Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A visit from the family.

Daisy Buttercup had a good look around, and felt pleased. The redecorating of her house is finally done, and just in time because her sister Dotty and her husband, which is incidentally also Hornbull's brother, Penleigh, will be arriving soon, for a short visit. 
Daisy: Annabell. what do you think? Like your room?
Annabell: It looks really good mommy. I love the bedding.
Daisy: Thanks honey, yes the bedding is great. Just a shame that we had too wait over a month for it. Beth sure know how to sew, it is just frustrating that it takes so long.

Daisy also bought the bedding for their room from Nocturnal, the Puddleford's linen store, but luckily that was done a few years back. So their room was less of a hassle to decorate. It just goes to show, though, that it is worth the time to wait for Beth's products as it is of such good quality.

Daisy and Annabell, went down to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. The men would be home soon and they would be ravenous. It is planting season, which is always hard work. And as it should happen the men came home just at that moment.
Hornbull: Something smells delicious.
Daisy: Hi there, hungry? And Cheddar get down from that sofa, it is not a jungle gym!
Cheddar: Sorry Mummy.

Hornbull: Any news from the family?
Daisy: Nothing, but I guess they will be here shortly.

Hornbull: Let's eat then, we are starving and I would like to go and check a few things before they arrive.
Daisy: We are ready for you, but first a few things. Paddock you must please light the fireplace before you go out again. It is getting colder earlier and earlier everyday.
Paddock: Ok Mom!
Daisy: And Annabell I want you to make beds for you and Paddock on the living room floor tonight. You will sleep down here, while your uncle and auntie is visiting. They will use your room.
Annabell: Yes Mom.

Lunch was quick, as it usually is on a farm, there was no time to waste. Afterwards, Annabell took Dolly from under her mother's feet to go and play with her doll house...

...while Paddock got going with the fire. Of course Cheddar wanted to help, typical of a 3-year old. Fennel was just too happy to have the little play train all to himself for once, that he didn't show much interest though.

Daisy cleared the table and got on with cleaning the dishes. She wanted everything perfect before her beloved sister arrives, so that they can spend time catching up and not worrying about household tasks. She wondered how Dotty was doing, maybe she had some news about a baby. She and Penleigh has been struggling for years now to have kids.

Soon the pounding of hoofs could be heard outside, and Hornbull, who managed to finish all his chores in time, stepped out to welcome his family. Daisy, had a last look around the house. 
Hornbull was glad to see his brother, and his sister-n-law, Dotty, and wait ... an unfamiliar face. Who could it be.

Hornbull: Brother! Welcome to Highfields, come down from your high horse, and give your little brother a hug.
Penleigh: Maybe I should, you look so small and inferior down there.
Daisy had to laugh, the bantering between the two brothers had already started.

Hugs and kisses where given all around.
Daisy: How great to see you, Dotty. It has been too long.
Dotty: Indeed it was. And please meet ...

It was only then that everyone realised that the unfamiliar little girl was still on top of the cart, staring at everyone with bewildered eyes, ready to burst into tears.
Dotty (with outstretched arms): Come on honey, meet your new family.
Daisy: New family?

The little girl hesitantly jumped into Penleigh's arms, and made sure to half hide behind Dotty.
Penleigh: Daisy, Hornbull, we hope you don't mind but we brought a guest. Please meet our foster daughter Bess Underwood.

It could have turned out to be an awkward moment introducing your foster child of a different race to your very conservative family, but not if your family is Hornbull and Daisy Buttercup. They welcomed her with open arms, and even little Annabell, who never gets excited about anything, was thrilled to have a friend for the weekend.

Inside the house, Dotty was in awe of Daisy's decorating.
Dotty: Sis, this looks wonderful. You have done a great job. And the gift we have for you will fit in beautifully.
Daisy: Thank you. What gift?
Dotty: Nevermind, you will soon see. Show me the rest.

Daisy (after almost tripping over the wheelbarrow with wood) Annabell please go and tell your brother to take the wheelbarrow outside ... Aaah Paddock, now I can tell you myself.
Paddock: Yes Mummy, I heard. Father send me in to come and collect it, there is so much stuff to unload.

Annabell and Bess ran upstairs. Bess was amazed at how beautiful Annabell's room was.
Bess: I never seen something like this.
Annabell: What do you mean? Don't you have a room?
Bess: No..., well at the orphanage I had to share with 7 other girls, they were all nice. But Auntie Dotty is very kind and she had decorated their attic for me. I love that room, I hope I can stay there forever.

