Friday, 1 April 2016

Coming and going

Frasier Chocolate puts down the trunk and suitcase his been carrying and sighs. 'This is not going to be easy.' he thought to himself. His parents-in-law are leaving for Marigold Creek today, where they will be staying for 6 months, before they return to Sugarbush again.

"Mother, will you be alright?" Teri asked worriedly. Valerie gave her daughter a reassuring smile.

"Of course we will be fine, my dear. I have Rupert Buckley's new book for entertainment, and you have packed enough 'padkos' to last us for five journeys. We will be more than alright." Valerie smiled.

Freya, however, was not taking the leaving or her grandparents very well. 

"Come on sweetheart, please stop crying, you are breaking my heart." Grandfather Caleb comforted her. "Well maybe your heart should break, so that you can stay with us!" Freya replied through they sobs.

"Freya René Chocolate! I never ever want to hear you speak such nonsense again. Stop crying this instance!" It was Frasier, clearly having had enough of his daughter's antics.

Luckily the bus arrived before anyone else could loose their temper. "Good morning everyone! Step aboard." Kelly Basset was as chirpy as ever.

"So Kelly, how long will it take?" Frasier inquired. "And please take good care of them, especially my father-in-law, he is not the nimble rabbit he used to be." Frasier added in a whisper.

When everyone was settled in, Kelly sped off. "Sorry daddy." It was Freya, giving her dad a hug.

The Chocolates made their way home. No one uttered a word, obviously too overwhelmed to speak.

The somber mood of the party soon changed to concern, when they noticed two critters at the side of the road.

"Dearies, are you lost? Where are you going?" Frasier asked. The girls introduced themselves as Martha Mulberry and Evie Hazelwood. They just arrived with the bus, but there was no one to pick them up, and they weren't sure where to go. 

Teri immediately recognised the girls as the daughters of Edward Mulberry and Basil and Betty Hazelwood respectively. It was very strange that neither Ed nor the Hazelwoods were there to pick up their daughters, as Teri has just spoken to Betty the previous day. Betty where terribly excited about the arrival of her daughter. Frasier and Teri, obviously, suggested to take the girls home.

Soon they arrived at the village. It was quiet in the streets, as it was still early.

As the Chocolate's home was closest, Frasier told Teri to go to their home with Evie and Cremé. Then she could phone the Hazelwoods from the Pizza Parlour and notify them of Evie's arrival. He and Freya will accompany Martha to the Mulberry's plot just outside the village.

Chatting excitedly, the threesome made their way out of town.

As luck would have it, it was Edward's turn to open the workshop. He had some jobs to finish, and wanted to start earlier. Martha was extremely excited to see her dad, "Daddy!"

It was just then that a little baby also appeared from the bushes. "Aah look at little Cookie, she is so cute! I really missed my adorable cousin." Martha chirped. Frasier thought it best not to tell Martha that it was actually her brother.

When Edward finally realised what was going on, he was filled with mixed emotions. "Martha what are you doing here? Your bus is only due to arrive tomorrow? Are you ok?" He asked worriedly. "Yes, daddy. I'm fine they rescheduled the trip, but I didn't mind. I was missing you too much!"

Edward quickly thanked Frasier for accompanying Martha, before he turned back to Martha, "Let's get you home sweetie. I'm sure you are tired. I also have to tell you something."

As the Frasier and Freya turned around, little Pumpkin began whining, "Daddy, daddy! Pumpkin is tired, carry me."

"Dad why is Cookie calling you daddy, and why is she calling herself Pumpkin?" Martha asked hesitantly.

"That is what I wanted to tell you, but I guess you have figured it out already. Martha meat your little brother Pumpkin." Edward wished he could've broken the news more gently. Martha gasped, "BROTHER! But how?" and she began cried softly. "Lets go home, we can speak there." Edward suggested.

Martha felt like running away, but she was too tired, and she knew the Treehouse where her dad lived was close. She followed them, weeping softly.

