Monday, 25 November 2013

The curious case of Noah and Jess.

Hatty Huckleberry and Velvette Slydale have been best friends since nursery school, and though the two families share a house (the Huckleberry family and Slydale family live together in Cedar Terrace 3) the two friends don't have a lot of time for socialising.

Hatty and Velvette therefore have a standing weekly appointment at The Tea Room. The two friends usually meet each other there after they have dropped off the kids at school and completed their morning chores. Arvey Maces are always excited to have these two ladies as customers.

As soon as they sat down Hatty and Velvette got into discussing the village news. They shared the latest gossip they've heard, shared the happiness and joys of being a mother, but also the downside thereof, and obviously there successes of being professional working woman. Hatty mostly admires Velvette caring nature and that she always finds a way to help those in need. While Velvette finds Hatty's work as a school inspector extraordinary, though exhausting.

Arvey: Good morning ladies. Here for the usual?
Velvette: Hello Arvey, today it is more about the quietness and the relaxing than the eating, but yes a pot of Early Grey tea would be lovely.
Hatty: Yes, please no cake today, I'm still struggling to shed the last few pounds after the birth of the twins.
Arvey: Oh nonsense, but by the way how are the twins doing?
Hatty: Extremely good, the transition was really easier than expected, and Esmé has been a wonderful help too.
Velvette: You are so lucky my friend.
Hatty: Well for now that is, the teething is already starting and the nights are becoming more difficult after months of good sleeping.

Arvey served them their tea and the friends continued their conversation. Just as Hatty was starting a new story about the hideous standards of some schools, Velvette noticed Katrina Whiskers and Heidi Mcburrows approaching, accompanied by two baby mice. A peculiar picture indeed.

Velvette was instantly curious about this, but unlike her friend, Hatty was not very happy to see Katrina. Hatty and Katrina has never seen eye tot eye. Hatty thought Katrina was too rigid, while Katrina felt Hatty was too obnoxious for a grown-up. Velvette has tried many time to get the two better acquainted but with no good results. She is, however not giving up. She greeted Katrina and Heidi in her usual friendly manner.

Velvette: Morning Katrina, and Heidi, you look in a hurry. What are you up to?
Katrina: Oh, hi Velvette and of course Hatty. We are one our way to Mayor Hugo's house actually.
Hatty: Morning.
Heidi: Morning ladies, indeed we are. You will never believe what happened to me.

Heidi relayed the exact same story that she has told Katrina the previous night. Katrina was quite impressed by Heidi's memory of the facts and how she again remembered everything in detail. Velvette was giving little squeals of disbelieve every few seconds and even Hatty had a look of horror on her face. Katrina was surprised by the emotion that Hatty showed as she thought the woman didn't have any.
Heidi: ... and that is the short and the long of my terrible encounter.
Velvette: That is shocking and unbelievable. The poor babies, but more so the poor parents, they must be sick with worry.
Katrina: It just worries me, that they have dissapearred into thin air.
Velvette: This is something I would love to sort out, don't worry bothering Hugo. He will in any case refer you to me.

In the mean time a bit of a crowd have gathered outside the tea room, including Savannah Trunk, Hildie Hawton and Mona Hazelnut.
Savannah: Did I hear my husband's name?
Velvette: You did Savannah, sorry. Good morning.
Hildie (close to tears): Did I hear correctly? These babies are temporarily orphaned? Oh my!

Heidi again told a much shorter version of the story to the three newcomers.

Savannah: I totally agree with Velvette, this is something that fits her job description perfectly and I'm sure she will do an excellent job of getting behind the truth of this sad story.
Katrina: I agree with this plan, and totally trust Velvette.
Hatty: Oh really you do?
Katrina: Yes Hatty, I do. The question is do you.
Hatty (turning scarlet red): Of course, of course!
Heidi: The only other little problem I have is ... and please don't blame me for saying this ... but who will be willing to look after them. To be honest our Mole House is just too small, and to be frank we are struggling a bit at the moment, with our business still be new and so on.
Velvette: Heidi, don't worry I fully understand. We will find someone suitable and in the meantime ...
Hildie: Oh I want to! I will look after them. Please can they stay with me? Look how adorable they are. Velvette you know I will be an excellent foster mother?

Savannah: I'm sure that can be arranged? Velvette?
Velvette: Hildie, you will indeed be a wonderful foster mother and I'm happy to leave little Jess and Noah in your care.
Hildie: Oh thank you, thank you. They are so adorable. I wonder what they will have dinner. And where did I put that baby blankets of Jenna....

As Hildie made plans to accommodate the babies; Velvette and Savannah had a final chat with Heidi to clarify some of the facts. 

Another happy ending, though temporary in Sugarbush Valley!

To be continued ...


  1. Yay for happy endings! I would be heartbroken anyway if those little mice didn't have a home! Oh I wished I had time for a tea appointment with my girlfriends! Those two ladies know how to do it: just get a firm time and stick to the schedule!

    1. Hatty and Velvette are very organized and I guess that is why having an appointment like that is made to look so easy!

  2. I'm so happy I found your blog today! I recently fell in love with Sylvanian Families and plan to show them on my blog soon. Your stories are so fun! I'm your newest follower and look forward to seeing more of your stories. xo Jennifer

    1. Glad that you liked it and that I have new fan! Enjoy the stories and please continue with me on my SF journey.