Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day at the Periwinkle shoe shop

Meet the Periwinkle Family

they own the shoe shop in Sugarbush Valley

Although small the shop can get quite busy on a typical day.

Today the first client was Mae Mulberry, she was looking for something beautiful to suit her new dress!

Just before lunch, Spencer and Mark Maces came in. Mark needed new sport shoes.

After school Savannah brought little Nellie for a surprise shoe shopping outing. Nellie is getting her first pair of real ballet shoes today.

Katrina Whiskers was looking for a pair of slippers for her dear Mother. They are visiting them for the Easter holidays. The twins caused a bit of chaos.

Just as Kate felt she needed a break Bob and little Eaton came into the shop. Eaton was about to start walking and needed some proper shoes.

Finally they could close the shop doors, but before they could go home they had to restock the shelves and do the accounting for the day

As usual they ended the working day with a kiss and went home.


  1. So cute! What house did you use for your scene?

    1. It is quite difficult to get any buildings in SA, so I used a box, wallpapered it, cut a whole in it for window and there you have my shoe shop!

    2. That's a very resourceful idea! Love the result!

    3. I still have my dessert counter, doughnut shop and ice cream cart to do like that!

  2. Like I said before, real cute story and this family is getting to be one of my favorite:) Love how they end their day:)

    1. Thx Sigrun. They are one of my favorite favorites now too. Full of love that is what my stories are about!