Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pippa's very busy day

It was a cool but sunny Monday morning, Pippa’s favorite day of the week. She just love Mondays, because of all the new opportunities it brings with it.

Pippa and Ben where having “their” time at the breakfast table, enjoying freshly baked bread and a cup of coffee. Zac and Sarah where having sleepovers at their respective friend's houses, and the twins were still asleep.

While enjoying their breakfast, the doorbell rang. Pippa got up to see who it was. It was Postman Pete Petite. “Morning Pete, you are bright and early on your rounds, would you like to come in for a cuppa?” 

Pippa greeted Pete. “Yes lots to do today. After the postal strike in the Big City, the post office is over flown with packages and letters. I would love a cup, in my haste to get on with the job I totally forgot about breakfast.” Pete replied gratefully.

“Well come in then, and have some fresh bread. “Any mail for us today?” Pippa enquired. “Actually yes a letter from Dorothy Patches.” Pete replied. “From Dorothy, my niece, why that is strange, she never writes.” Pippa looked puzzled. She placed the letter in her handbag to read later, and instantly forgot about it.

After coffee and breakfast Ben and Pete left together. Pete to continue his rounds, and Ben to oversee the shop fitting at the Fishmonger. 

Pippa went to the children’s room to check on the twins, who were still asleep. 

She wisely used the time to freshen up for her day. Today she is opening her delicatessen. Delia will be here soon.

Just as she was done the doorbell rang, it was Delia. She volunteered to look after the twins for the day, as it is the school holiday and Delia's primary school is closed for the holidays. “Good morning, Delia. It is so nice of you to come and look after the twins. Come in, they are still asleep, but they will wake any minute now." Pippa greeted. "It is my pleasure Pippa, these two are adorable." Delia winked.

“Ok Im off before the twins wake up, I told them you are coming, but they love you, so you will be fine. Just watch out for Tom in the bathroom, he has a new found love for the toilet, and don’t let Wendy eat too much, she has a very sensitive stomach.” Pippa rattled off the instructions. “Yes, Ill be fine. Don’t worry, I can't wait to spend the day with them, good luck at the shop” Delia waved Pippa good bye.

Pippa’s Delicatessen was a just a block or so away from her house. She was still wondering if she made a mistake not advertising the delicatessen’s opening and if she shouldn't have had a grand opening as everyone do.

But as she turned the corner, she nearly fainted. At the door of the delicatessen a crowd has already gathered. “What is all this.” Pippa said laughing. “Thought you are going to keep this quiet, not a chance my dear friend.” Savannah Trunk said mockingly. 

“Well then everyone, ‘Welcome to Pippa’s Delicatessen!’.

I think you’ll have to queue outside as the shop is too small for all of you.” 

In a blink of an eye every last thing was sold, luckily Pippa could salvage a tart, to bring home to Delia. 

“Well, no point in keeping the shop open, Ill just put a sign up – SOLD OUT – and close the door. Ill have to rush home to start baking.” Pippa giggled to herself. She was ecstatic about the success of her first day.

On her way home she passed the Trunk’s new home and on a whim decided to go in and have a quick visit with her best friend. Savannah was glad to see her and invited her in, simultaneously congratulating her on her success.

Before we have something to drink let me show you around first” Savannah invited. “Your new house looks stunning, Savannah!" Pippa said.

When is the inauguration?, Pippa enquired. “In two weeks time, we are expecting the Mayor from the Big City too. Hugo is in a bit of a state, as he found out that Eaglewood also fall under his jurisdiction, and you know how much attention that little village needs.” Savannah looked worried. Pippa replied soothingling “Im sure Hugo will manage, he is a born leader.”

While Savannah busied herself with some tea, in the kitchen. Pippa remembered about the letter in her handbag and instantly got it out. She opened it and started to read it. Gaping at it she gave a loud shriek, “NO!”

Savannah almost dropped the milk jug and inquired what the matter was. “Do your remember my niece Dorothy.” Pippa asked. “Yes I do, she lived with your family after her parents died in that tragic bus accident, your parents later became her permanent foster parents?” Savannah replied. “That is correct, she just asked me via a letter to watch her 6 month old baby for two weeks while she and her husband have to go to France for some urgent business.” Pippa looked upset. “Why don’t you quickly phone her from the study?” Savannah tried to calm Pippa. “That wont help, they are leaving TODAY and will be dropping the baby this afternoon at 14:00.” Pippa looked like she is going to faint. 

“My dear, uhm…. it is already … uhm 15:00.” Savannah hated to be the bearer of bad news. “What, really, I totally lost track of time. I better hurry home then. Lets hope they are late. Poor Delia is alone at home with the twins and will not know what to do!” And with that Pippa was off.

She walked the way to her home in record time, all along talking to herself. 'How could she do this to me, in a letter.' She thought.'The audacity, that is just unacceptable and such short notice'. Then it hit her… THE STRIKE! She took the letter out, and yes indeed the letter was mailed more than a month ago, she calmed down a bit. Knowing in her heart that Dorothy is not the type that will really do something like this on such short notice. She, Pippa, was after-all little Kyle's Godmother.

She entered her house, and heard baby laughter upstairs. She rushed to the children’s room and indeed there he was, little Kyle. Delia began talking with a worried expression. Pippa quitened her “Don’t worry Delia, I know about this, all is fine. I assume they where in a hurry and couldn’t stay?” Pippa asked. “Yes, they had a plain to catch. Dorothy said something about Antoino’s father being very sick and that time is running out.” Delia explained.

“Oh, isn’t he adorable, look at those puffy cheeks.” Pippa cooed. “Here are his things, Dorothy left you a notebook with all the necessary instructions. She said, that was all she was doing for the past month. She will send you a telegram from Paris and will phone Savannah with news, if any.” Delia said.

“Thanks Delia, for baby sitting, will I see you tomorrow again?” Pippa asked. “Yes sure, these two are a treat and Kyle is just adorable too.” See you tomorrow.

And just like that Pippa was all alone with three babies, but she loved every moment of it. 

She sat there and played with them until Ben and the kids came home. The baking had to wait.


  1. This is a fantastic story, so many involved and her new shop is so cute. Leave it to Savhannah to make sure the words gets around her opening:) Love the twist with Kyle. Pippa sure is going to be busy.

    1. Thx Sigrun. Im a bit stressed that Pippa didnt get to the baking, lol!

  2. This is a very good story. Postal strike and surprised news :D The baking store is lovely! You even have little bags to box the goods! I don't have any dogs in my collection. These are so cute!

  3. I think that dessert counter set is officially my favorite set, and I used the doughnut set with it. The cute boxes are inclueded in the set.

    I dont have particular favorite type of animal, i.e. dogs, cats, mice etc, but the Henry-Lloyds are defininetly one of my favorites of all the families

  4. I love tis new story! Your pictures and scenes are beautiful as always! Little Kyle is very-very cute! :)

  5. I only came here for the pictures