Sunday, 8 December 2013

Margaret's surprise visit.

At the Hamburger Restaurant it was a particularly busy day, but Darcy and Bridget was doing a fine job of keeping everyone happy.

Postman Pete Petite was enjoying his usual lunch, a sandwich and cup of coffee. He loved the hustle and bustle of the Restaurant.

Pete noticed that Tamsie Honeybear has ordered some takeaways. He was quite fond of Tamsie, who was always extremely friendly and helpful.

Ben Henry-Lloyd occupied his usual table, and was as always busy filling out and completing some sort of application form. He was having a lot of trouble registering his new business. The counter table at the window was occupied by the boys, Oliver Periwinkle and Branson Whiskers.

On her way out Tamsie stopped for a quick chat.
Tamsie: Afternoon Pete, how are you?
Pete: Hi Tamsie, I am good thanks. How are Bertie?
Tamsie: He is fine, just working so hard, and there is no time for making lunch, so I quickly ordered some takeaways. I know not very healthy, but we got to eat.
Pete: At least it is Friday, so I don't think it is that big of a sin.
Tamsie (laughing): You've a point thank you, I'll remember that. Well, I got to go. Bye-bye.
Pete: See you soon, Tamsie. Say hi to Bertie for me.

After Tamsie left, Pete continued eating his sandwich, the next moment he nearly fell of his chair, he saw someone entered the Restaurant who looked exactly like the his pen-pal and the love of his life, Margaret Mcfarlane. He looked closely, it was her. Pete began to hyperventilate. They have talked about her visiting, but it was never finalised, she said she would write him first, and so give him ample time to prepare for her visit. What must he do?

He knew, he would hide behind his cap, and then she will leave and go back to her town, and then they can do everything as they planned. He is not ready for this now. What will he do?

Pete then realised how silly he is. He has been looking forward to seeing her for so long, and now that she is here, he hides from her. "Oh, grow up." He told himself and walked over to where Margaret was standing.

Pete: Excuse me miss, Margaret is that you?
Margaret: What? Oh sorry... Pete is that you, hi. Am I glad to see you!
Pete: Margaret it is you! Welcome to Sugarbush Valley, but why didn't you inform me of your planned visit?
Margaret: Oh, I am so sorry, Pete. Are you mad? I thought I'd surprise you! 
Pete: Mad, no of course I am not mad, but yes very surprised. 
Margaret: I decided to come visit you on the spur of the moment, but immediately regretted it, when the bus left my town. I decided to push through and at each town wanted to turn back, but somehow I just never got of the bus and turned back!
Pete: I'm really glad you didn't turn back, come let's go. Let me show you this fantastic village and   introduce you to all the wonderful residents.

At the door they bumped into Savannah Trunk. Pete was proud to finally introduce Margaret to Savannah, who heard so many stories about this girl. Savannah invited the pair over for dinner that night.
Margaret: Mrs Trunk that is so lovely of you and I really appreciate the invitation, but I'm afraid I will have to ask you to postpone it please. I just spend 18 hours on a bus and am so tired.
Savannah: Oh, of course, how selfish of me. Tomorrow night then? And maybe still drop by this afternoon for a quick cup of tea?
Margaret: If it suit you, I will gladly accept.
Pete: Then that is settled.
Savannah (giggling): Ok go on then you two, enjoy your afternoon. And yes Pete as mayoress I guess I have the authority to give you the afternoon off. And maybe you should see Sydney about some accommodation.
Margaret: Oh yes that, Pete, will you help me? I really came unprepared.
Pete: Of course, let's go to the commune and ask Sydney.
They greeted Savannah and left the Restaurant.

They walked through the village. Pete showed Margaret around, and told her the history of every single building. She was astonished by the beauty of the place and how well manicured the grass lawns were and that everywhere flowers was in bloom.

The commune concept was very interesting to Margaret and she couldn't wait to see it. They located Mona Hazelnut in the kitchen.

