Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Meet the Teak Family

Just a quick little post this morning.  I am introducing another new family to Sugarbush Valley.

Cecilia and Bonnie Teak has finally arrived safely in the Village, and are happy to join Arthur and Sadie.

So without further ado meet the Teak Family.

Father: Arthur Teak
Mother: Cecilia Teak
Sister: Sadie Teak (9)
Baby Sister: Bonnie (3)

Arthur has a particular soft spot for carpets and rugs as there are so many wonderful designs! He is a master craftsman, making the most beautiful, colourful rugs that Sylvania has ever seen!. Sitting at his loom, surrounded by wonderful, complicated designs, Arthur creates his masterpieces in delicate coloured silks and cottons on sturdy jute strands.

Mother Cecilia Teak, designs a lot of the intricate patterns that her husband Arthur uses in his rugs. After her son’s death she has however been struggling to get inspired and these days prefer to curl up with a good book in a sunny place. She can spend hours reading romantic novels in the sun’s warm rays, oblivious to the world around her.

Sadie Teak is pretty-in-pink and loves make-up and making herself look extra nice. She thinks that her mother is the most beautiful cat in the world, and often picks out a dress because she thinks that her mother would like it. She’s got plenty of tips for applying make-up from her mum and is constantly trying out new fun looks.

Baby Sister Bonnie Teak is a bit like a magpie because shiny things are always catching her eye. This could be anything from a pretty candle to some tasty looking jelly beans. But she likes to hold onto these treasures and watch them for hours, sometimes holding them in her paw. Unfortunately chocolate melts and she often gets mucky from holding too tight onto her sparkly treasures.

Do visit my "The Villagers of Sugarbush Valley" page for bios on all my families.


  1. What a cute and friendly family! I especially like Arthur's profession :)

    1. Thank you for the comment. They are cute indeed.

  2. I love the Teaks! The clothes are just exquisite and little Bonnie looks so cheeky :D

  3. Hi Eaton,

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