Sunday, 7 February 2016

Freya's situation!

Not sure if one can call this a love story, but it is kind of cute, or at least I tried. Enjoy it though and thanks to Sylvanako who helped me out with the last picture.

The school just came out for the day, and everyone was excited to get home, except for the 14 year olds, they were given a big project by Mr Huckleberry and was a bit depressed about it. While some made peace with it, some were still trying to convince Mr Huckleberry that it was a bit too much for 14-year olds. Freya, and her best friend Candy, was however not thinking about the project at all.

"Look Frey, your boyfriend, is already waiting for you!" Candy joked. "Cands! Stop it, you know he is not my boyfriend, he is my best friend and now project partner, yes, but not boyfriend!" Freya defended. "Best friend, oh right. What about poor me? I thought I was your best friend? But you know he likes you, it is so obvious" Candy continued joking. "I have to go Candy, but see you tomorrow, when will you and Baden start working on you project?" Freya said hurriedly. "Oh I don't know, Bads will have to sort that out, he is the champion." Candy laughed and waved her friend goodbye.

Freya went over to Daniel and they walked home together. Daniel was the first friend she made in Sugarbush Valley, as they live next to each other, and they are very close, but he doesn't exactly give her butterflies, like a certain other boy do. 

The two friends walked home, chatting about the project, and greeting the villagers as they pass them.

Soon they arrived at the Fieldings' Restaurant, Mrs Fielding was waiting outside and had a quick chat with Freya. Freya liked Mrs Fielding, she was funny in a shy kind of way and always extremely friendly towards Freya. Too friendly sometimes, and Freya always wonders what exactly Daniel tells his mom about her. 

Freya waved Daniel goodbye and made her way home.

As she opened the door to their home, she got the delicious smell of freshly baked orange tart. "Hey mommy!" she greeted friendly, "it sure does smell lovely in here. Where is Cremé?" she greeted. "Afternoon darling, thank you, I thought it high time to spoil my family with some dessert tonight. Unfortunately Cremé wanted some 'NOW' and when I told her she had to wait, she threw a tantrum and I send her upstairs. Oh, and please close the door." Teri chatted.

Freya closed the door, and then eyed the tart, " I can understand why Cremé wanted some of it immediately, it looks so good. I will go to her, and calm her down." Freya suggested.

Freya found her little sister in her room, playing with 'Duckie', not looking to upset. "Hey Cremé, how are you?" Freya planted a kiss on her sister's forehead. "Cremé is playing, and not kiss on head. Kiss on mounth." Cremé muttered. Freya smothered the giggle that was bubbling up in her throat, Cremé seemed to have forgotten about her tantrum, and Freya decided to leave it at that.

She stayed in their room with her sister, chatting to her about the day. After a while she heard her father came home, and she waited patiently for him to come and greet them.

As expected he was up soon, "There are my girls, how are you, come down and join your mother and me downstairs, I want to hear all about your day." Frasier greeted his girls.

Freya loved this half an hour before dinner, where they all just sat together and chat, she was relieved to see that Cremé and her mother, also made peace.

"So Frey, how was your day?" her father inquired. "It was good, we got this big project on business economics, and I wanted to ask you if we can base it on your business?" Freya told her father. "Oh of course, I will make it very special for you, just tell me what you need. And who is your partner?" Frasier was visibly excited. "Thank you daddy, I'm with Daniel." Freya said. "Oh fantastic, then I will have to make it extra special, that boy is really a good boy." Frasier offered.

"Oh what is it with you people! We are only friends. F R I E N D S! Get it!" and Freya stormed off.

Frasier jumped up and looked at his wife puzzled, "What was that all about?" Teri shook her head, "I'm not sure, maybe there is something going on that we don't know about, but she has told me previously Daniel is only a friend, and that she likes someone else." Frasier felt rather stupid, "But I didn't mean it like that, just that I will make it special, so that they can get good grades. Oh what have I done?"

Frasier decided to go to Freya and apologise. He also explained what he meant with 'make it special'. Now Freya was the one that felt silly, and returned the apology. All was good again between father and daughter.

As agreed the next day after school Daniel and Freya made their way to Frasier's Pizza Parlour. Freya was relieved to see that it was quiet except for two customers, Nichole Maces and Rebecca Periwinkle. Daniel immediately stopped in his tracks, became very quiet and quickly took a place at the vacant table.

