Thursday, 2 May 2013

"A house without a mother, is not a home."

The Chocolate family recently moved to Sugarbush Valley, after living in Italy for almost a lifetime. Father Frasier wants to open a Pizzeria in the small village.

He and his two daughters, Freya and Cremé, arrived a few weeks ago and Frasier was lucky enough to get a small cottage at the edge of town for them to live in for the time being.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Mother Teri had to make a detour to Barcelona, Spain, to take care of some unfinished business, so she couldn't travel with her family to Sugarbush Valley.

For Frasier it was really tough to take care of the household without his wife. He longed for her arrival. Everything just seemed to get too much. The house wasn't properly furnished or decorated, they mostly ate bread because there was no time to do some shopping. He had to open his new shop, but cant find the perfect spot in the village. Somehow he just knew if Teri was there, all will fall into place.

His eldest daughter Freya helped him a lot around the house, but it was little Cremé that gave him a hard time.

Father Frasier: Come Cremé, it is almost bedtime, lets get you ready.
Cremé: NO! Mommy must do it!
Father Frasier: But Honey, mommy is not here... yet!

Father Frasier: Lets undress you.
Cremé: NO! Mommy must do it!
Father Frasier: But Honey, mommy is not here... yet!
Cremé: Then I'll do it myself!

Father Frasier: Lets get you into the baby tub!.
Cremé: NO! Mommy must do it!
Father Frasier: But Honey, daddy told you, mommy is not here... yet!
Cremé: Then I'll do it myself!

Father Frasier: Good girl, that was a nice bath, now into bed.
Cremé: NO! Mommy must do it!
Father Frasier: Listen my angel, mommy is not here!
Cremé: Then I'll do it myself!
Father Frasier: Good night dear!

That night when all was quiet and peaceful, Frasier thought of what Teri's reaction to all this might be. And a sleeper couch as a bed... She is not going to be happy. Luckily he was so tired he quickly dozed off.

The next morning Frasier got up, he put the kettle on for some coffee.

He made the sleeper couch...

And went upstairs to wake the girls, hoping that Cremé will be in a better mood. To his surprise both girls were up and dressed. He knew Freya was trying her best to make things easier for him.

In the mean time, a big yellow bus stopped at the edge of the village of Sugarbush Valley. Teri got off and had a good look around, "This has to be it." she thought to herself.

She thanked the bus driver and waved to her new friends that she met on the bus. "I am finally home!" she wanted to scream.

Back in the house Frasier was trying his best to get a hug from Cremé, she was still ignoring her father. It was then that they heard it ... "Hello, is anybody home!"

Frasier couldn't believe his ears and belted down the stairs as fast as his legs would allow him, and there she was, looking very tired, but as pretty as ever: his lovely wife Teri.

Before he could greet her properly, the girls was there too and over the moon to see their mommy!

Cremé jumped into her mother's arms and whouldn't let go!

Freya offered to quickly make her parents some coffee, before they had to leave for school.

Frasier took Teri upstairs to show her the rest of the small cottage, which will be their home. "I'm sorry dear about the state of the place. There was untill now no time for decorating, and I wasn't even sure if you would want to live here. I know it is very small, but really it was the only house in the whole village that was available." Teri gave him a reassuring smile, "Frasier, relax this is just fine. I will do the decorating while you set up shop. The cottage is perfect, very cosy, and remember where we started off in Italy and how it ended, so baby steps! Im just so happy to be back in my birth country, that I will be satisfied with anything life throws at me."

Soon it was time for the girls to leave for school and for Frasier to continue his search for a shop building. Teri was already very comfortable on the sleeper couch and ready for a very long nap.

"Ok dear, we are off. I'm so glad you are finally home. We missed you terribly and finally my family is complete again. A house without a mother, is not a home. Have a nice nap."

Teri didn't even care to take a bath, she immediately went to bed, or sleeper couch that is. She looked around and smiled, while thinking "This is just perfect, small but perfect. It is nothing compared to our mansion in Italy, but we will get there again one day. That is not important, what is important is to be with my family. To be a mother too my two darling girls and a wife to Frasier." As she fell asleep her last thought was "A house without a mother, is not a home."


  1. I love this story! The baby interaction with her daddy is funny :P

    Is the yellow bus also from the SF collection?

    I can't wait now to see how the Mother will decorate her new home!

  2. Thx Jane! No the bus is my two year old son's, I wanted to bring in some sort of transport and that was al that I could find that was sort of working.

    First I have to finish two other houses before you will see this one!

  3. Cool idea with the bus! I am using non-SF vehicles for my transportation too :P

  4. Lovely! The sleeper couch is just perfect and I know the feeling with the transport... My son's CATs are featured in my next one, mainly because he wrote most of the story for me... :-)