Saturday, 14 September 2013


Wow, this was a tough day, Dorothy Patches thought, while she was returning to Cedar Terrace 1. She had 5 hair cut appointments. All went well and she think she won most of her customers over. Betty and Christabel was easy to please, and even Savannah was very pleased with the results, but Katrina and Hatty were tough customers. At least Katrina rescheduled, but Hatty only said she will be in touch.

She was glad to go home, where Kyle and the rest of her "new" family awaits. She just wishes Antonio was there too.

She opened the front door to find Pippa busy preparing dinner and the twins and Kyle messing about on the kitchen floor. Ben was reading at the kitchen table.
Ben: Hi Dorothy, how was business?

Dorothy (while picking up Kyle): Oh it was great, but as Pippa predicted both Katrina and Hatty were tough customers.
Pippa (laughing): That is really funny.
Dorothy (planting a kiss on Kyle's  cheek): I f you don't mind I want to take a relaxing bath, before I come and help with dinner.
Pippa: That will do you good, but first a surprise.
Dorothy: Really, a surprise for me? But why?
Ben: Just go look and enjoy it.

The two climbed the stairs to the attic room and Dorothy nearly fainted.

Pippa: Here is your room, well you will have to share with Kyle, but do you like it?
Dorothy: Like it! Are you serious! I love it, it is perfect and of course I want to share it with Kyle. Oh Pippa this is so generous, but when have you had time to this?
Pippa: We did it today, all the furniture was stored at the fishmonger and when I heard that you will be away all day Ben and I scrambled to get everything done!

(A view of the entire 3rd floor)

Dorothy: You guys are indeed amazing, thank you. The best brother and sister anyone can ask for. Now I will not feel like an intruder anymore. But oh my gosh, I totally forgot. Where are you sleeping.
Pippa: Come downstairs, let me show you! We have divided the kids room into two rooms. SO the kids have their room and we have ours. I love it, so warm and cosy and no more climbing stairs for me in the middle of the night, when one of them wake up.
Dorothy: It sure does look cosy, oh thanks again for this sacrifice.

That night when laying in bed with Kyle fast asleep next to her in his cot, Dorothy felt content for the first time in a long time. She went through so much up until then, and having a room of her own, no matter how small, sure was a good feeling. She fell asleep and for the first time in many months had a peaceful night.


  1. That room is really cute and I love her bedding:) I can understand that she's happy about having her own space where she can withdraw to and relax. Would love to hear what Hatty has to say about her new haircut lol
    Really lovely story, thank you:)

    1. Thanks for the comment Sigrun. It is not the best story ever, but I just wanted to give Dorothy a place of her own and if Antonio ever arrives they can live happily ever after!

  2. I like the new room! The bedding is lovely! You made it yourself? I see you made good use of the small space in that house! Your haircut story reminds me of my hairdresser who told me about her difficult customers :P

    1. If I could make bedding like that, that is all that I will be doing, ha ha. I love it too thx, it is from a local site like ebay. Not always just fun and games in Sugarbush Valley, especially with residents like Katrina Whiskers and Hatty Huckleberry.