Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Trunks new home

The Trunks new home
Part 1

With the twins on the way Father Hugo thought it high time to get his family a bigger home in Sugarbush Valley. He bought Cedar Terrace 1 in the centre of town and surprised his family with a quick visit one evening after work.

Father Hugo carefully inspected each floor. He is owns a lumber yard and is a skilled carpenter so it is his plan to make all furniture himself.

Ivor was quite excited about the view, and Mother Savannah immediately started measuring and planning the layout of each room.

Nellie was very excited about the size of the room she will be sharing with Ivor and the new baby twins when they arrive 

The Trunks new home
Part 2

 A few weeks later and the Trunk Family was on schedule with the furnishings and decorating of Cedar Terrace. They decided to invite their friends, the Henry-Lloyds over, for a quick introduction.

Mother Savannah was proud to show off her new living room set to Pippa and was even able to serve her a cup of tea. (Hugo is currently still busy making the kitchen furniture, hopefully he will be finished soon) 

Ivor and Nellie was proud of their new room and invited Zac and Sarah upstairs. Zac entertained everyone with a bit of saxophone music. (Father Hugo has finished the nursery furniture and must just deliver it) 

The main bedroom and bathroom was still causing a bit of headache to Hugo and Savannah, so Hugo decided to ask Ben's help 

The Trunks new home
Part 3 (Kitchen and living room)
Hugo finally managed to finish the kitchen furniture. Savannah is rather relieved as she will not have time to do the unpacking when the twins arrive. But what a frustration it was for them to make everything fit. There was no way that all the living room furniture and kitchen furniture would fit on the ground level. So they had to cut their losses and give something up. 

After some head scratching this is what they came up with. They are quite satisfied, not really too cramped, but rather cosy.

The Trunks new home 

Part 4 (Children's room)

Finally Hugo has finished the nursery room furniture and he and Savannah immediately started getting everything ready. A rather playful and colourful room for their wonderful children.

The Trunks new home
Part 5 (Main bedroom and bathroom)

It took a while for the imported bathroom furniture to arrive from Iceland, but finally it made it to Sugarbush Valley and the Trunks could finish the top floor.

Finally the trunks home was fully furnished and ready to enjoy. 

Hugo and Savannah decided to have a party to celebrate the big event, but first things first... the arrival of the twins Nana & Peanut...

(To be continued...)


  1. Love your families! Great idea adding the ages for all of the babies and kids. :-)

  2. It's so amazing seeing the change from an empty house and how much decorations change it from an almost boring house to a beautiful home.

  3. This was my first house project and I loved doing it!