Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Rosemary's new house

What a busy week, I've had this story ready for a week now, but was just too busy to post. It was intended to be two parts, but as I've been absent for so long I will spoil you with one long post. AND besides I might ad a blog post about a new parcel arriving, tomorrow or Friday anyway ;-)
Rosemary hurried into town. She just had to get away, the dust and constant hammering was getting too much for her.

As she past Meadowcroft Cottage, which belonged to the Whiskers, she sighed, "Oh it was such a pretty house." Until recently they lived in such a cottage as well, but the straw roof was destroyed by termites, and it was decided to tear the beautiful cottage down, keep only the foundation and rebuilt it. At the time it sounded like the best plan, Rosemary wasn't so sure anymore.

To get her mind of the chaos at her house, she got her notebook out and had a look at her 'to do'-list.
  • Buy fresh fruit and veg
  • Visit Mr Keats (Sage)
  • Visit Mr Cottontail (furniture)
  • Toyshop (gift)

She quickly reached the Blackberry's Fresh Produce Market. She was glad to see that, except for Irene, there were no other customers, which meant she might just get everything she needed.

"Good morning everyone!" Rosemary greeted friendly. "Oh hello, Rosemary", Betty greeted back, "glad to see you here." Irene also smiled, "How is the renovations coming along?" she asked. "Oh it is terrible, I don't know if I will ever manage to get rid of the dust." Rosemary complained. "At least you have the prospects of a finished house soon. We are still waiting for the stable allocated to us to be renovated, tent living is not for 'sissies'." Irene said. Rosemary felt bad instantly, maybe she shouldn't have complained as neither Irene, nor Betty have homes. She blushed scarlet red.

At least it seemed like no one noticed. Irene quickly finished her shopping, while Rosemary asked Betty for some of her delicious homemade strawberry jam. She greet Betty and Bob, and quickly left, still feeling deeply ashamed.

When she arrived in the village, she was unsure where to go first, the Music School or the Workshop. She decided the discussion to be had with Mr Keats, might be harder so she went there first.

"Aah Rosemary!" Rossetti was as friendly as ever, "how are you?" he asked. "Sorry for interrupting should I come back after the Mcburrows have left?" she inquired. "Oh no not at all, the two munchkins have finally mastered 'chopsticks' and wanted to show their father. Their lesson is finished." he assured her.

"Thank you, Mr Keats, I am a very proud father." Digger waved goodbye. "They did very well, enjoy your evening." Rossetti waved backed.

"So Rosemary, what is the matter?" Rossetti turned his attention back to Rosemary. "I'm not sure, how to begin, and I'm not even sure if there is a problem, but it is about Sage. Maybe start telling me, how his music lessons are progressing? Is he paying attention?" Rosemary asked. "Aaah Sage, what a wonderful little chap. Yes, he loves music and yes he pays attention, but to be honest I don't think he will ever by a famous artist, although with hard work and dedication, anything is possible." Rossetti reassured her. "Thank you, that is all I wanted to hear, I was just worried that he is wasting our money and your time." Rosemary felt relieved. 

After some more assurance from Rossetti, that all is well, Rosemary left. Her heart felt much lighter, she was always so worried that her kids is not behaving.

Across the street from the Music School was the Workshop of Aaron and Edward. She crossed the street and found Aaron to be concentrating hard on painting a bed.

"Rosemary, good timing. I have just finished the bed. You would be glad to hear that the termites haven't taken up residence in it, so I just refurbished it a bit." Aaron informed her. "Oh that is wonderful news, this was our first bed, and a heirloom from Stilton's grandmother, so I'm glad you could rescue it." Rosemary said gratefully

The conversation about the house renovations, where interrupted by a flustered looking Brooklyn Decker. "Oh Aaron, you have to help, the buggy's wheel just came off, I'm holding it in place with chewing gum, but it won't last. Kaitlin will be furious!" Though Brooklyn was obviously very distressed Rosemary and Aaron burst out laughing. The whole situation was just to funny not to.

While the men discussed Brooklyn's predicament, Rosemary played with Lucas, he was adorable.

But soon it was time to go, she still had to get a birthday gift for Lavender and then had to pick her up from Nursery School and Delia always wanted to discuss something, so she needed to allow time for that.

As she reached the Toyshop, she noticed the new building next to it. Eric Renard, and Camilla and Charles Hunter-Smyth was awfully busy cleaning and repairing things. "It must be the new Boutique." Rosemary thought to herself.

She went inside the toyshop, hoping to find the perfect gift soon.

She noticed Cassandra Macavity, and had a quick chat with her. Cassandra also inquired about the renovations, because her husband, Alonzo, was responsible for the job. Rosemary quickly realised that Cassandra knew almost more than her.

"So how can I help?" Innes asked. "I'm looking or a gift for Lavender." Rosemary answered. "Take a look around, we really have cute toys, for everyone's taste." he assured her.

In the end Rosemary chose a small drum set, she knew Lavender will love that.

She hid the gift at the bottom of her basket and greeted Innes and Cassandra. She was in a hurry to go and look around in the Boutique, if they would let her.

