Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mayor Hugo's Inauguration - Part 2

... Continue from Part 1 ...

Finally the moment has arrived for the start of the biggest event in Hugo’s life. He was quite nervous, but when he thought of his beautiful family and wonderful friends the nervousness subsided a bit. Knowing that the guests will start to arrive soon he took his place at the front door.

First to arrive was Pippa’s husband Ben, and the Chiffons, Gordon and Delia.
Hugo: 'Welcome, welcome. Please come in."
Ben: "Best of luck mate."
Gordon: "Congratulations, Hugo."

Ben and Gordon went outside to talk about the weather and Ben’s Fishmonger, that will hopefully open soon.

Next to arrive was Alex and Kate.
Hugo: "Welcome you two. Sorry that the kids couldn’t come, but unfortunately this is a grown-up affair."
Kate: "We understand fully, this is not an event for kids. Luckily they are old enough to stay alone at home for a short while."
Alex: "Good luck with the speech Hugo, you will be a great mayor."

Kate went into the living room to join  the other women.
Savannah:" Hi Kate, welcome, have a seat. We are just discussing the success of Pippa’s Delicatessen."
Kate: "Hello everyone. Yes Pippa, your shop’s success is a hot topic in this little village, but I never thought that it wouldn’t be."

The guests started streaming in. The Whisker, Corntop and Blackberry families arrived together.
Hugo: "Hello everyone, welcome."
Sebastiaan: "Thanks for the invitation, Hugo."
Katrina: "Yes indeed, and a break from being a mother and cook for one evening."
Betty: "I agree to that."
Everyone had a good laugh

Savannah: "Katrina, Christabel welcome. Did you manage to get a babysitter?"
Katrina:" Luckily my parents are in town for a quick visit so they are looking after them. I just told Hugo I'm glad for the break, though!"

Obviously Bob went straight for the food table and was impressed with all the dishes.

The Mulberries and Maces arrived next, followed by the Buttercups and the new residents, the Chocolates.

The guests enjoyed themselves immensely and to catch up with all their friends in a formal environment didn't bother anyone.

Savannah also made use of the opportunity to introduce the Chocolates, after all that is part of her new job.

The only person missing from the special event is the guest of honour, Mr Norman Fielding, the Mayor of The Big City, who will do the formal inauguration. Luckily he was close by.

Hugo: "Aah Mr Fielding, welcome. We have been waiting just for your. Come in."

Everyone was settled and finally the proceedings could begin.

Hugo: "Good evening all, thank you for joining us on this special occasion. And a special welcome to Mr Norman Fielding, the mayor of The Big City."
Mr Fielding: "Thank you, Hugo. It is my pleasure to be part of this special occasion and do the special hand over of the mayor’s chain to you Hugo."

"Sugarbush Valley villagers you have gotten yourself a real gem of a person as a mayor. You are in safe hands and be sure that Hugo has your best interest at heart. Hugo the floor is yours."

Hugo: "Thank you Mr Fielding."

"Ladies and gentleman, my dear wife Savannah, children and our special guest Mr Fielding, thank you all for being here. I grew up in Sugarbush and the Valley has always been close to my heart. I grew up here, know every corner of the Village like the palm of my hand and I treasure every part of it. Please know that I will do my best to build this village up even more and with your help I have no doubt that it will soon be one of the sought after villages to live in."

"My objective is to keep it the quaint quiet village that it currently is, but to add all necessary services and resources with time, so that it can compete with the like of Blueberry Hill. My aim for all of you is a quiet slow life with all possible amenities to make it comfortable. I don’t want you to leave the village because you cant find something here. Ladies think dresses and accessories, gentleman think leisure activities and security."

Hornbull: "Hear, hear that sounds like the kind of place where I want to live."

Mr Fielding: "So without further ado, I know declare you officially the mayor of Sugarbush Valley. Here is your mayor’s chain."

Ina blink of an eye Savannah was with her husband to congratulate him. Also the children appeared out of nowhere to shower their daddy with hugs and kisses.

Then it was the guests turn to have a word of congratulations with Hugo. All was very excited and really liked Hugo’s vision for their little village.

After all the formalities it was time for the celebration. The guests enjoyed the food and the chance to have a quick chat with their friends.

Frasier Chocolate was the center of attention, and had to relay all his world travelling experiences to the men.

Spencer Maces appreciated the chance to catch up with is old friend from the Big City, Norman Fielding.

Too soon it was time to go home and the guests started leaving. All lining up to wish Hugo and Savannah the best of luck in their new job.


After everyone was gone, Savannah went to look for her children.
Savannah: "Nellie and Ivor where is the twins."
Nellie: "They are already asleep. They just couldn't stay awake any longer, so me and Ivor sang them a lullaby and it worked like a charm."
Savannah: "Oh that is wonderful, thank you  and thank you children for being so well-mannered tonight. And now it is time for you to go to bed as well."

Finally there was peace and quiet and Hugo and Savannah could look back on a very successful evening.
Savannah: "Again, congratulations Hugo, you will be a very good mayor."
Hugo: "Thank you honey, and thanks for all your help on this important day."

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