Thursday, 18 April 2013

Big changes in Sugarbush Valley

The call came early one morning, it was official Hugo was elected as Mayor of Sugarbush Valley!

He was ecstatic, he wanted this job for so long and he has some nice plans for the little quaint village. Hugo realised however that it will involve big changes for his family, including moving to the bigger Mayor's House, Beechwood Hall. And Savannah was so fond of their Cedar Terrace. He surely will miss their first proper house too.

(Thanks to Eric for the photo) 

As always Savannah took the bad news of moving in her stride and pointed out the positives, more space and an even better location. After weeks of packing and moving, the Trunks were ready to leave their beloved Cedar Terrace behind, they said their goodbyes. 

Lucky for them it wasn't a permanent goodbye as their best friends, the Henry-Lloyds was also looking for a bigger house in Sugarbush Valley, and will be moving into Ceder Terrace.

While Pippa and Sarah was packing the Trunks handed over the keys to Ben and Zac.

The Henry-Lloyds had a rough few weeks ahead of them, deciding on wallpaper and curtains and sleeping on the floor. Ben was constantly measuring something or helping Pippa to find the right angle for all the furniture.

Finally they were settled in and could show of their house.

The kitchen and dining area. Pippa will be opening a cake shop soon and is constantly trying out new recipes.

The children s room. Spacious and colourful!

The master suite.

The Henry-Lloyds were elated to finally finish their new home in Sugarbush Valley, and is planning a house warming soon.


  1. Wow you redecorated everything! The new house looks very cozy and less cramped than the previous setting. I like the chair's red lace skirts (don't know if that's the way to call them) and the new curtains too!

    Now I can't wait to see what you will do with the Beechwood Hall !!!

    1. Yes I did. I like the word lace skirts, thx for that!

      Beechwwod hall will not be as spectacular, lol. And it is a slow process!