Pete: Hi Mona, sorry for interrupting, but I'm looking for Sydney.
Mona: No problem Pete, but wait... Are you Margaret?
Margaret (blushing): Yes I am.
Pete: Where is my manners sorry. Yes Mona this is my girlfrie... Uhm I mean Margaret. Margaret this is Mona.
Mona: Pleased to meet you Margaret.
Margaret: Me too, you live in a lovely village.
Mona: Thank you, we try to make it pretty, let's go find Sydney.

Sydney was upstairs, busy with some planning. Pete quickly explained their calamity to him, but Sydney reassured them that he does have a room available. It will be the room that was occupied by the Chocolates, but luckily they moved out the previous week. Pete could sense Margaret's relieve when she heard this.

Sydney took them downstairs, and once again Margaret was surprised by how comfortable everything look. This is just so much better than a dreary hotel room.
Margaret: Thank you Sydney, it is a wonderful place you got here and it is really kind of you to rent this to me for the time being.
Sydney: I'm just glad I could help. You will love your short stay here, and please ask Mona if you need anything.
Pete: We will, thank you Sydney.

While the men took care of business Mona showed Margaret around. Margaret just loved the set up more and more. It was a such a brilliant way to give residents a temporary living space, much better than a tent or caravan.

Mona also introduced Margaret to Isabel Fisher. Margaret instantly fell in love with Eddie and Michelle and really liked Isabel too. It was a shame that she will only be staying a short while.

While Margaret unpacked her bag, Pete told her everything he knew about her fellow commune mates.
Pete: Schroeder Fisher is the doctor in the village and Isabel is a qualified nurse who also runs the practice, they have four children. The twins and then Linus and Lauren. They are a friendly family, and extremely clever.
Margaret: I've met Isabel and yes the twins are so adorable.
Pete: The Hunter-Smyth family has just moved to the village, they are in the process of opening the dress shop. They are a classy family and so well dressed, you should see the dresses that Camilla and her daughter Isabella wear some day. Apart from Isabella they have four sons, Hector and then the terrible triplets, Dylan, Gerard and Thomas.
Margaret: A dress shop, wow. I guess the women of the village are particularly happy about that? And wait what? Triplets? And are they really terrible?

Pete (laughing): I guess not terrible but very very busy. So who is left, as Sydney mentioned the Chocolate family lived here for a small while, but you will meet them soon. The one room is currently vacant and then Sydney, Mona and their two children occupies the last room. 
Margaret: I can't wait to meet the rest of them, and so many children.
Margaret finished up the unpacking and it was decided that Pete will show her around some more. She was really tired, but was so excited to see and meet everything and everyone.

Pete decided to take her for a quick stroll on Village street on their way to Beechwood Hall. He wanted to stop at the florist to buy her some flowers for her room.
Pete: This is the village florist run by Katrina Whiskers.
Margaret: What a quaint little shop, I just love it. And look she actually has Marguerite flowers, and in bloom. Amazing, they are my favorite flowers.
Pete: Good lets go in.

Katrina: Pete, what a surprise, and this must be Margaret?
Margaret (blushing slightly): I wonder what he has been telling all of you, it seems that everyone knows me.
Pete: Hi Katrina, yes this is Margaret.
Katrina: So good to meet you, and don't worry, it was only the best of things.
Margaret: I'm relieved to hear that.
Katrina: How can I assist you.
Pete: I want to buy Margaret some flowers, you know, but she has already seen the Marguerites so we would like a pot of those.
Katrina: Lovely choice, they just started to bloom.

Margaret: Oh thank you Pete, this is a fantastic gift, I just love Marguerites, my mommy used to grow them. May I have a look around at what else you have?
Katrina: Sure, this is my tulips, I'm extremely proud of them, then here we have Poppies and over there some Daisies too.
Margaret: Katrina, you definitely have green fingers, your flowers are wonderful.
Katrina: Thank you

Pete: Sorry to interupt you ladies but we should be off, we have tea at the Trunks soon, and I want to show Margaret a few things still.
They greeted and thanked Katrina for the pretty flowers and walked on.

