Thursday, 20 February 2014

Parcel from Iceland

So on Tuesday I got my long awaited trade parcel from Iceland. Sigrun and I try to this as often as possible. Not only do we obtain things that hardish to find in each other's country but it is always fun and who doesn't like to open a parcel.

And how fantastic it was to open this one! Everything you see is MINE!! Except the small Smurfie and the horse (is it Nutmeg) was for JC, my 3 year old. Oh yes and there was some chocolates but that didn't last very long.

So first up Eric Renard. As you can see his family is very excited to see him and some of the other villagers are also waiting in anticipation to see if there is something for them.

I really like Eric Renard, but as I already have a Lollipop man in Sugarbush Valley, he will be the Handy Man. He was away for a long time helping his good friend Alonzo Macavity with a big project in another city. (Eric will feature in my next story, which will be his official coming back scene.)

I decided on a whim to get a baby for my Mcburrows family - Mo Mcburrows.

She will soon make her official appearance too, but a family picture is in order for now.

Next up Yvette Blackberry. She was my birthday gift from Sigrun and I adore her. She is just as cute as the rest of her family. And what a cute dress!

I'm totally in love with her accessories. The camera is so cute and I've always wanted a suitcase to use in my stories!

Her family was over the moon too see her, have a real good story planned to introduce her into the village.

Then it was time to move on to the furniture sets I got.

First up a bed for the Corntops, they've had it with sleeping on a sleeper couch!

Schroeder Fisher ordered a beautiful sofa set for him in Isabel, but is not entirely sure how he will fit that it into their room in the Commune, they need a house urgently. (This was my Christmas gift from Sigrun and I shrilled with delight when I opened it. This is my absolute favorite livingroom set, I just love the colours!)

Then the two sets I was most eager to get, as I never thought I would own them! The rustic kitchen set and cosy living room set.

The rustic kitchen set is fantastic. My favorite piece the kitchen sink unit. I love its blue colour. It is just a bit confusing to me that the wooden top of the basin and the chair and table colour doesn't match. But maybe I'm just too perfectionistic, to let things like this bother me.

If the rustic kitchen set is fantastic then the cosy living room set is unbelievably fabulous. In my opinion though. Yes the couch is VERY green and plasticy, but what I love is that it can double as a sleeper couch ;-) I really like the shelf and the light up little fire place. Again I'm wondering why the rocking chair and the shelf is not the same colour.

Well I'm still on cloud 9 with all these items and will be for a long time to come. Thank you Sigrun for doing this for me. Sigrun is indeed a fabulous person to trade with.

And then lastly the two additional items that was just included in the box, because Sigrun has a big heart is Owen Bearbury and the pink beautician table. I let it slip one day that the Bearbury's is so cute and I wonder how they look in real life, so of course she sends Owen as a surprise. The pink table is for Margaret Petite when she move to the Village one day.


  1. What a fantastic trade you've received! You and Sigrun have so much fun! Does Sigrun have a blog where we can see what you sent her? I'm curious to know what is difficult to find in Iceland. Enjoy all of your fantastic treasures, and I look forward to seeing more of your stories. xo Jennifer

    1. Unfortunately she doesnt have a blog, but she has a website where she showcase her collection.
      Mostle the EB (easy buy) items she can't find there.

  2. What a parcel day for you! Awesome :) I especially adore the mole baby, and Yvettes dress. The sofa set is beautiful too, I didn't know it even existed.

    1. I love the blue sofa set and has watched it many times on ebay but it always goes so high. And the mole baby is so small, I should take a pic off it together with the other standing babies!

  3. That's a truly awesome trade! And I understand you about the color not matching. That would annoy me too. Thanks for showing so many pictures! I wanted the rustic kitchen and cozy living room but I am still hesitating. Seeing your photos helps me quite a lot :)

    1. Those two sets are fantastic. If you want it when you saw the pics, you will want it even more when you see them in real life. Just a heads up, the green sofa looks better on pics than in real life. It is VERY plasticky!