Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bud and Owen's shenanigans!

The Spring break was almost over, and Rose Timbertop couldn't be happier. She knew that as a mother and good friend to Angela Bearbury she shouldn't feel this way, but she is glad that Owen will be going back home to Mystique Valley, tomorrow.

Owen is a sweet sweet boy, but he and Buddy together is terribly naughty. She is just glad that her husband, Taylor, doesn't know half of all the mischief they have been up to.

While making the beds her thoughts drifted back to the events of the past month. The first incident happened only 2 days after Owen arrived, and is actually amusing, but that is easy to say now that it is all forgotten ...

It was quite a busy morning. Taylor was off to work very early as he had to meet the tourists for the day at the bus stop. Rose wanted to feed the boys and clean their room and the breakfast table first, before joining her husband to help with the tourists.

After a hearty breakfast and a lengthy speech to behave and take good care of little Burl the boys were off. Rose didn't for one moment worry about then as Buddy was more than capable to look after Burl, and has done so many times before.

She joined her party just as they were heading out of the village. Rose was, however, stopped by Emma Furbanks just as they passed the Real Estate Agency. She indicated to Taylor that he must continue with the tourists and that she will catch up with them.

Rose knew Emma well, they went to school together, Emma and her family also live in the Commune and Buddy and Greta, Emma's daughter are the same age. The expression on Emma's face was, however thunderous and Rose was reluctant to stop, but she knew that if she ignored Emma now, things might only get worse.

Rose (concerned): Good morning Emma. You look like you are ready to commit a murder, what is the matter?
Emma (fuming): Oh Rose, I'm so angry I don't now what to do! I just hope we will be able to sort this mess out!
Rose (calmly): Let's sit down, I'm sure we will find a way.

Rose looked up the road and could see that Taylor and the tourists has stopped at the ice cream cart. Maybe she will be able to catch up with them, before they are totally gone. She turned her head back to Emma, and looked at her expectantly, anxious to find out what is the matter

Emma: Well Rose, the short and long of is that Buddy and Owen has frightened Greta so badly that she is refusing to leave our room.
Rose (gasping): Why!? No!? What have they done?
Emma: You know how Greta is asthmatic and easily gets out of breath when scared, which usually leads to an attack...
Rose (nodding head): Yeeeeeees.
Emma: According to Helen Fielding, Greta's best friend, Buddy and Owen chased Greta with some bugs around the playground. She got totally out of breath which caused and attack in front of all her friends. The poor girl is so ashamed.
Rose (upset): Oh Emma, I'm so terribly sorry. I will go and find Buddy and Owen this instance and punish them. This is really upsetting and disturbing.
Emma (calmer): I'm sure they didn't mean to scare or harm her, but according to Helen they wouldn't stop, even after Greta asked them to.
Rose (determent): I will sort this out, sorry again Emma. I will speak with you soon.

Rose rushed off, totally forgetting her bicycle and leaving Emma behind, wondering if she did the right thing. Not wanting to give to much away Rose quickly told Taylor that she has some urgent business to attend to, and that she will soon rejoin them. Taylor looked confused, but didn't want to make a scene in-front of the tourists and told Rose that it was fine.

Rose wondered where she will find the two weasels! Having no idea where they might be she decided to go to the Commune first. She was astonished to find them playing board games quietly in the front garden.

Rose (surprised): There you are, I am looking for you. Can I have a talk with you two.
Buddy (sweetly): Hello mommy, why do you want to talk to us?
Owen: Did we do something wrong?
Rose (strictly): Maybe you should tell me if you did something wrong!
Buddy (puzzled): I can't think of anything.
Rose: What about poor Great Furbanks?
Owen: Why auntie Rose? Is she hurt?

Rose (angrily): Yes Owen, she is. You two have scared her so much, that she refuses to come out of her room!
Buddy (amazed): Really mommy? It was just a silly bug, and Owen didn't even had a bug in his hands.
Rose: But why did you do it?
Owen: We thought it was fun.
Buddy: Yes, she was laughing all the time
Rose: Well she isn't laughing anymore, she is very upset. How will you fix this?
Buddy: How, mommy?
Owen (cleverly): Should we go and apologise?
Rose: That is a very good idea, and maybe invite her to join in your board game?
Buddy (reluctant): Ok, we will, but we really didn't mean to hurt or scare her.

Rose noticed that she has finished making the bed without even realising it. Buddy and Owen did go and apologise to Greta, who forgave them. The 3 of them, together with Helen Fielding had a great afternoon playing games. They became sort of inseparable after the incident and are now good friends.

