Saturday, 25 January 2014

Emma Furbanks' wish

Emma and her husband Kenneth were having lunch in the little Pizzeria. They did this often as the Pizzeria was close to their Real Estate shop and the pizzas were delicious.

Emma: Kenneth, I was thinking... uhm... I would really like to have another baby.
Kenneth: Emma, are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? Do you remember what the doctor said after the birth of Greta...
Emma: I know I know, but that was 12 years ago, maybe things might have change ...
Kenneth: I don't think so and I'm not going to take that chance, we have two beautiful, well-mannered children, we don't need anymore than that.

Emma: I guess you are right, but a little baby would be so darling.

Emma was sort of talking to herself, Kenneth has already gotten up and was ready to leave. He had clients coming from Blueberry hill that wanted to see a house in Eaglewood. The Furbanks are also the real estate agents in Eaglewood.
Kenneth: Sorry Em, if I was a bit abrupt, but I really don't want to take any risks and you know that you and the children are my everything.
Emma: I understand, that is ok. Good luck with the showing, hope they are interested and not time-wasters.
Kenneth: Hope so too, see you later.

Emma wasn't ready to leave yet, she was enjoying the peacefulness of the shop and the puttering around of Frasier gave her peace of mind. It is just that she feels so alone these days. Douglas and Greta has grown so quickly and don't really need her anymore. And the fact that two of her close friends Molly Mcburrows and Theodora Dappledawn are expecting, doesn't make it any easier to just except things.

Frasier: Enjoy the pizza, Emma?
Emma: As always it was superb, you really know how to make them.
Frasier: I like to think so yes, thank you. Anything else?
Emma: No thank you, I should be off anyway.

As she stood up she got an idea. Maybe she must try that adoption agency that her friend in Blueberry Hill told her about. It will not be too hard to get hold of the number and why not just phone them for interest sake, maybe they wont even be eligible for a baby. "Yes", she thought, "maybe that is what I should do."

On her way back to work she tried to figure out from where she will make the phone call, there are only three telephones in Sugarbush Valley. One at the pizzeria, one in the Hazelnuts room in the Commune and one at Beechwood Hall. The pizzeria is not ideal for such calls, she doesn't want to intrude in the Commune, she knew everything there was always a bit cramped, but the thought of asking Mayor Hugo to use the phone also didn't really appeal to Emma.

She passed the village laundromat and stop by for a quick chat to Mae Mulberry. Little Pumpkin were playing outside and as always Emma's heart literally skipped a beat and ached for a split second, when she noticed the adorable little baby. It was at that precise moment that Emma decided she wïll make that call.

Emma marched straight to Beechwood Hall, hoping that Mayor Hugo is not working in his study. She quickly reached the mayor's house and as luck would have it, Mayor Hugo instantly opened the door, which was a sign for Emma that he wasn't busy upstairs. Her thoughts were confirmed when she saw the three babies busy playing on the living room floor.

Hugo: Savannah needed a break, so I offered to watch the children.
Emma: Oh they are adorable, next time you should phone me if you need a babysitter.
Hugo: Thanks Emma that is very kind of you, but I actually appreciate that I can spend some time with them too. Work really keeps me busy and if I'm not forced to make time, like today, I will probably never see them.
Emma: You have a point, mayor. But I need to ask a favor. May I use your telephone?
Hugo: Sure, sure. It is upstairs and take your time.
Emma: I appreciate that, thank you.

Emma went upstairs and made the call. It was a very short conversation and Emma put the phone down very slowly. She couldn't believe it! They were actually eligible to adopt a baby and the best news of all was that the agency knew of a squirrel baby that has to be adopted urgently. The lady explained that obviously there will be some paperwork, interviews and inspections, but as this is an urgent matter the process can be sped up.

Mayor Hugo was still playing with the kids downstairs and after Emma thanked him she left. Suddenly Emma didn't feel so sure anymore, and what if Kenneth hates the idea. He'll probably be extremely angry that she did all this behind his back. She would need help, but who? Who will know how to handle a situation like this...

And like a fairy godmother who knew she is needed Velvetter Slydale stood in the doorway of The Delicatessen just as Emma came around the corner. Emma knew that is the right person she should talk too. Emma really liked Velvette, although they weren't really friends they got along very well and Velvette has always been very friendly in the past.

