Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Trunks celebration party

To celebrate the completion of Cedar Terrace, the Trunks decided to have a little party. They would invite everyone in town even the new residents.

There was some preparations to be done first:

Savannah made some delicious treats

Hugo saw to it that Ivor took a decent bath

While Nellie watched the twins

Then the guests arrived, first the Henry-Lloyds. Pippa had to help Savannah with some of the cooking

Then the Corntops arrived, Ingrid was glad to see her friend, Kirsty. With no one watching Eaton saw the chance for a little fun on the slide.

With his wife being away on business, Bob was quite hungry and eyeing the food

With all the guests present the party was in full swing

The men talked sports

The women discussed the grand opening of the new Country Market at the end of the month

The older children eyed the food

and the babies enjoyed teasing the mini turtles

"Look, look!" Someone shouted. "It is Betty!

And yes surely it was Betty Blackberry, surprising everyone, as she was only expected back later from her trip

Bob, Ingrid and little Eaton was ecstatic to see her again, and they had a intimate family moment.

Soon the party was underway again, and everyone enjoyed the food.

Meantime on the opposite part of town the new owners of the soon to open Country Market was hard at work. Every family member was busy doing their part.

After a few hours of hard work they decided to take a break, and head to the party at the Trunks home. (They received the invitation that morning when the woke up)

(Back at the party)
The doorbell interrupted the party and Savannah was very surprised, but also delighted to see the Maces (she didn't thought they will accept the invitation)

Introductions were made and the Maces quickly joined in the celebration

Zac and Ivor was especially pleased to have another soccer teammate

Too quickly the party was over and the guests start to head home.
First the Corntops

Also the Whiskers

And the Blackberries and the Henry-Lloyds. Savannah thanked her friend Pippa for all her help with the preparations

Savannah insisted that Spencer, Arvey and the kids stay behind a bit longer and enjoyed some more of the food, as they arrived later and must be exhausted after their move and the unpacking.

The children had some more fun

After a lovely visit the Maces thanked the Trunks for their kindness and their hospitality. "Hope to do this again", Hugo said as he greeted Spencer. "Yes, please Arvey" giggled.


  1. Best Sylvanian story I have read! And so many beautiful pictures! You make it look like a Photo-novel :) I hesitate about buying this house because I thought it would be too small but you sure made good use of the space and made it look very cozy and spacious!

  2. Cedar Terace is a wonderful house and my first ever Sylvanian purchase. I wrote the story a while back but only posted it recently. The Trunks have moved out of CT and the Henry-Lloyds are now living here, so be sure that watch this space for another new story and newly decorated CT

  3. It seems like every time I read this story and look at the pictures I notice something new, and that makes it so great:)