Rose picked up the cleaning aids and made her way to the bathroom. Today is her turn to clean it. Everyone in the Commune gets a turn to clean the bathroom and the kitchen as well as to prepare dinner. It is a good system that works well.

The bathroom was not dirty or untidy, but it needed a wash down and Rose began the task at hand. Her thoughts immediately returned to Bud and Owen again.

The second incident might be a bit more serious, but at least no one got hurt. It was late one afternoon, just before dusk. Rose was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for little Burl.
PC Bobby Roberts: Uhm... excuse me Rose can I have a minute of your time.

Rose was so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn't hear the kitchen door opening, and got a bit of a fright by the sudden appearance of Bobby. He was a gentle soul, no reason to be afraid of him, though the children of the village feared him immensely. Sometimes he could be a bit grumpy, but that is more because of his introversion than of being angry or unhappy.

Rose (shocked): Bobby! Sorry I didn't hear you come in.
PC Bobby Roberts (forgiving): I surely hope I didn't startled you, I'm so sorry. Do you have minute?
Rose: Sure thing.

It was at that moment that Rose noticed Buddy and Owen in the door way, and she immediately know what was coming she was just unsure about the details

Rose (worried): Buddy, what have you done now!
Buddy: We were hungry mommy...
Owen: ... and we didn't have any money.
PC Bobby Roberts (angry): I caught them stealing, though it sounds a bit harsh I must admit, fruit from Andy Woodbrook while he was delivering his fresh produce at the market.

Rose (disappointed): Buddy! No! Why didn't you just came home! Here is plenty of FREE fruit, which you always steal, or rather take without permission.
Buddy: We were just coming back from playing in the forest and were starving.
Rose (shocked): The FOREST! This is just getting worse. You know you are not allowed to go there!
Owen: Really? I didn't know that, and it was me who convinced Buddy to go.
PC Bobby Roberts (angrier): Oh stop covering for each other you two. Buddy can't you see in how much pain your mother is? Apologise! IMMEDIATELY.

Even Rose got frightened by Bobby's loud, almost brutish voice. She accepted Buddy's hug as well as Owen's apology and once again sent them on their way to apologise to Mr Woodbrook. This time they took him a bottle of Hector Corntop's famous Blueberry wine as a peace offering.

Again, Rose was surprised with how quickly she cleaned the bathroom without even noticing. One thing is for sure the rascals and their shenanigans surely helped her to get through all her chores.

Later that day Rose was preparing the dinner in the kitchen. Burl was bathed and fed, and played quietly on the kitchen floor. The two boys, Buddy and Owen were taking a bath. Rose had packed Owen's suitcase that afternoon and took care of ensuring everything was in good order. Taylor was still out. They had no tourists for the day and Taylor mentioned that he wanted to service the bicycles.

He did however arrive home shortly after this, as if he knew that he was missed at home.
Taylor (upbeat): Hello my Rosie Posie and little Burly Wurly!
Rose: Hi Tay, glad you are home early. I didn't expect you until much later?
Taylor: The servicing of the bikes went quicker than I thought, and I have some good news. Herbage and I took a stroll through the forest today and we discovered a fantastic picnic spot.

Rose (impressed): That is good news, will we be able to take tomorrow's tourists there?
Taylor: I think we will, both me and Herbage were dumbfounded of how we missed it before. Is there something I can help you with?
Rose (worried): Maybe go check on the boys, they should be out by now, but with those two you never know. They might be running around naked in the hallway scaring poor Jenna and Prissy. Dinner is almost ready.

Taylor left the kitchen hurriedly. He was very fond of his children and always wanted more, but Rose put her foot down and wouldn't change her mind. He will do anything for them and always defended them fiercely when they were in trouble. The image of them scarring the girls were not a pleasant one and he wanted to ensure they don't do something silly.

In no time, Taylor was back for dinner, accompanied by Buddy and Owen, but something was wrong. Taylor looked furious, Bud was crying and Owen was not far from crying too.
Rose: Taylor is everything ok.
Taylor: No it is not, I'm furious with them.
Rose: Buddy and Owen, what did you do, were you at it again?
Taylor: What do you mean "again", Rose?

Rose immediately realised her mistake, and corrected herself without blinking an eye.It was not necessary that Taylor knew everything.
Rose: Did they again, like the nights before, empty the foam bath bottle in the hope that they will make enough bubbles to fill the room.

Rose could see that Taylor wanted to smile, in her head it was a funny sight, but she knew Taylor will find it even funnier.