Emma: Hi Velvette, how are you?
Velvette: Oh Emma, hello. What a nice surprise. One doesn't often see you walking around in the village. Work keeping you busy?
Emma: I guess, and yes recently business have picked up a bit so Kenneth are forever showing people around and I have heaps and heaps of contracts to complete.
Velvette: Yes, our little village is expanding rapidly.
Emma: Velvette, can we possibly have a quick cup of tea? Do you have the time, I need your advice?
Velvette: That would be wonderful, where?
Emma: Arvey's tearoom?
Velvette: Perfect, what is the matter Emma?
Emma: Let's wait till we sit down, it is quite serious.

The two woman walked to the tearoom and ordered the tea. While waiting Emma relayed her problem to Velvette and Velvette listened intently. When she finished, Emma burst out crying. It felt so good to share this with someone, and someone who actually listened and understood.

Velvette: There, there Emma, no need to cry and trust me your situation doesn't seem so impossible as you think.
Emma: It doesn't?
Velvette: Why are you so shaken up? As I understand you want a baby, you can get a baby and that probably by the end of the month? I think you are mostly worried about Kenneth?
Emma: I know, I know and yes Kenneth is my main concern.
Velvette: Here is what you will do, go home tonight when all is quiet, make the suggestion of adopting. You will instantly know if he wants to or not. If he doesn't want to you will have to let it go, if he wants to, then there is no problem, if he is unsure, give him a day or two to digest the idea. And you don't have to tell him everything at once. How does that sound?
Emma: You make it sound so easy, but I guess that is the best plan.

The ladies finished their tea, said their good byes and went their separate ways. That evening after dinner was finished and the dishes was done. Emma sat down next to Kenneth.
Emma: Ken, about the baby ...
Kenneth: Oh Emma, please let this go.
Emma: Just hear me out, ok?
Kenneth: Ok, but I'm not liking this.
Emma: I had a thought, and I would like to consider it and discuss it with you, but only if you are comfortable with it. How do you feel about adopting?

Kenneth didn't immediately say something. His face was without emotion and he didn't even blinked an eye. Then he turned to Emma and looked her straight in the eye
Kenneth: Really Em, you will consider that? I've thought about it too, but didn't know if it was an option. And to be honest after you brought up the idea of a baby this morning, I realised that I would also like to have another baby.
Emma: Really Ken? That is how you feel? Oh you are such a wonderful wonderful man.

Emma decided not to tell Kenneth that she had phoned the agency already, and agreed with Kenneth that she will phone them the following day to make an appointment. As suspected the meeting with the agency went very well and from there everything ran smoothly.

A month has past since that first meeting and today will be the day that little Alfie will be joining his new family. Understandably Emma is extremely nervous, they have only met the little boy once before and it was love at first sight. Now that it is becoming reality Emma is wondering if they made the right choice, but it does seem so. Kenneth is like a young child about a new toy, Greta has helped her mother to get little Alfie's room ready and never stops talking about him and Douglas has made numerous wooden toys for his little brother already.

It was arranged that the social worker from the agency, Wendy Dale will meet the family, at the Hamburger Restaurant. Velvette Slydale will accompany the Furbanks just to make sure everything runs smoothly for them. They were waiting in anticipation, and got up like one man when Wendy came through the door with little Alfie holding her hand.

He immediately hold out his hands so that Emma can pick him up and he was just as friendly towards the rest of his new family.

The "new" Furbanks family!


  1. Oh, how sweet! I love this story. I love it when the Furbanks kissed, and I love that they adopted a baby squirrel. Fantastic!!! xo Jennifer

    1. Thx Jennifer. I was so happy when I got that baby as a gift as I always wanted a baby for the Furbanks but their own babies (Ray and Fay - what terrible names) didnt appeal to me. I loved doing this story!

  2. I like the kiss scene too :D This is really a sweet story! I love how it has unfolded and how it has a great ending with everybody so happy! Your new baby is just too darling!!! I also like the Mulberry Raccoon baby! I don't have a standing figure yet and this one really makes me want to get one :D

    1. Oh you girls are so into romantic stuff :D I love the story too. The standing babies are super cute and that they are posable makes them even better.