Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Radish and Freya's picnic!

Radish took a deep breath, it was now or never. "Hello Freya." He said shyly. "Hey Radish." Freya replied. "Uhm... Freya, would you mind going on a date with me?" Radish blurted it out without thinking about it.

Freya wanted to do a little dance, but kept her cool, "A date would be nice, thanks Radish." Radish felt like his chest could burst, "Cool, meet me tomorrow afternoon behind the school?" he asked. "Sure thing! Bye Radish." Freya replied. "See you, Freya!"

That afternoon after school, Radish and his Father took the twins to the square for some ice cream, while his mother and sister did some grocery shopping. 

Radish broke the silence, "Listen dad, I asked Freya to go on a date with me. Any suggestions?" 

Herbage was so taken aback by this request that he almost dropped his ice cream, but he also felt immense pride. "Well son, I guess the Pizza Parlour is out of the question? Herbage joked. Radish appreciated his father's attempt to break the ice, and continued with, "Yes, and Freya doesn't like hamburgers either." Herbage thought a while, "Ok, what about a picnic?"

After he and his father settled on having a picnic, Radish also decided to approach his mother for some advice. He found the ideal excuse when she was hanging the washing.

"Mommy," Radish began, "I want to take Freya on a picnic tomorrow, any ideas?" Like her husband Theodora was so surprised by this request that she dropped her clothes beater. "Radish that is wonderful! Take her to that nice cool spot just behind our campsite. It is quiet and private there." Theodora went to her son for a hug, but being so mortified by the situation, Radish side stepped his mom with just a "Thank you, mom!"

Upstairs in Freya's room, things were playing off a bit differently. "Mommy, I'm going on a date with Radish tomorrow." Freya told her mother. "Oh honey, that is wonderful. Are you excited?" Teri asked. "Oh yes very, very much!" Freya giggled.

That night Freya dreamt of knights on white horses, and damsels in distress.

Radish was up very early on Saturday morning, first he wanted to check out the picnic spot his mother suggested. It was perfect, and he made a note to thank his mother again for this perfect suggestion.

He did, however, get a bit of a fright when he heard some tweaks break and when he turned around a ghost was standing behind him. "So much for a quiet and private spot." he thought trembling.

It turned out to only be Mr Bearbury, "Sorry for scaring you Radish. I was just following some bees, trying to find their nest. What are you doing her all alone?" Radish blushed, "It is ok sir, I'm just checking out this picnic spot." Bruno Bearbury smiled and said, "Enjoy your picnic Radish and if it is with a girl friend, remember the flowers." Before Radish could thank him Bruno was gone, but Radish made another mental note, "Freya would love tulips!"

Radish went straight to the Florist of Mrs Whiskers and got Freya some yellow tulips. He felt quite proud of himself. "What next?", he thought to himself.

His answer came from Mrs Decker. "Good afternoon Radish, what lovely flowers. Your mother will love them, or wait is for a special someone else." Kaitlin bombarded him. "Good afternoon Mrs Decker, no it is for Freya, She loves tulips, I'm taking her on a picnic?" Radish replied. "A picnic, what food did you get? You must come by our Restaurant for some delicious seafood, we do take aways." Kaitlin suggested. 

Radish felt so stupid, "Of course, food!" Luckily Kaitlin left him alone when she saw Ellema Brightfield and her girls approaching. Radish quickly made his way to the Deli. Mr Corntop always have some delicious sandwiches.

With a basked laded with food and drink in the one hand, and the flowers in the other, Radish quickly made his way to the picnic spot. He wanted to get everything ready, before he went to meet Freya.

"Aaaah, yes, this will be perfect." he thought to himself.

He quickly set everything up, gave it one last check over, and then rushed to the school. He didn't want to keep Freya waiting.

He was relieved to have arrived before Freya, and then the doubt set in, 'will she ever come.'

Luckily he had nothing to worry about, and Freya soon appeared around the opposite corner of the school.

"Hey Freya," he greeted shyly, "ready for a picnic?" Freya gave a giggle, "Yes, I love picnics!"

When they finally arrive at the picnic spot, it was evident that Freya was very surprised. "Oh Radish, is this all for me? It is beautiful?"

"Do you like it? What about the flowers?" Radish asked sheepishly?

"Oh, I didn't even notice those! They are perfect, thank you so much Radish!"

The two sat down to eat the delicious food. They were both famished as they gobbled it up.

It was then that Radish offered Freya a heart shaped lollipop and asked, "Freya will you be my girlfriend?"

Freya blushed and looked away, but she did reply with a very soft almost inaudible, "Yes, Radish, I will be."

Radish was extremely happy and felt like doing something silly, so he ran into the shallow water of the river, and start to do a little dance, "Come on girlfriend, join me!" Freya giggled at his silliness, but jumped up and joined him.

Soon it was time to go. "Thank you, Radish, for a lovely date." Freya said shyly.

And gave Radish a little kiss on the cheek.

They left the picnic spot hand in hand, both feeling extremely happy.

That evening up in her room Freya still felt as if she was floating on air. She smelled her tulips one last time.

Her mother found her like this. "Not in bed yet, honey?" Teri asked. "Oh no, mommy, I'm not sure if I would be able to sleep." she replied. "I assume then you enjoyed the picnic?" Teri inquired. "Oh mommy it was wonderful!" Freya replied.

Freya did eventually fell asleep, dreaming of knights on white horses saving damsels in distress.

And at the Dappledawn campsite Radish and his father was each enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. "So, son, how did the picnic go?" Herbage asked tentatively. "It was cool dad, really cool!" Radish answered.


  1. I LOVED it to bits!! Very romantic but so funny too! I couldn't stop laughing with Radish's parents reactions! Thank you for a totally amusing story!

    1. I wanted it to be funny, as young love shouldn't be too serious, thank you!

  2. So sweet and funny! Thanks!

  3. It was so adorable! I loved how Rasish asked for help and his parent's reactions were so funny!

  4. Loved it and had few giggles here and there, they are so sweet and adorable

  5. Great!! You wrote a second part. Thank you!
    They make a lovely couple. It was really sweet of him preparing everything for the picnic. He even bought her favourite flowers!! They look so cute together! I loved it