Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mabel's party

Finally a new story. I tried to feature some of my new figures even though they are playing small roles. 

Alex Periwinkle sighed with relief. He has finally finished Hornbull's worker boots, and what a complicated task it was! The PVC material kept tearing, and after much head scratching and research, he finally figured it out. He now just hope that Hornbull will be happy with it too.

He was still admiring his handy work, when he was interrupted by some customers, he actually was ready to lock up, not wanting to be late for the party, but customers was always welcome, especially if they were Angus and Bessie Buttercup.

"Bessie, Angus! How are you?" Alex greeted friendly. "Good afternoon, Alex. Hope we are not too late? Do you want to close up yet?" Bessie asked. Alex smiled, "No not at all, how can I help." Bessie blushed, "I actually need a present for Mabel, and I know she loves your slippers, so I think I will just get her a pair of those." It was strange to Alex that one of Mabel's best friends would buy her something she already have a hundred pairs of, but business is business.

Angus, however interrupted his thoughts, by inquiring about the 'spectacular pair of worker boots'. "Those are actually for Hornbull, he ordered it from me. It was quite a task!" Alex informed Angus.

While Angus had a closer look at the boots, Alex helped Bessie choose a pair of slippers. Luckily she chose a colour that Alex was sure his mother didn't have yet.

Soon the old folks was done shopping. Angus even offered to deliver the boots to Hornbull. Alex was relieved to finally be able to close the shop for the day.

Just as he was about to leave, Frasier Chocolate came rushing into the shop, "Come quick, there is a telephone call for you at my shop. It is Kate, and she sounds a  bit unhappy!"

Alex sighed. 'What now?' he wondered and quickly close the shop and hurried to the pizza shop next door.

He hurried into the pizza parlour, it was quite busy. He felt so silly to engage Frasier's telephone line.

"Hey? Kate?" he asked carefully. "What is wrong?" ----- "Oh no, really?" ----- "Where are you now?" ----- "Savannah's house. Ok and she believed that?" ----- "Valerie will bring her to party? Right?" ----- "Ok!" ----- "Juice, camomile tea and flavored water?" ----- "Bye Honey, good luck!"

"Sorry for engaging your line, Frasier. Thank you." Alex thanked Frasier. "No problem." Frasier replied. "Everything ok?" Alex sighed, "I guess so. My mother is just being her difficult old self and I think Kate is reaching break point. I'm not so sure anymore if this surprise party was such a good idea." Alex greeted Frasier and hastily made his way to the Supermarket to get the groceries for Kate.

Outside the Supermarket he met Sydney Hazelnut, accompanied by his son Otto and Otto's friend Geo. "How are you, Alex?" Sydney asked. "Hi Sydney, very good thanks. I noticed you finished CC lane. My sister is very happy with their Cottage." Sydney gave a satisfied smiled, "Yes it was a very successful project, our little village is expanding quickly."

They chatted a bit more before Alex indicated he was in a hurry. The said their goodbyes and left in opposite directions.

Alex was relieved to see that it was not too busy inside the Supermarket.

Wilbur immediately approached him, friendly as ever, and welcomed him to the Supermarket. 

First he went to the fridge to get the juice and flavored water.

And then to look for the chamomile tea. He knew Mabel loved chamomile tea, to help her sleep. He couldn't find it.

Fliss however quickly produced it on his request and rang up his items.

He sensed that Wilbur wanted to chat some more, but Alex quickly told him that he was in a hurry and hurried off.

"Thank you for shopping with us!" Wilbur yelled after Alex. But from the corner of his eye he already noticed Emma Furbanks and her daughter, and patiently waited for them, maybe they will have time for a chat.

Alex quickly made his way up the street lined with Cedar Terrace houses. Outside Nr 6 he met Maurice Chantilly. 

"Hi Maurice, everything ready for later?" Maurice smiled proudly, "For sure, see you later!"

As he walked on his thoughts went to Kate and Mabel. He wondered if they will ever get along. He and Kate has been married for 15 years now, and never has the two find a way to work out their differences. Kate is quite stubborn and his mother is so nosy and interfering, a deadly combination.

As he reached Nr 2, he took a deep breath, he needed some extra courage for this.

The kitchen and living area was quiet, 'where could they be', he wondered.

Alex unpacked the groceries and decided to look for some form of life. Such quietness in his house was never a good thing.

In the children's room he found Hannah asleep in her cot. 'Maybe Rebecca and Oliver have already left for their sleepovers at Nichole and Branson, respectively.' he decided.

Even their room was deserted. He was relieved not to find Kate taking a much needed nap. He deiced to have a look outside.

He found Kate and his father outside. They've started to set up everything for the party.

"Kate! Dad! You've done so much already! Thank you!" Alex was pleasantly surprised. At least his father and wife got along perfectly. "We're trying our best to finish everything in time, your father has helped me so much!" Kate replied.

Just as they were deciding what to do next, there was a knock on the door.

It turned out to be Maurice and Suzette. Maurice will barbeque the food and Suzette baked the cake and made some extra desserts.

Kate was very happy with the cake, "Suzette, it looks divine. You really are so talented." Suzette blushed, "Thank you, I love my job."

While the woman tend to the cake, the men got the fire started.

Except for the cake Suzette surprised Kate with even more treats. She also brought eclairs, cupcakes, a pudding, and though it was agreed that Suzette will only supply the sweet treats she made a spread to accompany Kate's bread too. She also unpacked the food that Maurice must cook.

"Suzette, this is too much, but thank you. Everything looks so delicious." Kate thanked Suzette once again.

"Then I'll let you be," Suzette said, "enjoy the party. I'll be back around ten o' clock to help with the cleaning. As she made her way out, the Buttermilks arrived.