Meanwhile Teri and the girls have arrived at the shop and Teri quickly phoned the Hazelwoods. As expected they were appalled to hear that their daughter has arrived without their knowledge, and promised to be there as soon as possible. Teri assured them, that she is safe with her, and that they don't have to hurry unnecessarily.

"Okay, honey, let's get you home. You must be exhausted and hungry." Teri told Evie.

They went upstairs, and Teri told Evie to make herself comfortable. Evie was surprised by the cosiness of the little apartment. She could feel the love as soon as she entered.

"Come Evie, let's play!" it was Cremé. She immediately took a liking to Evie and wanted to play with her new best friend. "Sorry, dear, but Evie is tired." Teri interrupted, "Maybe you want to freshen up a bit upstairs, Evie?" Teri suggested.

Evie went upstairs to the bathroom, but first admired the girl's bedroom, she longed for a bedroom of her own. Boarding school has taught her a lot of things, mostly postive and wonderful things, but also that she wanted a room of her own.

She went into the tiny bathroom and washed her face. It was good to be home she thought. 

In the kitchen Teri quickly dished up something to eat.

She set the table, and hoped Evie will like what she had to offer.

Evie soon came down and when she saw the food her stomach growled, she realised how hungry she was.

"So, Evie, are you glad to be here?" Teri asked. "Yes very, I missed mommy and daddy so much. And they wrote to me what a wonderful village this is, so I couldn't wait to come here." Evie replied.

Just then there was a knock on the door. 

"Mommy! Daddy!" Evie jumped into her mother's arms. Betty hugged her daughter tightly, "Oh, Evie, we are so glad you are here. We are sorry for not picking you up ourselves." Betty apologised.

She also hugged her father, and explained "The trip was rescheduled, so it is not your fault, how could you have known."

Betty looked at Teri, "Thank you so much for keeping our daughter save, and informing us of her arrival. I hope you don't think we are careless." Betty said shyly. "Of course not", Teri assured her, "how could you have known. I was just glad to help, and it warms my heart to see you reunited,"

The Hazelwoods left, and Teri quickly did the dishes. Her mind drifted back to the time she and her family was apart for a few months. It was heartbreakingly lonely, and she hoped they would never ever have to go through that again

As the door opened, the relief spilled over her. Even though Frasier and Freya, only had to take Martha home, she always worried about her family, just as all mothers do. She looked at her family and the love she felt for them was almost too much too handle.


  1. Thank you for that heartwarming story! Poor Freya, it must have so heard for her to let her granpa move.But I've heard that Anton Löffel is very excited to see him too ;D.
    It must have been a huge shock fir Martha!
    Abd I'm glad to see Evie reunited with her family :)

    1. Yes, poor Marhta, luckily Pumpkin is adorable. And Evie is one happy little mouse.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful journey ahead of them, do they have relatives in Marigold Creek? Great to see both Eve and Martha reunite with their family but I bet the steps back home were heavy for poor Edward. Luckily for the girls that the Chocolates found them. It was a really great with some wonderful pictures:)

    1. Yes they have. But you'll have to wait and see! Edward will be ok.

  3. How wonderful for the girls to find their families and what a surprise for Martha!
    Lovely scenes, especially the one with the empty streets, and the last sentence of the story very touching!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako it is always inspiring when you like one of my scenes ;-)

  4. I understand Freya! Farewells are usually sad! I love the pictures waiting for the bus.It´s great that Martha and Evie are reunited with their families, even though Martha is a bit dissapointed but I´m sure she´ll be fine soon.
    The Chocolates´s cottage looks lovely, so cosy and homely. Eve is right when she said she could feel the love as she entered.

    1. Thank you Cutata. I love these small cottages, though they are tough to decorate they always look so cosy!

  5. Hello EB,

    Wow, this was really dramatic!! :( Almost had to open a packet of tissues!!

    I am glad that Martha and Evie got reunited with their families in the end! :) But why didn't Martha know the little guy is her brother? Did I miss something or is this part of the story to be continued?

    Kind regards,

    1. Sorry for driving you to tears ;-) thanks for the comment. To be continued ...