Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Early Christmas (again)

So late yesterday I received another parcel as part of a trade from my dear friend Sigrun. I love receiving her parcels as she always ad a little something special for me to use for decorating my buildings and houses.

My parcel

Opened it

So what is inside

Raccoon Baby Girls: Pumpkin Mulberry (no words needed)

Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labradors (one of my top 10 favorite families)

Slydale Fox Family (they are more adorable than I thought - and to me they dont look "sly" at all)

Renard Fox Picnic set (I never understood they hype around this family, but they are extremely cute, especially Baden)

Farmyard accessories set - now Hornbull might soon feature in a story

Sigrun also send some figures for my little boy, I know he will be extremely excited about the cow and sheep (mommy might keep the clothes though). I was surprised by how small Mortimer is.

As well as a Basil the chef, Chantilly baby and father figure. The father will be redressed into a dress so that my Chantilly family can be complete (until I can get the new arrival set)

Some accessories.

And then of course lastly these wonderfully fantastic lace trimmings that I use as table runners in my houses

Thank you Sigrun for my wonderful parcel.

Obviously I had to reunite the families for a quick family pic. I will take official photos for my Families Page over the weekend, so these are just temporary ones.

Triplets Dylan, Gerard and Thomas (I decided three boys are more fun than two girls and a boy) were finally joined by the rest of their family

Also Lindy Slydale will not be my only Honeyfox in the village anymore

Then also the Chantillys

Keep posted for interesting bios of these families soon and more new stories.


  1. Your welcome, just happy that you liked everything:) Mirriam looks good in her new dress, so happy you decided to use her

  2. So many cute additions! I have not seen the chocolate Labrador before! I love to see the standing babies because it's not something we have available here! I would have to buy from oversea to get them!

    1. I actually got that choc lab standing babies from Deafcandy on the forum. They are exclusive to the Calico Critters range, so you should be able to get them in the US. Unfortunately though they haven't released the family of 4 there yet!

  3. Hello m'dear!
    Nice loot! I've gone a bit mad this month (after a 3 month abstinence I think that's acceptable!) so I'm getting super excited for post arrivals!! Thought I would let you know I have the Renard Fox Father if you didn't have it and wanted it? I'm not sure of this family so he has laid all on his own in his bag. If you wanted it I will send it off for you :)

    1. Thanks Nicky. I love receiving parcels too! Especially ones like these! Thx for the offer. Sending you a pm!