Camilla immediately invited her into the Boutique and showed her around. "Here we will display the jewelry," Camilla proudly pointed to a huge purple cabinet. After some more investigating, Rosemary wished Camilla good luck with her business and promised to bring Jasmine for some shopping as soon as it is open.

She hurried along to the Forest Nursery, knowing she was already a bit late. And indeed Jasmine and Lavender were already waiting outside for her.

She was however relieved to notice that Marion Brighteyes were occupied by Delia, so she would miss the long discussion about Lavender this time.

She greeted her girls, inquiring about Sage. "He already went home with Lester." Jasmine told her mom.

As they reached their temporary home, Rosemary looked at it with new eyes, yes she was living in a tent, yes it was uncomfortable but at least she had something to look forward too. And according to Cassandra, it wouldnt be long anymore.

And what is more, the children are enjoying this adventure, especially Sage and his friends.

PART TWO - A few weeks later!

Rosemary wanted to do a little dance, but was actually too tired. Her new house is finally finished and she has just finished cleaning it from top to bottom. She was sure that not even Hatty Huckleberry would be able to find a spec of dust 

She put away the cleaning aids and decided that she will take a nice long bath. Stilton has promised to bring some food from the Restaurant that he will prepare outside on the barbeque for them tonight.

She hovered in the doorway of their room for a moment, she was so happy that she and Stilton had their own bedroom, though tiny it is a sanctuary for her, especially if the kids is getting on her nerves. In the old house they all shared the big loft room.

Rosemary enjoyed her bath, maybe a little too much, because when she finally emerged from the bathroom, she found her family outside. And the view was idyllic... kids playing happily, table set, husband preparing the food. Rosemary sighed, finally a happy one, she was so very happy.


So lets have a look around the house

Kitchen and Living room


Living room

Parent's bedroom

Another angle of parent's room

... and another.

Children's room

Beds for Sage and Jasmine

Lavender's bed and play area

I was lucky to get the FF sign and fencing too

But as it will not be a FF family living in it, I felt I won't display the signs

Complete house, close up.

As you might know it is my aim to give each of my families living in SV, their own home, I have a plan and know exactly who will get what. It was the plan to get the Skunks a Meadowcroft Cottage as well, but this was before the rand plumeted to a new low and the postage from the UK got so high. It soon dawned on me that I might never get the Skunks a house that will suit them (I just cannot picture them in any of the current available ones). So when I stumble over the FF house on a local site, I knew I had to get it for them. It suited them perfectly. My thoughts were confirmed when I finally got it, but I was super surprised how small it was. The layout took some planning and in the end I had to give up having a bathroom, so they will have and imaged one, at the back of the parent's room.

Once again I enjoyed this project, and is super happy with the outcome.


  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful story - I enjoyed it very much to walk along with Rosemary :).
    And how beautiful is that house! You decorated it perfectly. The parent's room is so cozy :)

  2. So nice story! Now I wish I could live in village like this and go to the friends shops with basket :D
    And FF house looks excellent, I like wooden floors and fencing is perfect.
    I hope there will be more stories in this house. It looks perfect for that.

    1. I just thought it wrong to wallpaper it, I love the log cabin look of the inside walls.

  3. Great story, giggled specially over the Hatty comment, love what you've done with the house and it looks perfect and lucky them that they got this one in the end and not the Meadowcroft cottage where they wouldn't have gotten a private bedroom:)

  4. I enjoy the story. I explore the home and shops all the details and the furniture and I am in love with the small inhabitants. I just wish I could handle them!

  5. Lovely story and beautiful house! Yesterday I left a comment in your previous post asking you who were going to be the owners of the FF house and I´ve just found out in a very nice way!! The decoration of the house is fantastic, everything fits so well!. I also liked the story. I enjoyed visiting so many different places in just one post.

    1. Glad I could answer your previous post so quickly. Thanks for the comment and glad you approve ;-)

  6. thanks for the lovely story. I enjoyed the walk around your town. Their house is just perfect for the family. I love the children's room and those adorable little jungle print bed covers. Did you make them yourself or are they a part of a set?

    1. No I actually bought the bedcovers on ebay. Unfortunately the seller isnt listing anymore :-( Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the walk!

  7. Lovely story and I really like the rustic style of the FF house!

    1. I was really worried that the walls will look empty with wallpaper, but just like the log cabin, it would've been stupid to cover those walls. Thank you for the comment.

  8. Wow, what a house :o I had no idea the FF house could look so cute! The furnishes of dark brown and white items look really great, the house doesn't look it's usual dark. You make me want to get the house too xD Beautiful story too, I like Rosemary.

    1. I'm so relieved that you approve. I'm always worried that I would offend someone with my decorations, and devalue the house with the decorations. But I am quite happy with it and I like the cosines of the house.

  9. Aaaaaaah, Rosemary's house looks so cosy!!! I LOVE it! :))

    I like the wooden floor in the kitchen and living room, as well as the beautiful tea set. I like the white ribbons decorating the curtains in her bedroom, the tiny little mirror and the colourful bedsets and accessories in the childrens' room.

    Great work. :D

    1. Thank you, I really like it too. The flooring is the original one that came with the house. Good eye to notice all the little detail.