Sunday, 25 May 2014

The School Lunch Set

I haven't had time for much story writing lately. Live is just to busy, it will be my boy's birthday on 31 May so I have a party to plan and I can't concentrate on taking photos and writing stories when I know I have to make party favours etc!

Besides that my work room has been a mess, as my boy has found a new love for my Sylvanians and although he plays with them very carefully, he just knows how to turn things upside down. Also my table still has my unfinished Highfields farm on it, and stacked around it was all the boxes I received lately from trades, ebay winnings and purchases I made online.

So the past weekend was spend sorting out the mess, and now I, and I'm sure my Sylvanians too, can breath again.

As I didn't want to disappoint my readers I decided to do a quick review on the School Lunch Set.

I've wanted the set for a while now, but always found it a bit too expensive. It would be used as my Hamsters, which I renamed the Hawtons, work equipment, as they are the lunch staff at the local schools.

The boxed set.

Unboxed. Packaged in the familar style. I guess this is a good way of ensuring that all these small items reach its destination safely, but it was really hard to get them out/off that "racks". I broke a spoon in half and the soup bowls and soup itself was really hard to get out.

Finally everything out and in its place. Note that the two tables are included in the set too.

I really love that the little soup bits fits so perfectly in the soup bowls and the laddle. I think I must take my nail file and file away the rough edges. You can see the bits were it was stuck to the "rack" very clearly on the photo.

The crate for the milk bottles is really cute and I just love the spoons and the basket for it. It is so tiny! The bread rolls are cute too and looks "real", but Im not so sure what the other item with the red sauce(?) should be?

The lunch staff shows off their delicious food and the clothing that came with the set.

And just for fun a family picture!

Personally I feel that this set is a bit overpriced, in SA it sells for around 9 pounds, and I cant understand what makes it so expensive as it doesn't have anything special in it. Maybe it is the two furniture pieces that pushes up the price. SSK sells the set for 9.99 pounds. I was lucky and got it for 5 pounds as I bought it from an online SA store where I had a voucher, and I feel that that price is more reasonable.

Please let me know what you think of the set and its price.


  1. Congrats to your new set! It really is a pretty one, I laugh all tiny food things :D. And the hamster lady with the cook bonnet... So cute!
    The normal price is really very high, I've also looked at it several times and always thought: "Too expensive!". But 5 pound is good, I think!

    1. I had to dress them just to have a laugh, but a laugh because it is so cute!

  2. Sounds like a cool set! I am sure your hamsters will love it.

  3. Happy birthday to your boy! How cute that he is careful while playing with your SF. I guess he know they are mommy's toys! My boy knows too but sometimes the fun gets the better of him and he tosses the babies around or hooks them on fishing poles as bait for his dinosaurs >.< This is a cute set. The price so far has not convinced me to get it but I think you got a good deal. I would have to purchase mine online and from oversea so it would be even more expensive. About the bread and red sauce... maybe they are turnover with raspberry cream filling?

    1. Well sometimes my SF figures like to "dive" when he is playing with them! That usually leads to an immediate suspension of play as he should know they definitely don't like that :-) But your boy sure knows how to scare them, lol!!! I like you idea about what the food might be, what is lunch without dessert. Ive thought of omelet with ketchup? But your idea is much more believable.

  4. Cute set! My favorite part is the hair bonnet! LOL! Thank you for your thorough review. xo Jennifer