Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A new parcel

As all of you, I love to get a parcel through the mail! There is just something about opening it even when you know what is inside.

Yesterday I was spoiled again with another huge parcel from my dear friend Caroline in Ireland!

So I opened it

It was securely wrapped and packed

Inside was the following

This  how I got them (excellent condition)

I redressed them a bit

Chestnut Raccoons: I like them very much they look so shy and another variation in my village as I dont want all the families to have a brother and sister and then one baby or twins

This is how I got them

Then I redressed them a bit

I also got the Huckleberry twins, I must just get my patience together to tie that bows

Then Carrie was kind enough to send a whole loot of random figures for my boy

I immediately picked out the Corntops as the adult and child that I have was in much worse condition so I swapped them.

Then I also split it in two
He may play with these (all is in excellent condition, especially the cat top left and the mouse middle left - unsure if they are Forest Families or Maple Town)

And these ones I will keep as back-ups or try to trade as they are in excellent condition. They are
Dappledawn child
Thislethorn child
Beaver child x 2
Beaver baby
Bear baby (solid mould Honeybear/Huntington)

Then I also got some cots and an empty building

And lastly and most surprisingly, a very beautiful necklace just for me

Thank you Carrie for a lovely surprise!


  1. What a fantastic loot! I love that little squirrel family! How did you get so many clothes? It's not possible to buy clothes here unless I buy from Japan! The empty building is a versatile option! You can make pretty much any shop you want with that!

    1. No the clothes I had, but if you look carefully you will see that I just swopped the mother's dresses. I had a spare corntop father from who Durwood got his outfit, and the baby clothes comes from the red nursery set
      Also do you know this seller
      Havent bought from her myself, but I have only heard very good things about her! Sigrun has alot of her clothes!

    2. Thanks for the link! I can't sew (well I try but it's hopeless LOL)

    3. I have 5 thumbs on each hand when it comes to sewing, so I have to rely on joblots or double figures too to get that extra cloting.

  2. Looks like you had mini Christmas:) Lovely items you lucky girl:)