The next stop was Pippa's delicatessen. Pete decided to buy something for tea. Once again Margaret was amazed by everything she saw. And it was really hard to pick something.
Pete: Hi Pippa, I would like you to meet Margaret, and we are having tea with the Trunks so what do you think we should get?
Pippa: Hello Pete and Margaret. I'm so glad to meet you. Welcome to our village. 
Margaret: Hello Pippa, your shop is amazing.

Pippa helped them to choose something and they settled on the cream cake. It was a favorite of Mayor Hugo, but Pippa assured them that they will love it too. 

While Pete paid for the cake, Margaret wandered next door and let out a faint shrill. Around the corner of the Delicatessen, was the most wonderful little shoe shop with the most exquisite shoes.

Margaret: Oh what a lovely shop and look at al these wonderful shoes.
Alex: Afternoon, how could I assist you madam?
Margaret: Oops sorry where is my manners, I'm Margaret McFarlane, Pete's friend.
Kate: You came for a visit, how wonderful. Welcome Margaret!
At that moment Pete entered the shop and was glad to see that Margaret's shyness is slowly but surely evaporating.

While Margaret admired the shoes, the men caught up on some village news.
Margaret: Kate you have a wonderful selection, maybe I'll stop by to get myself a pair, before I leave. I'll have to, however, leave something else behind to make space for one of these pair of exquisite shoes.
Kate (with a sparkle in her eyes): Well I could just mail it to you or even better keep if for you till your next visit.
Margaret (winking back): Now that is a great plan.
The women burst out laughing. Pete urged Margaret that they should really be leaving. They said their goodbyes with promises that they will return soon.

Further along they got to Daisy's ice cream parlour, and as it was Friday it was open for business. Margaret insisted that she wanted to buy Pete an ice cream. He gave in as he was extremely fond of ice cream and there was some time left before there tea appointment.

Pete introduced Margaret to Daisy and Annabel, who was watching the twins. They ate their ice cream in silence admiring the view of the valley.

They arrived just in time at Beechwood Hall and Savannah opened the door for them.
Savannah: Come in, come in and welcome.
Margaret: Thank you. You have a beautiful home.

Introductions were made and while Savannah made the tea Hugo questioned Margaret. It was almost like and interview, but Margaret handled it brilliantly and her shyness was completely gone. She even made a few jokes about the questioning.

Savannah soon joined them and playfully scolded Hugo for giving Margaret the 3rd degree.
Hugo (jokingly): Hey I must find out if she is the right fit for our Pete.
Savannah: You usually leave that up to me, but I see that this time you will not trust only me on that.
Hugo: No no no, I must be convinced to.
Margaret: So Mayor Hugo, did I pass the test.
Everyone burst out laughing. Pete sighed of relief, Margaret was a hit, as he knew she would be.

After a nice cup of tea and some delicious cream cake they headed back to the commune. On their way back Margaret was very quiet and Pete sense that the long day was taking its toll on her, she must be extremely tired. When they arrived to her room he turned to her and gave her a little caring peck on the cheek and whispered  in her ear.
Pete: I am so glad you are here my love, and tomorrow is another day. Have a good rest and I will pick you up bright and early for breakfast.

Pete hurried out of the room, he didn't even wait for a reply from Margaret, as it was hard to leave as it was. He was looking forward to spend another day with her and just knew that it is going to be a long, sleepless night.


  1. Tee hee love love love this story! I want them together ♥ You know I purchase those bears because I wanted to create a family but they are still in their box for now. Now that I have seen them in your pictures, I really want to take them out and display them!

    1. Thank you. Please take yours out and share them with us!

  2. What a wonderful story! My heart is all a-flutter, as I'm hoping those two will decide to tie the knot soon! :-) I love seeing all of your mini sets and Sylvanian characters. I'm looking forward to your next installment. My first Sylvanian scene is up on my blog now, with many more to follow. These little critters are so darling! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Those mini sets get me everytime, extremely cute and detailed. I went over to your blog but cant seem to find you scene. Will look again!