Thursday, 18 April 2013

That's what friends are for!

Christabel Corntop is feeling depressed. It is her and Hector’s dream to open a Deli in Sugarbush Valley. They found the perfect spot, a run down old bakery that needed some tlc but which they could afford, with a small, but cosy two floor apartment on top of it.
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The realtor, however just called to inform her, that the building will not be available for another three months. Christabel felt like crying they already gave up their house, that they were renting in Yellowood and they must vacate it by the end of the month. Where on earth are they going to live! She decided to go for a walk.

Someone calling her name, brought her back to reality. She stopped and realized that she have walked all the way to Sugarbush Valley, and it was her niece Betty Blackberry calling her. “Christabel, what a nice surprise."

"You look really tired, why are you walking all by yourself in this heat? Come sit down and have a drink” Betty gave her an ice cold glass of lemonade. It was delicious!

"Oh Betty, I got some bad news and Im thinking of ways to tell Hector." She told Betty the whole story. Betty listened attentively and when Christabel finished gave her a hug. “Oh Chrissi, that is really bad, I wish I could help, I suppose you can pitch a tent next to ours”, giggled Betty, as always trying to lighten the mood. “Thanks Betty, but you know we are not the camping type.” Christabel said also with a smile.

“Name me any other people that will be satisfied to live like you, and enjoy it too, Betty?” It was Katrina Whiskers, with a big smile. She overheard the whole conversation.

Christabel and Betty burst out laughing, they could just see their friend camping. She was just to perfectionistic for that.

"Thanks for the laugh, Katrina." Christabel said. "Although my problems aren’t nearly solved I do feel a bit better. Well, I must head home. We must move out of our house this weekend and there is still some pakcing to do. Bye ladies, see you soon."

“Well that is unfortunate, poor Christabel and she was so looking forward to this new life they planned in Sugarbush” Katrina said. “Yes, indeed. I wish I could help them."Betty replied.

Katrina also said her goodbyes and on her way home thought of an excellent idea, she must just first discuss it with Sebastiaan.

That evening after the children was in bed and her house was as perfectly as it could be, Katrina told Sebastiaan about their friends dilemma. He immediately suggested the same solution that Katrina had. They will invite the Corntops to dinner the following evening to discuss their proposition.

(A day later)
"Come in come in. Lets sit here in the living room, Kirsty take Cora and go upstairs, the children are playing in their room." The adults sat down and Sebastiaan fixed them all a drink.

"Well as you know Hector, I overheard Chrissi telling Betty about your dilemma with the store and that the sellers can't move out of the apartment now. That got me thinking and Sebastiaan agrees with me, that you all should come and live with us."

Christabel gave a small yell and Hector's mouth literally fell open “Katrina, have you lost your mind? You are the most perfectionistic person that I know, and now you are suggesting that four extra people should come and live in your house? You will never survive it my dear friend, but thank you so much for the offer." Hector said.

Katrina laughing, "Thanks for the compliment Hector, but I’ve already talked to Betty too, I know that Kirsty has been nagging you to go camping for a while now as her best friend Ingrid camps permanently, Kirsty will be staying with the Blackberry's and share Ingrid's tent with he. Betty loved the idea because Ingrid is quite lonely. So it will only be the two of you and baby Cora. You two can sleep in the kids room and Cora in her cot on the floor. And the children will have to sleep on the floor here in the living room. It will be exciting for them too.

"But three months, do you realize how long three months can be?" Hector was still not sold on the idea. "Yes I do and I considered that too. It will be the school recess soon, we visit my parents every year at this time for a month, so it is only two months and Im sure even I can learn to live with that. So what do you say?" "It will also be easier for you to renovate the deli, while staying in Sugarbush." Sebastiaan added.

"Yes yes yes. And thank you so much Sebastiaan and Katrina this is really lovely of you to open your house like this to us." Christabel and Hector was very excited.

"That's what friends are for. Lets go upstairs, then I show you around." Katrina and Christabel went upstairs.


  1. Once again a very sweet story :) Love how the Sugarbush Valley residents are so helpful and nice to each other ♥