Sunday, 6 October 2013

Expectant mom's club

It has been some time since Savannah and Delia's Baby Shower party and what an eventful few weeks.

Mae Mulberry finally got the courage to tell her friends that she is expecting another baby too, "a little miracle" as she likes to refer to it.

Emily Trunk and Hannah Periwinkle made their appearance much earlier than expected. Both Savannah and Kate are on cloud nine and agree that the more children one have the easier it gets, they basically raise themselves.

Emily Trunk was first to arrive and what a very uneventful arrival it was! The one moment Savannah was baking a key lime pie and the next she had little Emily, all the events in between are a blur. Emily's family are clearly totally in love with her. Little Peanut can't stop kissing his little sister and Nana constantly offers her dummy and bottle to baby Emily. One keeps forgetting they are only one year old now and are effectively also still babies.

A few days later it was the turn of the Periwinkle family to get a new baby. Baby Hannah's arrival was much more momentous. As it has been a while since Kate Periwinkle had a baby she remembers all the details. From the moment she realised "it-is-time", until she held little Hannah in her arms. Like the Trunks the Periwinkles are ecstatic about the new addition to the family, but Kate fears that Alex rather than her might suffer from post-partem-blues.

Also, after the baby shower, the seven pregnant mothers decided to have a weekly get together to offer one another some support and advice. For all it was the highlight of their week. This week the "Expectant-moms-club" was meeting at The Commune and Isabel Fisher was the hostess.

Everyone arrived on time, and although not expectant anymore, Savannah and Kate also attended. They wanted to continue to offer their support, but also to show off their new babies. Emily was wide awake and enjoyed all the attention, she just had her nap before they left Beechwood Hall. Hannah, however. was fast asleep on the floor, oblivious too all the noise around her. Peanut was trying his best to wake up his new little friend, but with no success.

While Isabel put on the kettle, the friends started talking.
Delia: So Mae, how are you feeling, I know you are a bit older than me and I'm really concerned if you are doing alright.
Mae: Well Delia, I must say it is harder than I remember, but I have been wishing and hoping for this little baby for so long, that nothing will be unbearable.
Daisy: That is the spirit!

Hatty: Isabel, and what about you? You are also expecting twins?
Isabel: I'm on cloud nine, I've wanted twins since I was a little girl, both previous times with Linus and Lauren I had hoped for twins too.
Hatty: Really! I'm a bit scared! It was hard enough for me with single babies, that I don't know if I will be able to cope.

Isabel: Savannah, maybe you can enlighten us all, you've been in all possible scenarios, so you are obviously the expert.
Savannah (giggling): Actually I'm not. Remember my first two, Nellie and Ivor, are twins too, so Emily is my first single baby, so everything is easier for me now. I think Daisy is the real expert.

Hatty: Oh yes, sorry I totally forgot. 
Savannah: At the moment, Nana and Peanut, are still harder work than Emily. She sleeps most of times, and almost immediately falls asleep when shes had her milk, even at the night. These two doesn't really understand that they are actually not the babies anymore, though they still are babies. 
Kate: I must say I'm quite lucky, as Rebecca helps me alot. She is old enough to understand instructions and the importance of it. I guess what helps me the most is that she is able to make a quick sandwich or cup of coffee for her dad or brother if I can't.
Savannah: You are very lucky! So Hatty, you also have nothing to fear, Esmé will be very helpful too. At this stage Nellie helps alot too, but with small things, but at least I have some help.

Hatty: I know she will, she is such a wonderful daughter to have, and I can't believe how excited she is about her new siblings. How about you Daisy? How are you doing?  Any news yet on what you are expecting?
Daisy: Unfortunately not yet. We also know that it is twins, so I guess that means alot of twins for Sugarbush Valley, there must be something in the water.
Hatty: That will surely upset Beth.

All the ladies burst out laughing and finally Hannah opened her eyes.

Delia: Yes, I'm also having twins. Ooh I'm so excited, I'm actually wishing for time to pass quicker, which I know I will regret when my babies have arrived, but I just can't help it!
Daisy: There I must disagree with you, I am not wishing for time to pass quicker, quite the opposite. Cheddar is still a real handful, and starts crying every time I tell him that he will soon get a baby sister and brother.
Delia: Oh poor Cheddar, he will come around though.

Everyone helped themselves to some tea and orange tart and was entertained by Nana and Peanut who was playing hide and seek. 

The ladies spent another hour or so just chatting about babies and mommy things. Everyone was admiring Emily and Hannah, and commented on how big they were for newborns. 

Soon it was time to leave and continue with the normal duties of being a mother. Every mommy-to-be, however felt ready for they day ahead after the encouraging words from their friends.


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    1. Thx Sigrun, Mae is very excited about her baby and cant wait for little Pumpkin to arrive

  2. Oh, what a lovely story :) such a cute idea! :)

  3. I love this SF mommy support club :) Where did you get the orange tart? I don't remember seeing it before!

    1. Thanks Jane, I got the idea from Sigrun. The tart a friend on the SF forum made for me as part of a trade deal, I just love it!