Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My first parcel from Trier for 2016

The parcel from Trier, was sent by Kyraja! Doesn't it look so inviting, with all those wrapped gifts and cute cards!

All unpacked, and it didn't disappoint!

Maurice and the Garden Barbecue Set was my birthday present and Christmas present combined. Even though I already had a Maurice I badly wanted this set, and my current Maurice was a bit stained from the lollipop outfit he used to wear.

It really is a very cute set. The pink is maybe a bit over the top (but I guess little girls like it).

I was mightily impressed that the green lid had a hook to clip into the barbecue stand. Even more impressed when I discovered the pockets on the apron.

Besides my gift, Kyraja also surprised me with this set. It is so beautiful.

Rosemary thought so too.

Rosemary was also impressed with the bed they ordered (We finalised the trade before I knew the bed was being re-released, in SA it was discontinued, just for me to find out a month ago, that it is available again.)

I also ordered this bunkbed set. 

It looks alot like the 'children's bedroom set'...

...except that it is a bit darker.

Another comparison picture

Innes and Margaux are also both relieved that their bed has been delivered, no more back pain from sleeping on a fold out sleeper couch.

Kyraja was also extremely kind to sent my son a "small" lego set. I don't know what is small about it. He absolutely loves it!

Lastly I got a gift from Thailand too!

It is so pretty and smells fantastic too!

I have thanked you already for this M, but once again thank you for the wonderful trade and the spectacular gifts. We will do this again soon!


  1. What a wonderful parcel! M is so generous and talented, isn't she? The barbecue set is lovely, that apron is especially cute. And the soap - incredible :D

  2. Wonderful gifts and trade items:)

  3. :) it was my big pleasure -I'm so glad you like everything. The bed fits very nicely into the dogs house - I hope they can get rid of their backpains soon. I'm also looking forward to coming trades :* :)

    1. They are all chirpy this morning, all back pain is gone!

    2. Congratulations!! this is a lovely parcel. I specially like the tea set, the dark bed and the handmade one, the bedding looks so nice!! I´m happy for Innes and Margaux,no more back pain, that´s good news :)

    3. Thank you for the comment, I love receiving parcels, it is always so special!

  4. What an awesome parcel! I adore Rosemarys tea set too ^^

    1. I would have a tea set for each family if I could!