Meantime in the kitchen the sisters had the same kind of conversation.
Daisy: So ... Bess? A big surprise.
Dotty: Are you mad?
Daisy: Of course not, but maybe a bit because you kept it to yourself.
Dotty: Well, Dais... I've had my heart broken so many times before, that I didn't want to jinx it. So, yesterday afternoon the social worker phoned, and told us that we may come and pick Bess up for the weekend.
Daisy: Are you thinking of adopting.
Dotty: Most definitely. We've spent some time together, although it was only for an our or so at a time. But she is a darling girl and deserves so much better?
Daisy: Dotty, that is great news, I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Daisy showed Dotty the rest of the house, and was relieved to see that Annabell was at her best behaviour, making Bess feel right at home.

Downstairs the men was done with the unloading of the cart, and Hornbull was visibly relieved.
Hornbull: So much stuff, and only for a weekend.
Penleigh: You know Dotty always something that is added at the last moment. So where do yo want the clock.
Hornbull: We will have to ask Daisy, she is very particular about her decorating. I think it will look good over there in the corner, but if I suggest that she will have my head. But are you sure you don't want the clock yourself?
Penleigh: It is a beautiful clock and of course I'm very jealous that my little brother, like always, gets the nice heirlooms, but that is what Grandfather wanted, and besides we got that beautiful vintage wall clock with the gilded frame.

Hornbull called Daisy down to the living room and as expected she was extremely happy with the gift.
Daisy: I can't believe we got this, I've so many time stared at it when we visited them and now we have it right here in our own living room. I have just the spot for it.

Hornbull winked at his brother, and the men quickly disappeared out the door, with excuses of feeding the horse.

Dotty helped Daisy to put the clock in the exact spot where she desired it and afterward they took a few minutes just to admire it some more.

Later that afternoon, the family gathered outside for some afternoon coffee and to enjoy the delicious cake that Dotty brought. As she looked around her, Daisy felt a happiness in her heart that she could find no words for. She has a wonderful husband, adorable kids, a comfortable home and finally her sister might just have found that missing piece of her heart too!

This little story was mainly inspired by my boy, who is 3-years old. He has a few of his own figures. And Dotty and Penleigh actually belongs to him. Before I had PC Bobby Roberts he was under the impression that Bess Underwood was the daughter of his mommy and daddy cows. No matter how hard I tried to explain, that she was not, he wouldn't understand. He just couldn't see the difference, so a small lesson learned from my son. Well I shattered that image when PC Bobby arrived in Sugarbush, as he immediately told me now she has her real dad. But still for a moment it was cute how he played with his little cow-badger family. Thanks lovey for being such an entertaining boy, mommy loves you very much!


  1. Very sweet story! Your house is always so lovingly decorated. Are those really light-up lamps in the living room? They look spectacular! I love lighted dollhouses! Your son is very generous to let you borrow his figures for your photos :)

  2. Thank you, I don't see myself as a 'sweet' person, so this came as a surprise too ;-) Yes it is really light up, I love it too!!. the fireplace glows too and I realised yesterday that it "sparkles" like a real fire too. He quite willingly and quickly gave them up, I suppose because I let him play with mine :-D

  3. That's a really cute new story :), I love the idea of adopting little Bess :D, they would make a perfect family. I like the picture of little Fennel on the train, it's so charming. The lamps really are beautiful in the living room :)

    1. Thanks M. Like all the babies the cow twins are adorable too!

  4. so sweet, love the kids bedding sooo adorable. For me the best part is you boy part in this story:) And only on a farm would people take a wheelbarrow into the living room lol

    1. I think the bedding suits the house perfectly. Yes the wheelbarrow, haha. Typically something my father/brother would have done!

  5. Sooooo cute! I love the way Annabel and Bess play together! And of course little Fennel is adorable.

  6. Loved it all! The part about your son is totally adorable! xo Jennifer

  7. Wow! Highfields looks brilliant! I love Annabell's room. It is so cute that your son plays with Sylvanians, I can see he has the usual adorable innocence when it comes to categorising characters. This is an amazing story!

  8. Beautiful story :) I love the lesson learned from you dear little boy - of course Bess can be daugter of cows! I just hope Bobby won't show up to break up this pretty family.

    1. Thank you Suvi! Well Bess might be Bobby's godchild, but that will be that.