Monday, 27 January 2014

Daisy Buttercup

So this morning as I got to work, I was startled by Daisy Buttercup who have invited herself along with me. She told me her kids (she has 5 of them) is driving her mad and she needs a break. I was too afraid to ask what she did with the kids or who will be looking after them.

She made herself comfortable on a blanket she brought with her and watched every move I made and tsk tsking, when I was browsing the net.

During my coffee break, Daisy asked for some too, and was quite upset when I told her I took mine with milk and one sugar. She prefers her black with two sugars. (note the two cute Christmas cards in the back that I got from 2 of my SF friends)

Some more watching ensued after the coffee break and when I asked her for help or if she is just gonna sit there, she took out her lunch (and didnt offer me any).

The only time during the day that Daisy did look she wanted to help me was when I got two packages and she was just as eager as me to open them.

The first was from my friend Suvi who send me the most beautiful handmade birthday card and some bedding for my homes, of which I never have enough - thx Suvi!

The other package was from an ebay seller. I love that little cupboard and already know exactly where I will use it!

All became very quiet all of a sudden and to my utter relieve Daisy got the babies to sleep, even if she did use my new bedding without my permission.

All in a days work!


  1. Looks like you had terrific companion at work today :) Mrs. Buttercup had even some adorable dishes and lunch with her!

  2. I love Daisy she is a favorite of mine, although her husband is even more adorable (but dont tell him I said that). Even though she has 5 children Daisy is extremely organised and will not go out of the house with all she will need.

  3. Fun story! Lovely bedding from your friend Suvi! xo Jennifer

  4. Your story with Daisy Buttercup is awesome! :D She has quite a character!!! Hahaha! I totally sympathise with her trying to take a break from her 5 kids! I love that you kept my card on your desk! xoxoxo