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Postman Pete Petite

Pete Petite is still fairly new to Sugarbush Valley, but it feels like he has lived in this quaint village all his life. The residents are extremely friendly and welcomed him with open arms.

Pete originates from the beautiful country of Iceland. He was born, raised and eventually went to college in Mystique Valley. After finishing his diploma in postal services, he began to think about what do with his life, as he soon enough realised that getting a job as a postman or even postal clerk will not be easy, especially as all the posts in Iceland were filled.
Mystique Valley
(Thanks to Sigrun for letting me use the map of her Valley)

One morning while volunteering as an assistant for his college lecturer, Professor Merryweather, a call came through for him. The person on the other end of the line introduced himself as Mayor Hugo Trunk from Sugarbush Valley and without any further explanation or small talk Mayor Hugo Trunk offered him the job as Postman in Sugarbush Valley. Overwhelmed with excitement and relief he accepted immediately. However, that night when he returned home he was having second thoughts about this job, mainly because he couldn't find Sugarbush Valley on any map in any atlas or book he has consulted.

He, however, decided to take the plunge (it came to light that Professor Merryweather and Hugo Trunk were old acquaintances and Professor Merryweather referred Pete to Hugo when he heard that Sugarbush Valley was in desperate need of someone sorting out its postal mess) and a week later he was standing in front of the door of Beechwood Hall, Mayor Hugo Trunk's home.

Although scared he was glad to have arrived, as the trip from Mystique Valley was tiresome and long, but definitely made more pleasant by this great girl he met on the way to Sugarbush Valley. They basically chat the whole way, but eventually fell asleep with their heads next to each other. At her destination they said an awkward goodbye and as the lovely girl disappeared Pete realised he didn't ask her name...

(Thanks to Eric for letting me use his photo of Margaret)

What an eye opening experience his first week, no first day in Sugarbush valley was. First of all the door was opened by the cutest little girl, who turned out to be Nellie Trunk.

Then he was greeted by Hugo and Savannah who instantly invited him in for a hearty breakfast at the family table.

After which he was shown to his room. Well not a room but a sleeping space, which turned out to be a sleeper couch in Mayor Hugo's study.

The first week was spent getting to know all the villagers, where they live, as well as all the shop owners and the location of their shops. Mayor Hugo explained that a lot of the time, parcels and letters are only marked as "For: Spencer" or "For: Delicatessen" so knowing the village and its villagers by heart was very important.

A few months on, and Pete knows the village like the back of his hand. He knows who live where, who owns which business, what each villager do and where they can be found during the day. He knows who his tough customers are and that he must deliver their mail first, like Katrina Whiskers, and he knows who cant be worried about ever receiving any mail like Gordon Chiffon. He knows the short cuts through the village and how to get from point A to point B the quickest.

As he lies here on his sleeper couch watching the sun rising through the window and thinking back on things, he relies just again how lucky he was  (It is just sad that he never got that girl's name.) Pete decided it was time to get up and start his day.

Routine is important to Pete and always were, that is why loves doing the same things every morning. Usually he starts off by getting up, making up the sleeper couch and "restoring" it to a couch, then he freshens himself in the bathroom, gets dressed and tidies the study for Mayor Hugo's work day (as he really cant work in an office that looks like a bedroom).

By the time he goes down for breakfast Savannah has already made coffee and set the table.
Breakfast with the family is usually a quick affair as everyone has to be somewhere but it is always entertaining. He loves the stories that Mayor Hugo has to tell, or the funny jokes Savannah can tell. The children are adorable and really cute.

After breakfast he rides his bicycle to the split in the road just outside of town. Here he has to wait for the mail van from the big city which will be delivering the mail bag of Sugarbush Valley. It also picks up the bag of mail Pete collected the previous day from the villagers. This is the most frustrating part of his job and the only task he doesn't like, as the mail van can take anything from 5 minutes to an hour to arrive. He has tried to convince the driver to just drop the bag in the bushes along the road, but he refuses to do that . So now Pete waits for the van every morning.

After getting the mail bag Pete rushes back to Beechwood Hall to sort the post. As there is not yet a post office building in Sugarbush Valley, the dining room then becomes his office. He quickly sorts the mail into letters and parcels and then put in order of delivery. Katrina's mail is always on top and the Chiffon's at the bottom of the pile. Then he starts his familiar delivery route.

Meadowcroft cottage, the house of the Whiskers family, is obviously the first stop.

Katrina:" Morning Pete, is there something for me? Im expecting some books and seed packages."
Pete: "Good morning to you to Katrina, yes indeed there is a package for you. I just hope it is the one you were waiting for."

Katrina: "Oh good, I think it will be. Thank you for the bright and early delivery Pete, like always! Would you like a quick cup of coffee?"
Pete: "My pleasure Katrina, and I will never dream of not delivering your mail bright and early. Thanks for the coffee invite, but I have to decline. I want to finish my rounds early today as me and Mayor Hugo has an appointment to go and look at a possible post office building this afternoon."

Katrina: "Oh that is indeed good news, Sugarbush Valley is long overdue to have its own post office building.
Pete: "I agree. Any mail today that I must take?"
Katrina: "Yes please only this letter for my mother-in-law."

Pete: "Then Im off, see you tomorrow. Bye!"
Katrina: "Good bye."

Next stop was Cedar Terrace 1 (he noticed that Alonzo's building of Ceder Terrace 2 and 3 was making good progress) , where the Henry-Lloyds live. This is one of his favorite stops on his delivery route. Pippa is extremely friendly and she alwasy invite him in for something sweet.