"Blanka, so glad you came early! And look at cute little Heike. Welcome!" Kate loved her sister-in law, and most days wish that her mother-in-law was so lovable too. "Is that Hannah crying?" Blanka was a new mother and very responsive to the cries of little ones. She quickly made her way upstairs.

Shortly after Blanka and Andrey arrived, more guests arrived. This time it was Caleb Breeze and Peppermint Chocolate. Peppermint was the babysitter for the evening. "Hello Peppermint and Caleb. Thanks for agreeing to this, Peppermint. Luckily it is only two babies, little Heike here, and our Hannah, who is still asleep." Kate turned her attention to Caleb, "So Valerie is with Mabel visiting Savannah?" Caleb smiled, "Yes, but I'm not sure how Valerie will get Mabel to leave, she is enjoying the presence of the Mayor's wife too much, it makes her feel very important." Kate laughed at the remark, it was typical Mabel.

After Kate has seen that Caleb is settled in with the men, she accompanied Peppermint to the kids room, carrying little Heike. "What a gorgeous room." Peppermint remarked, "we are gonna have a lot of fun here."

The two mothers, satsified that Peppermint will do alright, joined the rest of the guests. They were relieved to find that Bessie and Angus has arrived too. As these two was notorious for always being late. 

Caleb and Angus joined Maurice at the barbeque. "So you're almost off to Marigold creek again? Angus asked Caleb. "Yes, the time went by so fast, can't believe we have been in Sugarbush Valley for six months already." Caleb confirmed. "But I think it is a good arrangement, we see the grand children often, and I still get to sail my boat!" Angus nodded in agreement.

While waiting for Mabel, the rest of the guests enjoyed the party. Bessie inspected he fantastic food, while the men bemoaned the bad season their football team was having.

The lively chatter was interrupted by a shrill, "You tricked me, you all tricked me!" A visibly upset Mabel looked at them all. She clearly surprised them instead of them surprising her.

Alex quickly hurried up to his mother. "I'm so sorry", Valerie tried explaining, "but she wouldn't allow me to ring the bell. Said it was as much her house and just walked in." Mabel had a very constipated look, "You know I could've gotten a heart attack, whose silly idea was this?" Mabel insisted.

Kate also quickly approached, "Don't worry Valerie, this is not your fault. This silly idea, was mine Mabel, I'm so sorry." Kate apologised but not without a hint of sarcasm. "This I should've know!" Mabel reacted.

It was at this point that Blanka stepped it. "Oh Mother, stop it! Stop being so ungrateful! Can't you see what Kate is trying to do! Look around, she invited your children, your best friends, spend thousands of Sylva on food and decorated her whole backyard as a surprise to you. Be grateful for once. Do you really think she will go through all this trouble to cause you pain. Please, Mom, I'm begging you, get off Kate's case, accept that she has taken your precious boy away from you and give her your blessing. She might have taken your boy, but she gave you three adorable grandchildren!"

And suddenly it was as if a little light went on in Mabel's head, a little tear trickled down her cheek. "Oh my what have I done? Kate I am so sorry, will you ever forgive me for the harm I've caused you?" Kate went over to Mabel and hugged her, "Oh Mabel don't be silly, I am a strong woman, I don't hurt that easily. All is forgiven, let's just look forward now and forget the past." 

After the 'little' incident, the party really got going. Alex took a minute to savour the moment, he was really pleased that his mother finally came to her senses, he just hope it lasts, and to think he owns this happy moment to his little sis, for standing up to his mother, something not even his father has the courage to do.


  1. I enjoyed seeing all theose villagers working, shopping and eating. It looked so full of life!
    And I love how they planned and decoratet the surprise party. Mabel's reaction is so typical for her! XD Poor Kate. Thank you for that wonderful story!
    I see that Caleb is in Sugarbush Valley at the moment ;) :D

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. I also try to make it look full of life and you noticing it, makes it worthwhile. Caleb and Valerie will be leaving soon!

  2. Loved it and to see all these wonderful pictures telling the story was such a bonus. I wish I had a Suzette in my corner to call to. Mabel stays true to her self but hopefully after this she will come around a little:)

    1. I don't think she will ever change completely but she might just soften a bit towards Kate.

  3. Aww EB! You created another beautiful, both funny and heartwarming story! You can give real life character to your critters! I really enjoyed the storyline together with the lovely scenes! And yes the supermarket is a great addition to MV! I love the big windows that you can see all the action outside!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako, your comments always motivate me to try even harder next time!

  4. Such a lovely story! Kate is a saint!
    I do hope Mabel gives her a bit of a break.

    Who is Caleb? I'm a bit curious about him!

    1. Thank you! Caleb is the Chocolate Rabbit Grandfather.

  5. What a great real-to-life story line. Your characters are so feisty.
    By the way I especially love the little detail of the kitchen utensils hanging on the wall in the pizza shop. Very cute!

    1. Thank you! I actually wanted to use them in a families kitchen, but noticed they are not to scale. So I got the idea of restaurant decorations.

  6. I love how realistic your characters are, not the twee characters often found in SF families. Great story!

  7. Enjoyable, fun and so true to life. Mabel reminds me of someone I know...

  8. Another great story and pictures! I loved the way you decorated everything for the party. The food looks delicious, specially the cake and sweet treats Suzette made.I really liked the way Blanka stood up to her mother. Poor Kate! at least Mabel reacted in a good way and hopefully from now on she realizes how lucky she is to have such a nice daughter in law.

    1. Thank you for the comment Cutata! Kate is one of my favorite mother figures, so Mabel must beware, she better!