Sunday, 14 April 2013

A dream home

Sebastiaan and Katrina have been living in Sugarbush Valley for more than fourteen years now, but only recently managed to buy their dream home, Meadowcroft Cottage. The previous owners moved to the Big City and was in a hurry to sell, so they got the Cottage for next to nothing.
(this is not my own photo and Im not trying to sell it off as my own)

They managed to occupy the house shortly after the transaction was sealed and immediately started to refurbish it. 

Katrina is a perfectionist, and although she loves beautiful things, she prefers simplicity. This shines through in how her house was furnished and decorated.

Ground Floor: Kitchen and Living room

Top Floor: Bedrooms and Bathroom

Katrina and her family really loves their new home. Katrina especially loves the fact that their are a place for everything and everything is in its place.



  1. I have never seen this type of house before! You made it look very pretty! Did you make your own bedsheets? I started sewing mine for my beds too!

  2. It is called Meadowcroft Cottage. It is one of my favorites. THe sunflower bedding I bought of ebay, the others I made myself, but very easy!

  3. Love it, love it and love it:) The wallpaper, china, bedding's how you have the bathroom in the middle (I might steal that idea), that green trolley I could go on and on:))))

  4. (Blushing) thx! To date this is my favorite decorated home!