Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Dappledawn Family's holiday

The Dappledawn Family recently took a trip to the coast. It was an extremely long drive of about 1100 km. But they managed to do it in one day, departuring at 3:00 am and arriving at 13:30 at their destination.

An early morning stop had to be made to fill up the car with fuel. No one felt like taking a family picture, but Theodora insisted! "For the Tourist Office you know!" It was especially hard for Tilly who is not a morning person at all. Herbage was thinking about the long drive ahead and couldn't really focus on picture taking. Radish had to visit the restrooms urgently and almost ran before the final click of the shutter.

The first week was spent on a friend's farm, they did many exciting things like driving tractors, milking cows, helping to plough the field, swimming in the river and feeding the animals.

A family pic taken on arrival.

Herbage with the farm as background.

It took some convincing to get Theodora on the narrow strip of wall, but she loved the view and was glad she did it.

Radish convinced everyone to do a bit of tree climbing too.

To his mother's dismay he was ready to jump out of the tree to "save" them all from the giant cat who was watching them!

The Dappledawn family spend another week at the beach. Building sand castles, swimming, playing bats and ball and just enjoying the sun and extremely hot weather.

All and all a great holiday.


  1. What lovely holiday photos!!! I am very glad that you are back in action, we have missed you. :)

  2. I love seeing the Sylvanian on trips! Your rabbits are super cute! I was wondering where you have been and glad now that you are back! Thanks for sharing your holiday pictures!

    1. I just now wished I took more! Thx, Im glad to be back.

  3. I love your Dappledawn rabbit family, and your photos and stories around them are adorable! Looks like you all had a really nice vacation! xo Jennifer

    1. Very nice vacation, but glad to be back around my SF again.