Friday, 11 March 2016

Sugarbush Valley's first Boutique

Camilla Hunter-Smyth looked around and smiled. She could hardly believe this, finally their dream came true. Owning their own store, after years of working for others. The last year or so was difficult, finding their feet in Sugarbush Valley and becoming part of the community, but they have made it.

Outside she heard a commotion and when she looked, she found Charles surrounded by all kinds of boxes. "Goodness, did we really order so much stock?" Camilla acted surprised. "Looks like it darling. I'm not sure if we have enough shelves to display it all." Charles joked. Kelly Basset turned to Charles, "I think that is all of it." Charles counted the boxes and nodded, "I think so too, thank you Kelly, for helping out while Pete is away." Charles also thanked Jack Meadows for helping out, while Camilla started carrying the boxes inside.

They made light work of all the boxes. "So what next?" Camilla wondered out loudly. "Maybe we should put up the signage first. Then we can concentrate on unpacking the boxes. What do you think?" Charles suggested. 

Camilla agreed. Charles scrambled up the ladder, fortunately he wasn't afraid of heights.

Charles carefully erected the sign and clambered down. "Perfect!" Camilla said approvingly. They took a minute to admire the beautiful sign and allow it to sink in.

They also added the trimmings outside, as well as and advertisement displaying some of the beautiful merchandise. "I am really glad we used Alex Periwinkle from Mystique Valley to do the signage. I think it was worth the cost. It looks wonderful." Charles and Camilla agreed.

After they were happy with the signage, Camilla and Charles started unpacking the goods. It took some time and planning to have everything displayed perfectly.

After a hard day's work it was time to go home for a well deserved rest. Tomorrow is the big day, and as expected they both felt very nervous. "If we only make one sale I will be happy." Charles voiced his concern. "I don't even care about a sale, I just hope we have some customers, who wants to look around." Camilla replied.

Huge was their surprise the next morning when they turned the corner. Not even in their wildest dreams did they expect such a big turn up.

"Here they are!" someone shouted from the crowd. Savannah Trunk were the first one to congratulate them, followed by some cheers and clapping.

"Allow me to say a few words." Camilla interrupted the excited mumbling. "This is definitely the biggest moment of our career, we have always dreamed of opening our own store, but never had the right support, until Mayor Trunk and the villagers of this wonderful Village backed us. Thank you to each and everyone who helped us and all of you who turned up to share this wonderful moment with us."

After Camilla's speech Charles unlocked the door and the ladies of the village, eager to see the new boutique, went inside. Though it was a big store, Camilla feared that the shoppers will trample each other. Luckily everyone behaved in an orderly manner.

"Oooh, Bronté look at this dress," Margaux squealed, "wouldn't it be perfect for Saskia?" Bronté hurried over to her friend and nodded in agreement, "Yes, she would love it, you have to get it." Meanwhile Margaret Petite was trying to catch Camilla's attention as she has found the perfect dress for little Halley's Christening. "Camilla, oh Camilla ... uhm ... sorry Camilla!" she softly called.

Camilla acknowledged Margaret, and while Margaret looked around some more, she quickly assisted Margaux with her purchase.

"It is a beautiful dress, Margaret, and perfect for a Christening. When will that be?" Camilla asked. We haven't set a date yet, Pete must first complete his current training and then we must find out which date would suit the relatives to come down to the village." Margaret replied.

Things were finally getting quieter, and though Camilla loved the hustle and bustle of being busy, it was nice to take a breather. "Finally we have a chance to congratulate our friend." It was Daisy and Delia. "We are so proud of you. And your shop looks fantastic." They both agreed.

Camilla blushed, "Thank you, you two, and thanks for coming. Saw anything you like?" she inquired. "Oh yes lots and lots, the handbags you stock is to die for, I know what Hornbull must get me for our anniversary." Daisy replied excitedly.

As the two friends left, Camilla turned her attention to Fliss Redwood. "Hey Fliss, welcome to our Boutique." Camilla invited jovially. "Camilla, this is just wonderful! Congratulations. Your store is fantastic, look at all this delightful items." Fliss was clearly in love.

"I have to see that straw bag with the green trimmings. Can you get it down for me, please Charles? Oh and there is a matching smaller pink one! Frances, darling, come over here!" Fliss was a bit hysterical and Camilla was quite relieved that there was no other customers.

"Those are beautiful handbags, mommy!" Frances was not quite as excited as her mother, but her eyes sparkled with glee. "We will take them, Fliss informed Camilla, "I need a new handbag, and Frances has been such a good girl of late, helping out in the Supermarket, that she may get a reward." Fliss explained. "Oh thank you mommy, I love the pink bag. I can't wait to show Abigail. Maybe we can get her one for her birthday?"

As Fliss and Frances left the Boutique, both Camilla and Charles sighed simultaneous. What a morning, they both fell exhausted, emotionally and physically.

Charles quickly closed the door. "Wow, that was exhausting, I'm glad we decided to have the opening on a Saturday  morning, I'm not sure if I would have survived a full day's work." Camilla smiled, "I understand what you mean, but I am grateful for each and every customer. We will have to get used to this. Though it is exhausting it is exhilarating too." 

Charles walked over to his wife and gave her a hug. "You are right darling, and I would not do this with anyone else!"


  1. **squee** (in excitement) such a cute shop! And I love how the ladies of the village came to the opening & how excited they all were. Camilla & Charles will certainly have their work cut out for them!

    1. Glad you are excited and thanks for the comment. Despite all the pink and girlishness, it is quite a nice shop.

  2. Haha! So funny to see all the ladies waiting in line and then going up and down in the crowded shop! Lovely scenes! And the Boutique is really pretty and spacious!

  3. What a lovely boutique they opened! I also love the photo of all women standing in a line - so funny! And that blue dress on the left is so pretty!

    1. That dress actually came with the set that I bought to get Margaret.

    2. Oh, I see. Right, now that you say it I can remember.

  4. This was perfect with my coffee, thank you for involving Alex he's beaming with pride right now. The story was wonderful and the pictured are great, how wonderful for the women in SV to get a shop like that. I loved the stock pictures with all the boxes and then all the ladies lined outside eager to get inside:)

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. Alex was the obvious choice!

  5. Thanks for yet another great story Eaton! Though no thanks for making the boutique look so wonderful, now I have to get it myself :P

  6. Beautiful shop and very lucky and efficient shopkeepers!

  7. Hello again,

    This was great, such busy little labradors!! I love their shop and would definitely buy something there. Maybe a handbag or a necklace for Julie Periwinkle. :))

    Have a good week,

    1. Yes for sure, I would love one of those stunning handbags too.

  8. What a nice shop!! I was looking forward to this post! Camila must be over the moon, a dream came true :)
    I love the picture of the ladies waiting for the boutique opening. A great addition to your village.

  9. Thank you for the comment, I am just as stoked!