Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Commune

Today Hugo feels very relaxed. He is having a meeting with the Hazelnut, Fisher and Chocolate families. He and Sydney have some good news.

Hugo: Thank you all for coming. As you might or might not know phase 1 of The Commune is finished. A while back I informed you that Sydney and Mona came up with the idea of building a block of rooms, which will give temporary housing to the new residents in Sugarbush Valley.
Sydney: The commune will have a common kitchen and bathroom, which will be shared amongst the families living there. Each family will then have a private room. The aim was to house at least four families at a time.
Frasier: That sounds fantastic to me.

Sydney: It is our aim not to keep a family in The Commune for longer than 6 months, in other words how long it takes to build a house or provide permanent residency.
Hugo: Frasier you and your family, Schroeder you and your family and then Sydney, Mona and their family where selected to be the first occupants.
Schroeder: It was a real relief when I got that letter, that we will finally have some more permanent housing.
Isabel: Indeed, thank you Hugo. And it happened so quickly after you employed Sydney.
Sydney: Please take note that the bathroom, our room and the "spare" room isn't finished yet. That is part of phase 2, but we did make alternative arrangements.

Hugo: Lets go and have a look at your new home, all!
Teri: Great idea, I'm so excited.

All filed out of Beechwood Hall and as it was a short walk to The Commune they walked together.

Hugo: So here we are. Ready to be surprised?
Isabel: Yes please!
Hugo: Mona, you do the honors!
Mona: Oh thanks, the kitchen is my favorite room!

Frasier: Wow! I'm astonished! It has everything, not for preparing food only, but comfortable enough to have a party too!
Mona: That was the whole idea, we will be living very closely together and I thought it will be good to have a place to relax and come together too, as one big happy family!
Isabel: I love the stove, wood burning stoves have always been my favorite!

Sydney: Lets have a look at the next room.Teri, this is where you and your family will stay!
Teri: This is beautiful and even a cot for little Cremé, she will love this.
Mona: My favorite is Freya's bed.

Hugo: Lets move on to the next room. Schroeder, how does this look?
Schroeder: So homely, I love the table and the sofa chair!
Isabel: It looks exactly how I would have decorated it. That steel bed is gorgeous!

Sydney: Well, I really hope everyone is happy?
Isabel: You will never know just exactly how happy. After three months of camping this will be heaven!
Teri: Indeed, my Mother and Father-in-law, were so good for us, but their cottage in Eaglewood just got to small for all of us!
Hugo: I'm really reliefed that everyone is happy, for the first time it feels as if I was successful at being Mayor! But it was only made possible with Sydney and Mona's help!

Everyone assured Hugo that he is doing a fine job. They hastily greeted each other and went their separate ways. There was some urgent packing that must be done.

That evening everyone was settled in nicely in their new home. After a hearty meal prepared by Teri and Frasier, everyone said their good nights. They were looking forward to spent the night in a real bed.

Teri: Come on Sweet pea, get under the blanket!
Cremé: I want squirrie to sleep with me.
Teri: Of couse here she is, now get under the blanket.
Cremé: Night mommy.

In the Fisher's room, Lauren was already asleep, just Linus was not ready for bed yet.

In the kitchen Mona and Sydney was doing some more planning.
Mona: So we will be "camping" on the kitchen floor?
Sydney: Unfortunately honey, sorry, but I think by end of the month our room might be ready too.
Mona: I understand that, Im just glad the Hawton could accomodate Dennis and Esmé in their small run down cottage for the time being.
Sydney: They are fantastic people with such big hearts. 
Mona: Indeed!


  1. What a lovely idea to have a commune! Your critters are well-looked after in that village. The dining table with 4 chairs is on my want list. My little round tables are not big enough for a family of 4!

  2. Love it and the idea with the commune is brilliant:) I bet Schroeder is happy to finally be able to relax and that in his room in a great chair. Good work girl