Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Babies, babies, babies

Pippa Henry-Lloyd is feeling quite excited. She organised a party for her two best friends, Savannah Trunk and Delia Chiffon, who are both expecting babies soon.

At first it came as a shock to Savannah when she found out that she is expecting once again. It is not that she didn’t want the baby, on the contrary, but she was worried if she will have enough time for a fifth child, as Ivor, Nellie, Peanut and Nana already occupied all of her time. Hugo put her mind to rest immediately and told her that she is a great mother and somehow she will find time for them all.
It was however a known fact that Delia desired another baby and her reaction was the opposite of Savannah’s. Within minutes the whole village knew that she is expecting another baby and she was congratulated wherever she went.

This was therefore enough reason for Pippa to throw a party, to cheer up Savannah and celebrate with Delia. The Fieldings was kind enough to offer their hamburger restaurant as venue for the occasion and Darcy worked out a wonderful menu and even made some alternative snacks to the usual hamburgers.

Pippa decorated the restaurant and even mixed a punch for the non-pregnant ladies. She just loved entertaining.

All the ladies of the village were invited to the party. Hildie Hawton was especially excited as for once she will enjoy food made by someone else. For newcomers Dorothy Patches and Teri Chocolate it was a chance to meet and make new friends. Only Beth, as always, looked unhappy to be there.

 Arvey Maces was her usual outgoing self and cornered Heidi Mcburrows, to find out all the ins and out of the Mcburrows family. Isabel Fisher was also enjoying herself very much and although they have been living in the village for a while, it was amazing to see how everyone just came together to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

 Finally everyone had settled down and Pippa took the opportunity to welcome her guests.
Pippa: Welcome friends, I’m so glad you all made it and that you were able to come and celebrate with Savannah and Delia. I think we will first open some gifts, and then have something to eat and drink.
Delia: Oh Pippa, thank you so much for organising this for me and Savannah, and it was thoughtful of all of you to come.
Pippa: It is my biggest pleasure, dear Delia. So lets begin, I’m so curious about all those gifts.

Daisy: Uhm, sorry to interrupt but do you mind if I say something ...
Pippa: Sure go ahead, Daisy!
Daisy (obviously embarrassed): Some of you might think that I’m a bit selfish for announcing it now and that I am trying to steal Delia and Savannah’s thunder, but I just thought with all of my friends present it is the ideal time to tell all of you...
Savannah: Oh Daisy, now we are so intrigued , please tell us immediately.
Daisy: Oh well uhm... I found out this morning that I’m also expecting...!

The reaction to this news was fantastic, everyone jumped up in unison to congratulate Daisy too.

 Just as everyone was settled once again and Delia was ready to open the first present Hatty Huckleberry stood up.
Hatty: Well, sorry everyone, but as we are in the spirit of sharing things, I would just like to tell you all that I am also expecting. There is no need for anyone to get up and congratulate me, we can do that at a later stage.
And as everyone is a bit cautious of Hatty they obliged and didn’t make a big scene.

 Delia immediately started to open the presents before she was interrupted again. She and Savannah were truly spoiled and thanked their friends for all the wonderful gifts.

As expectant moms can get very hungry after just a little bit of exertion Delia and Savannah immediately helped themselves to some of the delicious food Darcy has prepared for them.

Isabel was the last quest to get up and help herself to the food. Bridget saw this as and ideal opportunity to strike up a chat with her as they haven’t really had time to talk since the Fishers moved to town.
Bridget: Well Isabel, thank you for a lovely chat and once again welcome to our village, even though you have settled in nicely.
Isabel: No thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself, be sure that we will bring Linus and Lauren here soon.
Bridget: That will be wonderful, Helen have told me so much about Linus and Lauren it does feel like I know them already. Help yourself to the wonderful food and be sure to try some of Pippa’s punch.
Isabel: That is so kind thank you, but unfortunately I can’t drink anything mixed with alcohol as I am … oops …
Bridget(giggling): … what… don’t tell me pregnant too?
Isabel (turning scarlet red): Yes I am, and as I’m new to village and as there were already so many announcements today I just didn’t feel like telling everyone too.
Bridget: Oh nonsense, this is delightful news! Mind if I inform them?
Isabel: If you have too…

Bridget (trying to raise her voice to more than the squeaky sounds she usually talk in): Excuse me everyone, sorry to interrupt your conversations, but it seems that someone else here is expecting too, and I took it upon myself to break the news as she was just too shy!
Betty: Really, this is turning out to be a very joyous day, but tell us!
Bridget: It is on of our newest friends Isabel Fisher.
All round cheers and congratulations could be heard, except from one particular guest.

Beth: Oh really, you got to be kidding me, this is ridiculous. Not only is our quiet and peaceful village overrun by strangers, but soon it will be babies too.
Christabel: Oh Beth, don’t be such a sour old prune, you have children yourself and it is not as if they are that terrible, or are they. Just try to be happy like the rest of us.
Beth: No one will talk to me like that, please excuse me.
Luckily everyone was used to Beth’s outbursts and didn’t give much attention to it or her.

Kate: So I guess now it is my turn then to also tell you that Im expecting a little baby girl. I’ve known it for a while and am due soon, I guess I am as far along as Savannah.
And what felt like the 100th time that day all the ladies got up very excited and congratulate their friend on this wonderful news.
Arvey: Oh Kate that is wonderful news, you are a real devil keeping this from us.
Savannah: Maybe we will have our babies on the same day and they will be best friends forever.
Hildie: Careful now, soon the whole village will want new babies, even I am getting broody.
All laughed at this comment and continue to congratulate Kate and tried to speak to her.

In an opposite corner of the party Katrina Whiskers pulled her friend Mae Mulberry aside.
Katrina (very concerned): Mae are you alright. I know how badly you want another baby and that you have been trying for a while now to conceive.
Mae (giggling in her hand): No need to be concerned my dear Katrina, I am fine.
Katrina: What do you mean, doesn’t this affect you at all?

Mae (still giggling): Maybe it would have two weeks ago, but then I found out that I am expecting too, but it is not as if I am going to tell everyone now. I will wait after everything has calmed down before I drop my bomb.
The two friends burst out laughing and enjoyed a special moment together.


  1. Loved the deco and party arrangements. Great story and all have their own personality that shines through the story, great work:)

    1. Thx Sigrun. I just love my moms, even poor old Beth!
      I got the decorations mainly from this set:

  2. I love your stories! It must have taken you so long to arrange everything for the photoshoots! Beth's personality reminds me of somebody I know LOL I expect to see future stories of adorable babies and maybe a nursery ^_^ (I wished I could get my hands on the Japanese nursery btw!)

    1. Yes the setup usually take the longest, and it was quite exhausting to keep the hats on their heads, lol! That is exactly my idea that all my characters must remind one of someone they know!
      Im planning on a mommies to be story soon, Sigrun gave me that idea and then obviously stories on the arrival of the babies.
      That nursery is my favorite one too!