Monday, 15 April 2013

Applewood Cottage

After a month of moving in, cleaning and unpacking the Maces family are finally settled in their new home. They moved to Sugarbush Valley from the Big City and Father Spencer will soon open the Country Market, which he will run and manage.

They were lucky enough to find a building with a small cottage on top of the market that they made their home. Mother Arvey christened it Applewood Cottage.

It soon became evident to Arvey and Spencer that to fit a family of five into such a small house they needed to to make a mind shift about the use of space. After some head scratching and hours of planning this was the result:

Top floor: kitchen and dining area
Ground floor: sleep- and bathroom

Although small the cottage has everything Arvey and her family desires. They are looking forward to spending time in their lovely new home. 

To be continued (watch this space for the GRAND opening of the Country Market soon)


  1. I love your wallpaper and floor. Lovely setting for such a tiny house. The curtains and tablecloth is just darling! ♥

  2. Thanks for visiting an leaving a comment. I just loved that tiny lace too!

  3. Still my favorite part is Arveys kitchen cupboards:) It's great to see this small house used in a new way:)

    1. It took some head scratching to fit all in, but Im happy with the end result. Thx!