Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Hamburger Shack

Currently the only Restaurant, "The Hamburger Shack",  in Sugarbush Valley is owned by the Fieldings. It specialises in deliciously homemade hamburgers served with the freshest condiments and the tastiest french fries.

By nature Father Darcy and Mother Bridget is very shy and doesn't like a lot of attention or to speak much. Darcy is therefore perfect as the chef and cook of the restaurant as he can just always pretend to be extremely busy preparing the food. As hostess and waitress of the restaurant Mother Bridget's job is a bit more challenging for her personality. But she actually revels in her job and gets an instant boost of confidence when she opens the shop in the morning.

The restaurant itself is very plain and simple without any decorations. The Fieldings want to let the food do the talking and don't deem it necessary to add anything that will distract customers from the delicious hamburgers.

Their busiest time of the day is just after school, most of the school kids come in for a quick bite before their extra mural activities. Daniel sometimes steps in as waiter to help his mother, but Helen prefers to keep little Clop occupied.


  1. It's nice to see the restaurant up close like that. The inside looked small from the promo pictures but it looks bigger in your photos.

    I like the soda machine a lot! The grill is a nice addition but it's the soda machine I really like :D

    The drive-through window is a good addition to the restaurant. If makes it more a hamburger joint in my opinion.

    1. This definitely a "joint" not a fancy place. Im thinking of adding small decorations but nothing too bold.

      the layout of this HR is acutally different from the flair one I think. The drive through window is on the opposite side and the big window is where the drive through window is, makes much more sense to me