Friday, 12 April 2013

The twins join the Trunk family

Savannah was up early, today her two new babies will be joining the family.

She had a few things to do before she and Hugo could leave:
She prepared breakfast

Had a final check in the nursery to see if everything is in its place

Made coffee for Hugo and woke him,

She also woke Ivor and Nellie

When done with all her chores she got ready, while Hugo phoned Pippa who has agreed to babysit the children

When Pippa arrived they said goodbye and off they went

After a very long wait, 

Hugo and Savannah finally returned home, with the two cutest baby twins, Nana and Peanut

Nellie and Ivor was really glad that mom and dad was home safely.

One big happy family


  1. Adorable home design! The lace curtains, the kitchen floor, the rug, the carpet... so many little details. Very nice work!

  2. This is such a cute family