Sunday, 9 March 2014

Yvette Blackberry's homecoming

It was a lovely day in Sugarbush Valley and for no one more beautiful than for Betty Blackberry. Today is the day that her daughter and twin sister of Ingrid, Yvette, is finally coming home.

Years ago when the twins were 8 years old, Yvette was spotted by a big shot rowing coach, during a rowing competition that she took part in. She won the contest, which was mainly for children of 12 years old. The coach was very impressed and offered her a 5 year scholarship at the highly proclaimed St Joan's College for girls in The Big City.

Bob and Betty was torn. Yvette showed great interest, and also talent for rowing and they wanted to give their daughter the best education possible and this was also a chance for her to excel in her great love, but 5 years was a very long time. They knew that it meant that they will only see her twice a year during holiday times, as weekends and the shorter recesses were usually filled with either strict training programs or tough competitions.

After much deliberation and thousands of lists comparing the pros and cons, Bob and Betty decided that they would not withhold their daughter from this great opportunity. What made it easier was that Yvette wanted to go and wasn't scared at all. Though the younger of the twins she has always been the more feisty and inquisitive one. Bob and Betty felt at ease with their decision, and enrolled Yvette. They took her to the school on her first day, and after that didn't see her very much, but today she is coming back and her family couldn't be more excited!

Betty spent the entire morning cleaning their Gypsy Caravan.

Although not very big, it took a while. 

She also spent a few hours on cleaning Ingrid's tent. From now on she will be sharing this with her sister. 

She first scrubbed the tent, then swept it inside and also washed the bedding.  

Betty was pleased with what she had accomplished.

After the spring cleaning Betty bathed herself, got dressed and made her way to her little juice bar on the market square. Ingrid offered to manage it for the morning, and Betty was grateful to see that everything was still standing when she arrived.Her stall was just next to her husband's Fresh Produce Market. He was busy with some customers, so she just winked at him and went over to Ingrid. Eaton was sleeping on the bench.

Betty: Hello Ingrid, everything ok here.
Ingrid: Yes mom, I was quite busy and everyone was worried if you were sick.
Betty (looking grateful): I can see that you were very busy, you almost have no produce left. Luckily I brought a few jars with me. So what did you tell everyone? Where was I?
Ingrid: I told them you were spring cleaning, because Yvette is coming home. Oh, mommy when will she be here? My patience is running dry?

Betty (smiling): She is coming with Mr and Mrs Periwinkle. Alex told me his parents would be here before sunset, but as it is a long train ride, I just hope that she will be here before midnight.
Ingrid (agitated): That long? How will I keep myself occupied!
Betty: Don't you have an assignment that you must hand in after the school recess? Why don't you start on that? Remember you will have to help your sister adjust too, so I'm worried that you might not have enough time for your own work.
Ingrid: Mooooom, I finished that yesterday. And just keep in mind that Yvette was in St. Joan's College, one of the best schools in the world. I think she might have to help me.
Betty (laughing): I guess you are right, but you are a very smart girl too, so I don't think you will need Yvette's help.

Ingrid: Mom, did you know that many people didn't even know you have another daughter let alone that she was my twin?
Betty: That is not really news to me. Remember we are fairly new in town, Yvette didn't visit much, we mostly went to her. And besides that, there is also a lot of new villagers who only recently moved her.
Ingrid: Oh yes of course. I think I'm gonna check Blacksocks water and then read a bit.
Betty: Why don't you go and visit Kirsty or Amelia? I don't need you here anymore.
Ingrid: No thank you, I'm staying right here, with my luck Yvette will jump out behind that bush just as I

Betty had to laugh at Ingrid's reaction. She is a real treat, and often brightens Betty's day with her quirkiness. Betty is a bit worried, how Yvette's home coming will affect Ingrid, though. Yvette is the more extroverted one and can sometimes dominate those around her. She now also has a "grand" education, while Ingrid preferred (her parents offered to send her to one of the top boarding schools in the country too, when she turned 10) to stay home and be with her family. Betty can just hope that both of them will adjust to this new phase in their young lives.

The afternoon passed quickly. Ingrid tended to Blacksocks, read and is now playing with Eaton. Betty restocked the juice bar and had a few more customers. Even Bob was so busy through the afternoon that he and Betty only had a few words here and there.