Not sure what was happening with Daniel, she went to greet her dad.

And also the two girls, who were trying to make a conversation with Daniel, but who ignored them flat out.

After the girls left with their order, Frasier came over to Freya and Daniel. "Good afternoon, you two and welcome to the Pizza Parlour. I am now at your service." Freya giggled at her father's introduction, but Daniel only greeted with him with a sullen, "Good afternoon."

After a thorough interview with Frasier, he offered them some pizza, which the two friends immediately accepted. "Daniel! What is wrong with you?" Freya cornered him. "It is really becoming very difficult for me to be friends with you, if you are always acting this weird around me, and especially my father." Daniel withered, "Oh Freya, I'm in love, and I can't tell Baden as he will just laugh at me, and I'm so worried about your reaction."

Freya almost stood up to ran away, so this is it then she thought, our biggest friend test yet, but instead of running away, she decided to hear Daniel out, and when he tells her she is the one, she will have to break his heart and get it over with. "Oh Daniel, you know you can tell me anything, you are my oldest and best friend." Freya tried to keep her voice steady. "I think I'm in love with Nichole, she really gives me butterflies everytime I see her." Daniel confessed. The relief on Freya's face must have been evident. "That is ok with you? You are not angry with me?" Daniel asked. "Oh no Daniel, not at all, Nichole is a sweet girl, I think you must just start talking to her." Freya explained.

After the air was cleared and a huge weight lifted from her shoulder, Freya had a great afternoon with Daniel working on their project.

It was getting late and it was time to pack up. The two friends made their way home together, chatting excitedly about their project. And of course a bit about Nichole too.

The next morning at school, Candy was onto Freya immediately. "How did it go?" she asked excitedly. "Oh very good, I think we will surely get the best marks, especially now that we can work together as friends and not as a couple." Freya smiled defiantly.

"What do you mean, Frey?" Oh come on, what is going on." Candy asked impatiently. "Oh no, I'm not gonna tell you, but just know, that Daniel is not in love with me, we are really just friends, and it is huge relief to me." Freya told Candy.

While Candy was trying to convince Freya to tell her, who Daniel's sweetheart is, Radish Dappledawn came over for a quick chat. "Hey Candy, and ... uhm ... Freya, how are you this morning." Freya just stood there, feeling the blood rising to her cheeks, 'oh no', she thought, 'what will I say?" But she couldn't utter a word.

"Come on children, to your places, it is time for feedback on your projects." Mr Huckleberry called out.

"Freya, Freya, come on, we need to get moving. What is the matter with you now." Candy tapped Freya's shoulder. "Uhm... what? Yes, right." Freya was still flustered.

Then it dawned on Candy, "It is Radish, you like Radish, oh Freya you little devil..." But before her friend could confess, Mr Huckleberry was reminding them again to get to their places. If Candy however, just took one close look at Freya, she would know that she was right.


  1. Awww, so so very cute! This story made me giggle - especially the part in the restaurant and the last picture :D. Radish and Freya would make a cute couple!
    And I just recognized that you have the same table in the pizzaria XD. I just wonder why I haven't noticed it before.

    1. Thx for the comment. I always appreciate them!

  2. Aww I love reading about young love. So sweet. Love that last pic too.

  3. Ahhh this one was really sweet, loved Freya color in the last picture and had to giggle at Freya reaction towards Radish perhaps she should listen to her own advice:)

  4. Well done, one of your best stories Eaton! Your talent is expanding! Had so much fun with Freya's reactions I believe there should be a part two!

    1. And you are too kind with your comments! Thx once again for the picture!

  5. A very funny story, I like how you wrote about the teens being 'in love' in a very light-hearted and relatable way, well done!

    1. Thank you Aranera, glad to see you back!

  6. I'm sure the story will not end here and now. Is Radish in love with Freya or not? Suspense, suspense...

  7. Aww, Freya is in love:)I like how she blushed in the last picture. Another great story. I think it would be nice a second part of the story.The way you ended suits for a continuation.

    1. I hope I get time this week for the second part!

  8. Cute story! I love the chocolate rabbit family dynamics, and the sweet infatuations of the children :)

    1. Thank you for the cute and kind comment!