Taylor (angry): NO! If it only was that.
Rose (impatient): What then, will you tell me alright!
Taylor: I heard them in our bedroom, so I headed straight for it, but stopped just outside the door as I heard Buddy telling Owen "... I hope we don't get into trouble, but he will probably find it soon, and by then you will be gone."
Rose: What were they talking about?
Taylor: I had to pry it out of them, but it seems as if they have hid Alonzo's building diary! They found it laying in the park, and instead of returning it to him, they hid it in the Haberdashery.

Rose (surprised): Oh no, that is terrible. Do you two realise how many mistakes Mr Macavity will make without his diary. What will we do, Taylor?
Taylor (firmly): I've already told them what they must do. They will go to Mr and Mrs Thistlethorn, ask them to open the shop. If they want to know why, tell them the reason. If Mr and Mrs Thistlethorn do agree to open the shop they must go there alone, yes in the dark. Retrieve the diary and take it too Mr Macavity.

Loud sobs were now coming from both Owen and Buddy. Rose felt for them, but she knew that this might be the only reason they will understand the seriousness of what they did. She did still try to lighten the load.
Rose: But it is already very dark outside can't they wait till tomorrow. Then the Haberdashery will be open and they wont have to explain anything to Chester and Willow.
Taylor: No Rose they will do it like I told them and they will do it now.

With hanging heads the boys left the kitchen. They went upstairs and found Mr and Mrs Thistlethorn there. Luckily they didn't had to do allot of explaining. Chester was happy with "we forgot something in the shop" and as he knew that Owen will be heading home the following day he guessed that it was something Owen needed. He did, however instructed Lester to go with them.

Lester opened the shop for them.  

They retrieved the diary from under a pile of folded fabric on the counter that Willow left to price and pack away the next day.

Lester did look at them quizzically, but they ignored him, and waved him goodbye while he was still locking the door.

Buddy and Owen then walked to the Macavity residence on the other side of town. It was quite dark by now and they heard all kinds of noises, but they pushed on, and on reaching the Macavity residence knocked on the door.

They were relieved that Mr Macavity himself, opened the door. He invited them in and offered them some hot chocolate which they at first declined, but he insisted, and they were to afraid to argue with him.
Alonzo: You boys are brave to walk around this late in the evening, com in. What brings you here?
Buddy (shivering from cold or fear): We have something that belongs to you sir.
Alonzo: To me? That is odd, what can it be? Oh please tell me it is my diary.
Owen (halfhearted): Yes sir, it is.

Alonzo (glad): This is fantastic news boys, thank you. Where did you find it?
Owen: In the park, sir.
Alonzo (thinking back): You are right I was there yesterday, when I took Skimble out. While she was playing on the swing I made some notes.
Buddy (shyly): But sir we were naughty. We hid it, but only in the Haberdashery. Mrs Thistlethorn would have found it tomorrow when she organised her counter, so we thought it wasn't that bad. But my dad told us that many villagers' lives depended on that diary, and that many will be unhappy and bad things will happen if we don't return it immediately.

Alonzo (stifling a smile): He said that?
Owen: Yes sir, and we never meant to hurt anyone.
Alonzo (serious): Thank you boys for being honest and having the courage to come out in the dark and bring it to me. Now you have to promise that this will not happen again.

The boys gave Alonzo their word and enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate in the kitchen with him. They had a nice talk and learned that Mr Alonzo Macavity was a very nice and understanding man.


  1. Oh those rascals I guess Owen mom will have to send Rose something special for all the trouble lol Loved it and had many giggles. The pictures are great and tell the story very well:)

    1. She will HAVE too, yes!!! Thank you, love it when one can just look at the pictures and still know what is going on.

  2. :D that's definitly one of your best stories. It was so entertaining and amused me very much :). My favourite part was the one with the stolen fruits! Their alibies were just too funny! And Bobby had a very nice appearence, just like I imagined him.

    1. Thank you Kyraja. I giggled a few time myself while doing this!

  3. I loved it!!! Such naughty little boys! :D

  4. Cute story! I love that photo with Lester carrying the bolt of fabric in the haberdashery! Lester's profile is so cute! Naughty boys--this reminds me of my brother when he was a boy! teehee Thanks for some good giggles this morning! xo Jennifer

    1. My pleasure Jennifer and thanks again for reading.

  5. Great story and your have lovely pictures as usual. The old bears are really cute. I saw them sometimes at auction but it's always either too pricy or the figures are too damaged. Love the little rascals! I think I know a few in my life LOL

    1. I was lucky to trade them form a friend who had them to spare. They are adorable!

  6. Oh my, what shenanigans! Poor Rose, good that she will get a break from them for now :)

    1. Rose is once again in happy spirits, as Owen has left!