Betty was making a smoothie for Theodora Dappledawn, who clearly needed some energy as it seems as if her new babies are a hand full, when she looked up and almost dropped the pitcher, because in front of her stood Yvette.
Yvette (shyly): Hello Mommy!
Betty (shocked): Yvette, what on earth are you doing here?
Yvette (with a twinkle): Mother, did you forget that I was coming home today?
Betty: Oh honey, of course I didn't forget I just expected you much later. What happened? Where is old Mr and Mrs Periwinkle?

Yvette: Oh mommy, I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm so sorry for saying this and don't mean any disrespect, but they are just too slow. They want to have tea and cucumber sandwiches at every stopover and we even missed our connecting bus, because they wanted to have some more tea. So when the train stopped in Blueberry Hill I told the conductor that I'm getting of at the stop and that he must please unload all my luggage. Mr and Mrs Periwinkle wasn't very happy with me, but I told them as a very highly acclaimed athlete I needed some practice and that I think it is a great idea to row home...
Betty: What? You did what? Rowed home?
Yvette: Yes mommy. I have done that many times in the passed, and I knew it is only about half an hour's row, down river . I just had a look at the train schedule and when I saw that decided that I can't wait any longer to see my family. It was scheduled to stop for an hour in Blueberry after which it will first depart for Eaglewood, with half an hour stopover time and only then it will make its way to Sugarbush Valley...

Ingrid: Yveeeeeeeette! You are here!
Yvette: Inks, great to finally see your. So how do you feel about sharing your room with me?
Ingrid: You mean tent, and I don't mind at all. It only for sleeping in any case, as here is just to many things to do.

The twins hugged each other intensely and by now Bob was there too, to greet his daughter. Yvette shrieked when she saw her little bother and just wouldn't let him go. Bob and Betty decided to end business for the day a bit earlier and take their children home.

At the Blackberry camp Yvette firstly had a look around. All was familiar, but as she wasn't home often it still felt a bit strange. Bob got a fire going for a barbecue and everyone gathered round.They had a fantastic time, laughing and joking and sharing stories; Yvette about her school days and rowing success and Ingrid informing her sister about all "going-ons" in the little village.

Betty felt truly content for the first time in many years. It was wonderful to have her whole family together for a change and what would hopefully be a permanent arrangement for at least a few years, until the girls finish senior school. She looked at Bob who winked at her and she knew he was thinking the same thing.

Many thanks again to Sigrun for taking all the pics with the Gypsy Caravan. i don't own one yet, and needed a few pics of it to make the story believable!


  1. Hey:),
    another wonderful and adorable storie (I admit it: I've read all of your stories :D).
    I love the way you give every figure such a nice and deep character.

    Many greetings,

    PS: I've added a link to your competion

    1. Thx Kyra and thx for reading and the nice comments. So which story is your favorite.

      P.S. You are entered in the competition.

    2. My favourite? Puh... That's difficult, because they are all charming... But I think it was the one about Daisy Buttercup. I had to giggle all the time- the idea was great and the style was delicious ironic :D

    3. You mean with Daisy at work (my work?) Interesting choice

    4. Yes, because I like the imagination that Daisy "jumped" out of the "fictional world" (because of your lovely stories) into reality and talks to you:).

    5. Well that is how they all communicate with me ;-)

  2. ... on my blog. Sorry about that- my mobile phone was faster than me :-/.

  3. Hi Eaton Blackberry! Thanks for another fun story with a good twist! xo Jennifer

  4. Wow good thing Yvette is a good rower! LOL I laughed so much at the story of the many stops. It's a lot like my auntie who always want to stop at every gas station on a road trip. I think it's so cool that you and Sigrun are putting pictures together to create a story! The caravan is so pretty. SF should so make a re-issue!!!

    1. I had to put that part in about the many stops. I love that caravan and have one in UK that must just be posted, but it always seems like something else gets privilege to it being posted!

  5. I read the first few lines, and had to know the rest of the story too! I have never heard of scholarship for rowing before. So sweetly written, I could identify so well with their feelings :) Awesome Eaton! By the way, I didn't know Eaton Blackberry was a boy...

    1. Thx Suvi for the nice comments! Yes Eaton is a boy in my family it is a very popular name. It is actually English, but it came from my grandmother's side of the family.