Sunday, 14 April 2013

A busy day at the market

The Blackberry family have been living in Sugarbush Valley for some time now and is very happy here. They love the friendliness of their fellow residents, and no ones thinks they are "weird" for preferring to live in a caravan. The villagers love visiting them in their camp and their annual "Harvest Moon Celebration" is a popular event.

What makes them even more popular is the produce they sell at their Fresh Produce Market and Juice Bar.

Father Bob sells anything from an apple to a zucchini at his market, as long as it is fresh, while Mother Betty sells freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and home made jams.

Today was as busy as any other day. The first customers were the Corntops, Betty's Cousin Christabel and her family often drops by just for a quick hello and a delicious smoothie.

Pippa only uses Betty's delicious jams for her equally delicious muffins. Most of the time Pippa buys all jars on offer.

Next to drop by was Katrina Whiskers, she desperately needed a break from revamping the village florist and enjoyed a refreshing smoothie. She brought Betty a basket of roses.

Hugo brought his daughter, Nellie, with him to buy some fruit for the children's lunch packs.

After living from take-aways for the past couple of weeks, Arvey Maces wanted to treat her family with a home cooked meal and was surprised to find all the right ingredients at Bob's market.

After a long and busy, but very successful day of trading, the Blackberries felt content and celebrated with a fresh drink that Ingrid made.


  1. We don't have such a caravan here for sale. Well we do but it's the more modern one. We actually have so little choice :( It's really cute and I love the horse that comes with it!

  2. It is really a lovely set
    Where are you from? im in South Africa and our range is just as ltd

  3. Love how you get everyone a purpose and personality that shines through:)

    1. I love my Blackberries and there bio, I think it is because they are a bit "different" and unlike me. I would never be able to live in a caravan permanently!