Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lumy's adventure

Tamsie Honeybear was fiddling to much with her empty cup, but she had to keep busy. She and Bertie together with Pete Petite and their baby Lumy, was waiting for the big yellow bus to arrive at the Hamburger Restaurant. She's still not very sure how it happened that her 4-year old baby girl is going on a trip half way around the world, but somehow it happened.

It all started out 6 months ago when Bertie's brother Horace invited them to spent their annual vacation in Mystique Valley. They had a fabulous time, especially the kids. Mystique Valley is not very unlike their own village of Sugarbush valley, yet bigger and so different in many ways. On their departure Lumy was heartbroken and inconsolable, she didn't want to leave. Horace made a promise to her that she can come and visit soon and ever since, it was the question she asked her mother every day.

Both Tamsie and Bertie hoped that with time it will be all forgotten, but the opposite was true, Lumy just became more and more persistent about their next visit to Mystique Valley. Lumy's dream to visit Mystique Valley became public knowledge and whenever someone was travelling via Mystique Valley they offered to take her with, but Bertie and Tamsie could never take the plunge and send their little baby girl half way around the world. However, when postman Pete Petite informed them that he will be stopping over in Mystique Valley to visit his family before travelling to Margaret (his girlfriend) in Sweetwood Village they felt comfortable to let Lumy go.

Tamsie informed their relatives in Mystique Valley about the possible visit and they insisted that Lumy must visit. So Tamsie went ahead and got all Lumy's things ready and carefully packed her suitcase. It never felt real, until now.. What made it a bit more bearable was the fact that Lumy was extremely excited to go and inquired about the arrival of the bus, every 5 minutes.

After what felt like an eternity the big yellow bus pulled up, and it was time to say good bye. Lumy gave her mom and dad each a big hug and took Pete's hand and climbed into the bus without even looking back. Tamsie turned around and couldn't hold it in anymore and burst into tears. Bertie held her and tried to calm her, but to no avail.

This was a week ago. Pete and Lumy arrived safely in Mystique Valley, and though Tamsie and Bertie haven't really talked to Lumy, Tammy (Horace's wife) ensured them that Lumy is doing fine and is having a great time. According to Tammy she is sleeping soundly at night, eats all her food and although she does ask about her mom and dad she doesn't cry for them. And although Tamsie is missing her baby terribly, it does help to know that she is enjoying her visit.

After dropping Diggory and Katy at school, this morning, Bertie and Tamsie decided to have a quick cup of tea at Arvey's Tea Room. It was still too early for customers at the bakery and the Tea Room was quiet too.

Arvey: Morning Bertie and Tamsie, what a nice surprise to see you here today.
Tamsie: We thought we popped in for a quick breakfast. Our mornings are so quiet and organised with Lumy being away that we usually finish early with our morning chores.
Arvey: I understand what you mean, JC is a handful too and I spent most of the morning getting him ready and sorted for daycare.
Tamsie: But don't get me wrong I miss her terribly.
Arvey: I understand. So what can I get you?
Bertie: Just a cup of tea and some of those fresh scones in the display unit.
Arvey: Sure, coming right up.

Arvey left to get the order and Bertie and Tamsie quickly discussed the day ahead. Nothing out of the ordinary was foreseen. Bertie suggested that Tamsie must maybe try that carrot and orange bread she has been wanting to bake and that he might try his hand on a different milling technique he read about the previous night in the Journal of Milling.

While continue their discussion, Maurice Chantilly approached them.
Maurice: Bertie, Tamsie good morning. Glad I found you here. I was on my way to the bakery to deliver a letter that came for you this morning.
Tamsie: A letter, I wonder from who that can be.
Bertie: Oh that is right, you are delivering the mail while Pete is on leave?
Maurice: Yes, I am, and I must say I'm rather enjoying it. It looks like it has the MV stamp on it.
Tamsie: MV? Oh, Mystique Valley? Then it must be from Lumy, or I should rather say Horace and Tammy.
Bertie: Open it, open it!

