Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bridget Fielding

Bridget Fielding has lived in Sugarbush Valley all her life and seen her beloved village grow over the years.

She is married to Darcy Fielding.

They have three children; Daniel, Helen and Clop. Like every other mother she loves her children equally but they each have something special that she loves about them. Daniel is the intellectual genius and at his young age of 14 he already helps to keep the books of the business in order. In Helen she sees a little of herself. Like her, Helen is quite shy and will most of the time not utter a word, until she has to step up for her family or defend someone who has been done wrong. Clop is the little joker in the family and unlike any of the rest of the family. His favorite game is to hide behind something and scare people when they walk by.

They all live in a small cottage on top of the Hamburger Restaurant. Bridget is very proud of her home, even though it is very small, she finds it cosy and comfortable and it provides in all their needs.

Small kitchen (most of the time they use the restaurant kitchen, but Bridget like to make some magic on that one burner portable stove)

Main bedroom with its fabulous country cottage feeling

Children's room


The Fieldings own the Hamburger Restaurant, where Bridget work as the hostess and waitress. She finds her job both challenging but highly satisfactory. Her favorite time of day is just after the breakfast run when things have quieted down and some of the village ladies come in for a quick coffee or English muffin before doing there morning shopping.

The one thing Bridget loves about the little village is all the small specialty shops; like Pippa's Delicatessen, Perwinkle's shoe shop, Bob's fresh produce market, with Betty's juice bar alongside it and of course the florist which is one of her favorite shops.

She remembers the day that the bakery closed down when old Mr Beagle died and his wife moved away to go and live with her children. Her mother was very sad and ever since no one else was brave enough to try their hand at it again. She is however very excited about the Deli that Hector and Christabel will be opening soon and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the opening of the fishmonger.

The Sylvanian Market, owned by the Maces, is the biggest shop in town, but still small enough to expect individual attention. It specialises in toys, children's clothes, gifts, toiletries and medicine. Bridget's favorite part of the shop is however, Arvey's cosy little tea room.

It is here that Bridget's day will start today. She will meet her friend Kate Periwinkle at the tea room for a quick cup of tea and maybe a slice of cake before she will start her weekly shopping.

Bridget: "Morning Kate, it is really great to meet you here."
Kate: "I know this is my favorite little shop in Sugarbush Valley, except for our shoe shop of course."
Bridget: "Coincidence, ha-ha. As I feel the same way but I like our Hamburger shack a bit more, ha-ha."
Arvey: "Morning ladies, only tea today, or can I entice you with some cake? It is Pippa's delicious strawberry chocolate cake?"
Bridget and Kate: "Ok we'll have the cake."

After an hour it was time to say their goodbyes. Kate went off to the shoe shop to help Alex, and Bridget went into the Market to buy some things.

Bridget bought some toiletries and gifts for the children. The extraordinary thing about Bridget's three children is that they all celebrate their birth dates on the same day; 4th July!"
Spencer: "Will that be all Bridget?"
Bridget: "Yes thank you, maybe some of that vitamins too, thanks.
Spencer: "Good decision. Thanks for the business. Greetings to Darcy. I will bring the family round for some hamburgers soon."
Bridget: "Yes you do that, we have expanded the menu a bit so that there is something for everyone's taste on it.

Next stop for Bridget was the Blackberry fresh produce market and juice bar. She bought some fresh fruit and vegetables at Bob's stall and some jams and juice at Betty's. After a quick chat with Betty it was time for some more shopping.

Laden with packages she strolled through the small village she loves so dearly, looking around and admiring everything. Next stop was Pippa's Delicatessen.

Pippa: "Hello Bridget, wow have you bought everything on offer in the village?"
Bridget: "No not nearly, but I've gone a bit overboard and the best part is that I'm not nearly finished, ha-ha."
Pippa: "Lucky lady, next time I'm taking you with me shopping. But what can I do for you?"
Bridget: "First of all I want to place the order for the kids' birthday cake and then just some dessert for after dinner tonight."
Pippa: "Ok I'm making a note of the cake. And for dessert what about some lemon meringue pies?"
Bridget: "Lovely, thanks. Well, I'm off. Goodbye!"

It was really now becoming difficult to carry everything.

Alex: "Bridget, wait let me help you with that."
Bridget (red faced and very shy): "Oh thanks Alex, ha-ha. I've bought a bit more than I can carry."
Alex: "So doing some more shopping or what brings you to my little shoe shop?"
Bridget: "Well actually yes, I'm looking for a pair of nice shoes for myself. I guess Ill have to wear them home, as I cant carry anything else."
Alex: "Trust a woman to make a plan to do some more shopping! Look at this beautiful pair of shoes, I think it will suit you and your style perfectly."
Bridget: "Ooh I love it and Ill take it!"
Alex: "You are definitely one of my more easier to please customers."
Bridget (turning scarlet red again): "Thanks Alex, see you later. Luckily I only have one more stop."

Bridget's next stop, the Florist, was just around the corner.

Katrina: "Bridget, hello. Come in but you'll have to leave all that parcels outside, my shop is not big enough for it all."
Bridget: "Hi Katrina, your new shop looks amazing. I especially love that curtains and the wallpaper looks fantastic."
Katrina: "Thank you Bridget. It was nerve wrecking but I'm glad I persevered as I love the new look too. Are you looking for anything specific?"
Bridget: "Yes, as we don't have a garden I'm thinking off trying my hand at some window box flowers or just some plants inside. I just need some seeds please."
Katrina: "That is a great idea, try daisy and petunia seeds they love window boxes. And maybe this book about small scale gardening too."

Bridget: "Perfect, thank you. So I'm on my way. I'm just glad our cottage is not too far, maybe I must leave some of the stuff here and fetch it later."
Katrina: "Well that will not be necessary, look who just appeared around the corner, as if he new you will need him."
Daniel: "Hi mom and Mrs Whiskers. Wow mom that sure is a lot of parcels, let me help you, I was just on my way home from school."
Bridget: "You are such a darling boy, thank you Daniel. Goodbye Katrina."
Katrina: "Bye bye."

Arriving home Bridget quickly hid the birthday gifts in her room and started right away with unpacking all the shopping.

After helping his mother, Daniel went upstairs to do his homework. After all was tidy again Bridget decided to make her delicious pumpkin soup for dinner. As she was stirring the soup she thought back on her day and just how happy she is with living in Sugarbush Valley.


  1. I enjoyed reading Bridget's shopping trip story. Great showcase of the village's shops. Your stories are always so charming! In Bridget's house, I noticed a fridge that I have never seen before! Is it a new model? Btw, I admire the decoration you did in her house. The clock on the wall, the restroom tiles, wallpapers, etc. I think you outdid yourself with this house. It's so challenging to create a real living space out of such a small house too!

    1. Thx for the very kind comment. Im quite happy too and I think my best work after meadowcroft cottage (Whiskers home). I struggled to get the top floor the way I wanted it to look but in the end Im so happy. But now I long to do a bigger normal size home again like Cedar Terrace so that it is not so stressful to get everything fitted.

      That fridge is from the EB range (cheaper range) and it is around $5. It is also on the SSK site