Pippa: "Morning Pete, how are things this beautiful morning?"
Pete: "Hi Pippa, very good thanks for asking. I have two letters for you this morning.
Pippa: "Wow two, one must be from my sister Dorothy Patches and the other?"

Pete: "Yes a postcard from your sister and the other looks like an invitation. The sender is "The Cake Association".
Pippa: "Oh good, thank you Pete. You look in a hurry today, no coffee then?"

Pete: "Sorry Pippa, but Im in a hurry today, next time?"
Pippa: "Definitely, good bye!"
Pete: "Bye!"

Pete was quite happy with how quick things went and was nearing the town centre. Next on the route was the house of the Fielding Family, Sycamore Cottage.

He first stop bye the restaurant to see how Darcy was doing.
Pete: "Morning Darcy, how are things?"
Darcy: "Hi, good."
Pete just realised again how difficult it was too communicate with the shy Darcy Fielding, but despite of it he liked Darcy very much and his hamburgers are divine.

Pete: "Bridget up in the house, I have some mail for her."
Darcy: "Yes, go up."
Pete: "Thanks, have a good day.
Pete didn't wait for a response as he knew the nod of the head was, according to Darcy, sufficient.

He climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. Although shy too, Bridget is quite friendly and a bit more talkative.
Bridget: "Hi Pete, something for us?
Pete: "Yes indeed a letter, you have something I can take."
Bridget: "Exciting, wonder from who. I have a postcard for my friend in Mystique Valley, Agatha Buckley.
Pete: “No problem I will get it out for you.”
Bridget: “When will you be visiting your family in Mystique Valley again?”
Pete: “Not soon it is such a long trip.”
Bridget: “I know, maybe one day then?”
Pete: “Maybe. I’m off, see you Bridget, thanks for the chat.”
Bridget: “Bye!”

As he went past the kitchen he waved good bye to Darcy and was amazed to see that Darcy actually waved back. He smiled and shook his head.

Next stop was just next door at the Country Market and Applewood Cottage of the Maces.

He liked Spencer and Arvey a lot and they have the cutest little baby boy, JC.
Pete: “Morning Arvey.”
Arvey: “Hi Pete, what do you have for us this morning?”
Pete: “A letter and a parcel.”

Arvey: “That is a wonderful surprise; we were expecting it, but not so soon. Thank you!”
Pete: “My pleasure, have anything that I must take?”
Arvey: “Just one letter thank you. It is from Nichole for her twin friends in Plumcake, Unity and Umika Norland.
Pete: “No Problem, I’m sending it off tomorrow.”
Arvey: “Bye Pete.”
Pete: “Have a nice day, Arvey.”

He was relieved to see that there were not letters for the Buttercups or Blackberries, which meant that he need not go all the way out to the other side of the village to Highfields farm. 

(these are not my own photos and Im not trying to pass it off as my own)

He only goes there when there is mail for them or twice a week to pick up their mail. Daisy and Betty does however post their mail in the red mailbox just outside the Country Market if they do have something important to sent.

So he went down to the mail box and as always it was filled with letters. These villagers really have a lot of friends, but thank goodness for that, as that means I have a job.

After all stops were made he went back to Beechwood Hall. The mail must now all be placed together in the mail bag which he will put on the mail van tomorrow when he collects the incoming mail. As he arrived home he noticed that Hugo is still working in his office and that Savannah and the children were on their way out.

Just as he finished with the mail Hugo came down and out they went to look at the available buildings for a post office. They were quite taken aback by the state of some of the buildings and Hugo realized that much more work is to be done, before a dedicated Post Office can be opened in Sugarbush Valley.They head back to Beechwood Hall, feeling quite depressed and while walking trying to think of a plan to make it happen. At home just as they were about to sit down, Savannah interrupted the conversation big eyed and with a sneaky smile. 

Pete: “I have some bad news, Pete, you made your first error at work today.”
Pete: “What! No! Really? How?”
Savannah: “You wrongly delivered a letter today.”
Pete: “That is impossible, or I guess not impossible but how did it happen?”
Savannah (laughing): “On our way to the shop I met Katrina on the way here. She explained that a letter was sticking to her parcel, but as she was about to open it, she noticed that it was addressed to ‘Pete, Sugarbush Valley’.” As you were the only Pete she was aware of living in Sugarbush Valley, she decided that it must be for you. I put it on your bed.
Pete: “That is very strange. My family knows the correct address and I got a letter from them yesterday. I wonder from whom it can be, maybe Professor Merryweather. Please excuse me.”
Hugo: “You are excused and please come and share with us the news of the mystery letter.”

Pete went upstairs and saw the letter on the sleeper couch. He didn’t recognize the hand writing and quickly tare it open. He gasped in astonishment when he saw from whom it came. It was from HER and her name was Margaret.

Dear Pete

Just a short letter to wish you good luck in your new job as Post man of Sugarbush Valley. I liked our chat and you made the trip shorter.

Hope to see you again one day.

You can write to me at:

Margaret Sainsbury
51 Diamond street
Blueberry Hill


Pete had no words and had to swallow hard at the lump in his throat it was then that he realized Blueberry Hill is the neighbouring village, a mere 10 kilometers away. He couldn't believe his luck.

That night he read the letter a thousand times over and eventually fell asleep with it in his hand.


  1. Super cute story!!! You make me believe in your characters and feel for them! I can't wait to read the sequel! :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!! So cute, so fun!
    You have a wonderful village! :)

    P.S.: Unity and Umika Norland told me that they were happy to read about their best friend Nichole ;)