Tamsie ripped open the letter, being careful not to tear the content. Inside was a note card with the name Lumy written on it with a very out of proportion heart, clearly done by Lumy, a letter from Tammy and a dozen or so photos.Tamsie quickly scanned the letter and then began leafing through the photos. They were extremely precious and brought tears to Tamsie's eyes.Bertie was patiently waiting, and Maurice realised that this is a private matter and quickly said his goodbyes.

Tamsie read the letter out loud to Bertie.

My dearest Tamsie and Bertie

Hope you are doing fine and that you do not hurt to much about Lumy being away. I can think that it must be hard for you, but please know that Lumy is very happy and enjoying her stay thoroughly. She only asks for you at night, but when I tell her that you are at home in Sugarbush Valley and that you are awaiting her arrival she seems satisfied and instantly falls asleep.

I don't want to bore you with too long a letter of everything that they have been up to so I thought I will just include a few photo's. I'm sure they will tell a much better story and that they will console you a bit.

Wishing you were here too.

With love
Tammy, Horace and the children.

Bertie picked up the photos and together he and Tamsie had a better look at them.

21 Februray: Waiting for Lumy's arrival in Mistique Valley.

21 February: Lumy and Mylu was very pleased that they wore the same outfit (and since this day they were inseparable and insisted on these outfits everyday - I washes it at night and hope that it will be dry in the morning).

21 February: The inseperable two are playing upstairs

22 February: We took Lumy on a bit of an outing into town.

22 February: Both she and Mylu headed straight for the Soft Ice Cream shop.

22 February: After a nice long chat to the Mr Beaufort ...

22 February: ...they were still very much undecided of what they will have.

24 February: Lumy insisted on helping her uncle collect the honey, we made a few adjustments so that she could be protected from the bees too:
Photo 1: I want to help, please Uncle Horace

Photo 2: She loved pushing the wheelbarrow

Photo 3: Her custom made outfit

Photo 4: All done

26 February: The kids are having some fun and playing silly games, even the older ones joined in.

After looking at the photos and reading all Tammy's sweet captions Tamsie smiled and dried her eyes.

Tamsie: Oh this is a wonderful thought and it really helps to see her enjoying herself so much.
Bertie: It does and now I want to go again too. Mystique Valley is indeed a wonderful village:
Arvey: Sorry it took so long, I had a bit of a crisis, but not to worry it is under control now.
Tamsie: A crisis? Well, don't worry we didn't even notice the time, we got a letter from Tammy with some photos. Look!
Arvey: Oh how special! One day I want to visit Mystique Valley too!

The Honeybears ate their scones and drank their tea while looking at the photos over and over. This really brightened their day and gave them some new energy to have a wonderful day at work.

A very very special thanks to Sigrun for all the Mystique Valley photos (14 in total) and helping me to make the story possible!


  1. Wonderful concept! I love the trip you have given your Critter and the album photos!!! Your scene displays made my Monday! Totally dreamy to see them all enjoy their simple life. I especially like the bee keeper! It's a beautiful set that I will need to get one day :) Please post another story soon! Have a great week Mariana!

  2. Thank you Jane. I love Sigrun's scenes too, that is why I wanted to do a story with her! The beekeeper is a cute set. I just sometimes wish one can buy the set without the figure.

    1. I totally agree. There are some sets I like but I don't really care for the figures. Oh well, it's extra figures that could be useful for a swap :)

    2. I can name many sets like that, but I guess you are right about the swap part!

  3. So your critter visited Sigrun's critters? What a neat idea! Yes, I love their simple life too. It feels so relaxing reading your cute stories. xo Jennifer

    1. She didn't actually visit, but yes she did! I sometimes get a bit caught up in this simple life, I wish life was like that!

  4. Awesome trip pictures! The custom made baby bee keeper outfit is adorable :)

  5. What a sweet but slightly sad story! Mystique Valley is beautiful, so is Sugarbush Valley! I love how Tammy and Horace sent a letter to them with these adorable pictures! Congratulations on the story. It sort of reminds me of emigration and all that :)