Saturday, 8 February 2014

Exciting prospects

Camilla Hunter-Smyth couldn't sleep, she was just too excited. She decided to rather get up and go make herself a nice cup of tea. The rest of her family was finally all soundly asleep. It was again one of those nights that the triplets just wouldn't calm down, as soon as Dylan and Thomas were down, Gerard had an opinion about something. Finally after the 500th story, or what felt like the 500th one, Dylan announced that he is very tired and that they will go to bed now, and just like that they fell asleep.

In the kitchen she filled the kettle with water and put it on the stove. At first Camilla was rather skeptical about the idea of living in a commune with 5 other families, especially after what she was used to, but it turned out quite all-right and she is grateful for the friend she made in Isabel Fisher.

Isabel appeared in the kitchen door as if she knew she was called for, carrying two empty baby bottles, looking exhausted.
Camilla: Still up? Everything ok?
Isabel: I guess, the twins are going through a growth spurt and they want a "milky" every hour. It feels like all I'm doing is washing bottles, making formula and feeding them.
Camilla: Poor you, it will end  soon, just don't loose hope. Tea?
Isabel: I know, but it is so exhausting, I need some sleep. Tea would be lovely.

Camilla poured the water into the cups and while waiting for the tea to steep got the milk, sugar and cookies.
Isabel: So are you excited about tomorrow?
Camilla: Extremely, I think that is the reason why I can't sleep, and the reason why I'm keeping you up.
Isabel: Don't worry about me, I need some adult conversation. Tell me more about the "sale". Did Mona give the go ahead to use the living area?

Camilla (laughing): Yes, she did, but I'm not holding it against her for not liking the idea at first. She has a lot on her plate and gets enough hassle from other people.
Isabel (giggling): You are indeed a wonderful person. So tell tell!
Camilla: No, I'm not giving it away, you will have to come and have a look yourself, but be prepared to spent some money.
Isabel: You are so mean, but yes I'm bringing Schroeder's purse.

Isabel decided that it was time for some sleep and left Camilla alone. Camilla was having a look around the living area, and planning how she will set up and display the clothes. She just hope the village women show up and that Isabel wont be her only client. Camilla finished her tea, washed the cups and went upstairs.


Camilla woke up early, feeling irritated with herself for doing so. She can only start to set up her "shop" after breakfast, and she really felt like a lay in after her sleepless night, especially as the triplets were still soundly asleep too.

Camilla must have managed to doze off afterall, as when she came to it again, her eyes was forced open by two little fingers. Gerard was sitting on top of her, with his brothers at either side.
Gerard: Mommy, wake up. Are you dead?
Camilla: No I'm not dead, but if you three keep treating me like a giant doll, I might be soon.
And with that she jumped up and tickled Gerard until he shouted for mercy. He quickly jumped off the bed and ran our of the room with his brothers.

Camilla looked at the clock and instantly started to panic it was 9:00 and the "shop" opens in an hour's time. She quickly got dressed and hurried downstairs. The living area was deserted, but all the furniture was moved to one side. At least one thing less to worry about.

On her way out to fetch her merchandise, she bumped into Mona.
Mona: Morning Camilla, are you ready for the big "sale"?
Camilla: Not really I've overslept and now I'm really not sure if I will be able to set up everything in time.
Mona: No worries I will help you, if you'll let me. Sydney and Charles already moved the furniture.
Camilla: Oh I wondered who was so kind, I will greatly appreciate your help. Let me quickly go and fetch the dresses.

Camilla got to know another side of Mona, and she realised that Mona is actually a very nice person. Within, what felt like minutes everything was displayed and packed out in such a way that the commune living area looked like any other shop and not like a kitchen at all.

Camilla: Wow Mona, you work wonders. Thank you so much for your help.
Mona: No problem, I like to help and to organise things. Glad I could help.
Camilla: Now I can finally start selling. I just hope that I will get some customers.
Mona: Stop worrying, you promoted the event well enough and believe me every woman in this village wants a new ...

Mona was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Hatty Huckleberry and Velvette Slydale.
Camilla: Good morning ladies and welcome to Camilla's Dress Shop!
Hatty: Thank you and good morning, high time that we get the chance to buy some of your wonderful creations. We only ever hear about it.
Velvette: Fantastic work and yes thank you Camilla.

Though Velvette and Hatty were the first customers, they were definitely not the last. Every single woman in the village came by, some bought two, even three dresses.

Others only bought dresses for their daughters, and one or two just had a look, but Camilla didn't mind. She just wanted everyone to see their lovely creations.

 Ladies like Mae Mulberry and Roxy Renard who always gave the impression of not caring about clothes and looks complimented Camilla on the detail of their dresses and bought a dress each.

The last customers of the day were best friends Willow Thistlethorn and Beth Puddelford. Camilla was extremely surprised by their visit as Beth was known for her aloofness and showing no interest in any of the village events. Willow on the other hand was an excellent seamstress herself, and made all her own clothes.

The event was a huge success and a complete sell out. Camilla felt extremely blessed that their hard work this past month paid off. As they don't have a shop or work station yet, she and Charles have been designing and making clothes in their room during the day. They don't need to do this as they have enough savings to keep them comfortable for probably the rest of their lives, but sewing and dressmaking is what they love, and that is probably what they will be doing for the rest of their lives, no matter what the situation.

Before bedtime that night she and Charles celebrated the success of the "shop" in the kitchen with a glass of wine. After some thinking and considerations, they decided to have such a sale every month end, until they can open a decent shop someday.

They toasted to it, and just knew that this is exactly what the ladies of Sugarbush Valley need!


  1. Fun story! I love how we learned what we needed to as the story went on. Very entertaining! Are these brown Labradors I'm seeing? Oh, they are very cute! xo Jennifer

    1. Yes they are the Chocolate Labradors, called the Hunter-Smyth family. They are one of my (many) favorites.

  2. Very nice story! I love the big dress display! Who needs a boutique? :) Your dress looks so "straight" and pristine! Do you iron them before displaying them? I have my mini iron and it works ok but some dresses are really bent out of shape!

    1. I must say Im really lucky then as non of my dresses needed ironing, they are just that way. Except Delia Chiffon, her apron has a kink in it that frustrates me, but it sounds like too much trouble to get the iron out!

  3. What a lovely little story! I loved Camilla's nighties the most!!! :P