can do it together). I'm thinking of giving the fresh produce stand to Bob Blackberry, he will be so happy to finally have a real shop for his fruit and vegetables.

Thank you Kyraja for this wonderful parcel and the opportunity to trade with you. It is always fun, and I'm already compiling my list for the next one.


  1. It was my big pleasre to trade with you:). I'm looking forward to see how you'll decorate the flower pots. I'm looking soooo much forward to our coming trade :)

    1. Im a bit blank on that one, hopefully and idea will come to mind soon

  2. I'm so glad the card arrived! You are most welcome.

  3. Aww, how sweet! Love the new family members and I can't wait to see them feature in a story.

  4. I can easily imagine your joy. It's just adorable!

  5. Max is just the cutest little thing. I am just in love with his little face. Lovely trade items too!