Sunday, 23 June 2013

Moving on and moving in...

The day has finally arrived that Hector and Christabel have been waiting for. The building where they want to open the Deli will be available for occupation form this morning. Unfortunately the little apartment on top needs some major restoration before they can move in but at least they can finally start their new life in Sugarbush Valley.

The Corntops, together with Sebastiaan left Meadowcroft Cottage early to go and inspect the old bakery building. For the umpteenth time Christabel felt extremely guilty for leaving Katrina with a chaotic house and a mountain of dirty dishes, but when she offered to first clean the house, Katrina insisted on doing it herself. 

The old bakery was in an acceptable condition. Except for the obvious cleaning and painting, nothing was broken and the water supply and electricity was working.

It was then that the idea strike Christabel
Christabel: “Hector, I have an idea...”
Hector: “Ok here it comes... are you not happy with this?”
Christabel: “No not at all it is perfect! I was more thinking in the line of making the shop our temporary home.  Katrina and Sebastiaan have done more than there part for us now and we can comfortably live in here for a month or two until the apartment is renovated completely.”
Hector: “I actually love the idea, Honey. But what about the Deli?”
Christabel: “ Think about i,t it will take us at least a month or two to get all the stock and furniture before we can open. In the meantime we live here, making the villagers use to the idea of the Deli and its location, and to keep bread on the table we can start of small by selling fresh sandwiches and coldrinks from the front deck. What do you think?”
Hector: “ Truly great idea! We can easily fit a sleeper sofa in here and Cora’s cot. Kirsty can sleep in her sleeping bag and on this side there is enough space for a small kitchen. Let’s do this!?
Sebastiaan: “Guys, I'm really glad for you, but please don't feel pressured to move out.”
Christabel: “Thanks Sebastiaan, but I value our friendship to much and I think we are nearing the point of overstaying our welcome. We are doing this!

After they were happy with what they've seen they returned to Meadowcroft Cottage to inform Katrina of the wonderful news. Christabel noticed that for the smallest of moments a look of relief crossed Katrina's face, but it was over so quickly that she instantly doubt if she even saw it.

After gathering most of their stuff they went back to the old bakery and first agreed that from now on it will be reffered to as the Deli. They had a final look around, agreed on what to put where and started to move the furniture inside. Luckily Sebasatiaan was there to help them. 

It was decided that Christabel will move the smaller items and the men the big furniture. Kirsty showed up in time to look after her little sister Cora.

Hector: "Lets get Cora's cot inside first, it is so big and heavy. I really hope that the comfort of her own bed will assure us of an uninterrupted night's sleep."
Sebastiaan: "I hope so too for your sakes, but we are also struggling with the twins, and if one wakes, the other is instantly wide awake too."

Next was the sleeper sofa.
Hector: "Wow, it is a tight fit, but it is in. Will this do, Honey?"
Christabel: "Perfect, yes! Thank you."

Soon all the furniture was in it's places and they could begin organising everything inside.
Kirsty: "Daddy, where will I put my sleeping bag?"
Hector: "Here is the perfect spot for it"
Christabel: "Has anyone seen Cora's 'blankie', she looks very tired? Oh, dont worry, found it!"

Cora was so content being in her own cot that she fell asleep as soon as Christabel covered her with her 'blankie'.
The adults and Kirsty continue to pack everything away and in no time, the Deli was converted into a cosy and comfortable living space. Christabel was smiling from ear to ear.

 Soon it was time for Sebastiaan to leave.
Hector: "Thanks my friend for all your help, we wouldn't have been able to do it without out. Also thank Katrina for her generosity and hospitality these past three months.
Christabel: "Yes, please tell her and I'll come by in the morning to pick up the rest of our stuff and also thank her in person.
Sebastiaan: "No problem guys. Enjoy the night and don't hesitate to come over if you need any help. Good bye!"
Corntops: "Good night!"

On his way home Sebastiaan couldn't help but think about Katrina. He was wondering what will be waiting for him when he gets home.

Back at the Deli the Corntops was delighted to be alone and in their own apartment with their own stuff.
Kirsty: "Oh mommy and daddy it is wonderful to be with you again. I loved staying with Ingrid, but their is no place like home even if it is an old bakery.
Christabel: "I cant agree more sweetheart. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm very tired so I'm going to bed.
Hector: "A good night's rest is all that we need now."

Soon all four member of the Corntop family was fast asleep, having different dreams of their beautiful new life.

In the meantime at Meadowcroft Cottage, Sebastiaan couldn't believe his eyes when he stepped through the door. Order has been restored to his home. Everything was in its place again and he could smell freshly baked bread and something hearty was boiling on the stove.

Sebastiaan: "Katrina, what is all this?"
Katrina: "What do you mean what is all this? This is our home, neat and tidy as it should be.
Sebastiaan burst out laughing: "This must have been very hard for you, having guests for three months?"
Katrina: "It was harder than I thought it would be, but I'm a better person for doing it. I learned alot, especially that a neat and tidy home is not all that matters, that helping friends in need and being surrounded by loved ones, are what life is all about.
Sebastiaan: "Well, it is nice to be all by ourselves again. Where are the kids?"

Katrina: "Believe it or not the twins are already asleep, ...

...Branson is actually doing some homework...

... and Amelia is taking that bath in peace and quiet at her own leisure that she has been moaning about for the past three months."

Sebastiaan: " So while we wait for Amelia to finish her bath and Branson to finish his homework, why don't we enjoy a glass of wine?"
Katrina: "Oh yes please!"


  1. It's so cute to see them carry furniture for the move *_* Very cute story! Crazy how the empty house was made so inviting by adding your own personal touch!

  2. The flower vase and flowers in the last picture... is that a SF item? Or you made it yourself?

  3. A craft shop in my town sells it. That is where I get most of my flowers!

  4. Lucky you! Those type of items are usually so expensive!

    1. dirt cheap here ... like less than half a dollar.

  5. I LOVE this story! And love Your pictures as always, the homes You've made for the families are so cozy and beautiful! I can't wait the Corntop's apartment restoration!

    1. Thx KD. I must just get the cottage first, but maybe sooner than later, I hope.